My 'Silly' Wife/C16 She Was so Tired of This Meal
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My 'Silly' Wife/C16 She Was so Tired of This Meal
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C16 She Was so Tired of This Meal

Lu Yiyi didn't know what went wrong with Gu Xichi. Why did he suddenly treat her like this?

Could it be that he was really a beast that wouldn't even let a fool go?

This time Lu Yiyi was afraid. She quickly put on a few more clothes. If Gu Xichi really intended to rape her, then she could still take advantage of the time when he took off his clothes and run away.

Thinking about it, she actually fell asleep.

Gu Xichi, who walked out, fiercely slapped him. What happened to him just now?

He walked into his study, took off his clothes, opened the shower, and poured cold water on her.

He needed to calm down now.

After washing himself for a long time, he finally extinguished the fire in his heart. Only then did he slowly wipe his body with a towel.

Tonight, he planned to sleep in the study.

The next day, Lu Yiyi got up. She put on her clothes and washed up.

She contacted Ning Shi early in the morning and asked her to come and pick her up.

Ning Shi: What's wrong?

Yi Lian, Don't mind so much. Just say that you want to bring me out to play!

Ning Shi: Ning Shi asked, Will second cousin let you go?

Yi Lian: I don't care anymore. Come and try tomorrow!

Ning Shi: Okay!

After about an hour, Ning Shi drove straight over.

"Is Ms Yiyi home?" Ning Shi saw Nanny Chen and asked.

"young madam should still be resting!" Nanny Chen was just about to go upstairs to call her.

"Why don't I go and call her!" Ning Shi went upstairs first.

"Yiyi!" Ning Shi knocked on the door and Lu Yiyi opened it.

"Yiyi, what happened?" Ning Shi immediately shouted the moment she entered.

Lu Yiyi put her index finger to her mouth, "Lower your voice!" Then she pointed to the next door, "Be careful that there are ears on the wall!"

"You said you wanted to stay at my house for a while. What's going on?" Ning Shi asked.

"Hey, don't ask!" Lu Yiyi was unwilling to say it out loud and she looked straight at Ning Shi, "Don't tell me you don't want me to live there!"

"How is that possible? I am too happy!" Ning Shi rolled her eyes at her. "I am just worried about you!"

"Young Master, miss cousin and young madam are inside!" Nanny Chen's voice came from outside.

"Alright, I understand!" Gu Xichi said.

Lu Yiyi made a gesture of silence again.

Gu Xichi knocked on the door, "Can I come in?"

Ning Shi opened the door and saw Gu Xichi wearing a pair of sunglasses and holding a blind stick in his hand.

"second cousin!" She called out sweetly.

"En!" Gu Xichi responded very coldly.

"second cousin, there is something I want to discuss with you. " Ning Shi looked like she was begging, "Look, I only came back to the country two years ago. I really don't have any friends in the country! It just so happens that I feel like old friends with Ms Yiyi at first sight. I wonder if I can let her stay at my house for a few days? "

"No!" Gu Xichi refused without even thinking.

"Why?" Ning Shi asked unwillingly.

Lu Yiyi also stood by the side and looked at him angrily.

Gu Xichi ignored Ning Shi and walked in front of Lu Yiyi, "Do you want to go?"

"Yes, yes!" Lu Yiyi nodded. She suddenly remembered that she was still an idiot and immediately laughed foolishly. "Ning Shi said that she had a lot of good food at home. I want to go and eat good food!"

The corner of Gu Xichi's mouth curled up slightly. He smiled faintly and said, "We also have a lot of delicious food at home. If you want to eat something delicious, eat it at your home!"

Lu Yiyi frowned. Why was this person so hard to talk to?

"Ms Yiyi, my house does not only have good food. There are also many beautiful cashmere toys!" Ning Shi interrupted from the side.

"Our family also has a lot!" Gu Xichi said faintly.

Ning Shi did not know what to say. Lu Yiyi also found it very difficult to be anxious. She gave Ning Shi a look. Ning Shi replied with her eyes: I am also very helpless. Second cousin is really too hard to deal with!

"Ms Yiyi, do you like me?" Ning Shi rolled her eyes and suddenly asked with a smile.

"I like you. Yiyi especially likes Ning Shi!" Lu Yiyi said with a smile.

"second cousin, look. Ms Yiyi likes me!" Ning Shi was very happy, "She just wants to stay with me for a while!"

Gu Xichi said slowly, "In that case, you can stay with Yiyi!"

Ning Shi looked troubled. She did not want to stay in this cold cousin's house.

Lu Yiyi was also very depressed. She could have escaped in the future, but who knew that another one would come in.

"Alright. This is my last tolerance. Either you leave or you stay here!" Gu Xichi said lightly and left with the guide stick.

After he left, Lu Yiyi and Ning Shi finally relaxed and started to talk.

"What should I do? He won't!" Ning Shi looked troubled.

Lu Yiyi looked straight at her with a pitiful and helpless expression.

"Hey, if you have something to say, say it. Don't look at me with such a pitiful expression!" Ning Shi felt goosebumps all over her body. Was this still the stock market bigwig Yi Lian that she knew?

"If I can't go out, you can stay and accompany me!" Lu Yiyi's almond-shaped big eyes stared at her with watery eyes. Seeing this, she could not bear to say no.

"But I really can't stand the life here. You don't even know how boring second cousin is!" Ning Shi still steeled her heart to refuse.

"Are we still partners?" Lu Yiyi raised her head and stared at her with a reproachful look.

"Yes, of course we are partners!" Ning Shi nodded her head repeatedly.

"Are we good friends?" Lu Yiyi continued to ask.


"That friend is in trouble. Do you want to stand up and help!?" Lu Yiyi's series of questions made Ning Shi's head hurt.

"Grandaunt, can't I stay?" Ning Shi gave it to her for nothing.

"Alright, then hurry up and tell Gu Xichi!" Lu Yiyi immediately felt happy and pointed at the door to force Ning Shi out.

Ning Shi helplessly went out the door and went downstairs to find Gu Xichi.

"second cousin, I really want to stay with Ms Yiyi for a while longer. I will be staying at your house during this period of time. Sorry to bother you!" Ning Shi lowered her head and said dejectedly.

Gu Xichi smiled slightly, but what he said made Ning Shi very angry.

"It's good that you know how to disturb me! Don't bother Ms Yiyi when you have nothing to do. Try to stay in your room!"

Ning Shi rolled her eyes and angrily went upstairs.

"Keep an eye on them. Don't let them cause trouble!" Gu Xichi reminded Gu Yih.

Ning Shi asked Nanny Chen to bring breakfast into the room. At noon, Ning Shi also wanted Nanny Chen to bring the food in but was stopped by Gu Xichi.

"You either are hungry or come out to eat!" He said lightly and Nanny Chen immediately went up to pass the message.

Not long after, the two of them dressed up neatly.

"Let's eat!" Gu Xichi gave the order and everyone ate their own food.

Lu Yiyi still wanted to pretend to be a fool to eat. Ning Shi stood by the side and helplessly cooperated with her acting.

"Ms Yiyi, don't grab the food with your hands!" Ning Shi still had to pick the food for her as she patiently advised, afraid that Gu Xichi would find out.

This meal, she was really tired from eating!

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