My 'Silly' Wife/C17 Gu Xichi's Mother
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My 'Silly' Wife/C17 Gu Xichi's Mother
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C17 Gu Xichi's Mother

"I'll be away for a few days!" Suddenly, Gu Xichi said, "You should stay at home during this period of time!"

Happiness came so suddenly. Lu Yiyi could not react in time.

Gu Xichi did not speak anymore. He was a little angry in his heart. He was going to leave, but she still looked like this.

She really did not have any feelings at all!

After breakfast, Gu Xichi left with Gu Yih!

"Can I also leave now?" Ning Shi blinked in the direction where Gu Xichi left.

"You can leave!" Now that Gu Xichi had left, Lu Yiyi was fearless because Ning Shi was no longer useful here.

"You really are a heartless woman. When you need me, just call me 'Little Tiantian'. At this time, you don't need me anymore. Just chase me away!" Ning Shi looked like she was abandoned and said sadly.

"That's enough!" Lu Yiyi had a look of disdain, "Could it be that you are willing to stay?"

"No!" Ning Shi decisively said and then left with her bag without looking back.

Lu Yiyi was speechless.

After Gu Xichi left, she could do whatever she wanted. She turned on her phone and started to look at the stock market. Suddenly, she found that one of the shares had dropped significantly, but the company's management was doing very well!

She felt that it was a little strange. She started searching for information. She discovered that there were a large number of shareholders who had sold their shares, causing its price to drop again and again.

She suspected that someone had lowered their prices and started to observe the company's movements. However, she discovered that the legal name of this company was actually Gu.

She was very strange!

She bought a small amount of this stock and wanted to see what was going on. At this moment, Nanny Chen's voice sounded, "Madam, you cannot go in. Young Master has instructed that you cannot go in!"

Lu Yiyi was curious and was about to walk down to take a look when she saw a middle-aged woman dressed up beautifully walking over.

"Madam, young madam is already asleep. Don't disturb her!" Nanny Chen wanted to stop this woman but was unable to do so.

That woman put her hands on her waist and stared fiercely at Nanny Chen, "She is my daughter-in-law. Why can't I go and disturb her?"

"Madam. . . " Nanny Chen wanted to stop her but was pushed away by the middle-aged woman. Nanny Chen directly rolled down the stairs.

Lu Yiyi saw that she was angry and walked over to help Nanny Chen up.

"Aiyo. . . " Nanny Chen did not know where she fell and cried out in pain.

"Nanny Chen, are you alright?" Lu Yiyi looked at her nervously.

Nanny Chen was very pleased. Even if young madam was foolish, she also knew to care about her.

"young madam, I'm fine!"

"You are Lu Yiyi!" Hearing Nanny Chen call her young madam, the middle-aged woman's eyes immediately stared at her.

"You are a bad person. I don't want to talk to you!" Lu Yiyi looked at her angrily.

"Hey, little b * tch! I am Gu Xichi's mother, your mother-in-law! I don't care about you anymore! " As Mrs. Gu spoke, she stretched out her hand to grab Lu Yiyi.

Nanny Chen understood Mrs. Gu's character too well. She bullied the weak and feared the strong. She saw that Lu Yiyi was a fool and felt that she was easy to bully.

"young madam, run!" Nanny Chen shouted.

"What are you talking about? What do you think you are? You are just a dog raised by my family, and you dare to talk back to my master? When I bring her back, I will teach you a lesson!" Mrs. Gu said and quickly went to catch Lu Yiyi.

Lu Yiyi ran fast when she was young and circled around the entire courtyard. Mrs. Gu actually could not catch her.

"Little slut, you actually know how to run!" Mrs. Gu stopped panting.

Nanny Chen called for the villa's security and the security quickly rushed over to take Mrs. Gu away.

"What right do you have to chase me away?" Mrs. Gu shouted, "You are just a bunch of dogs raised by my son!"

The security guards looked at her with disgust and threw her out of the villa.

Nanny Chen coldly locked the door and then invited the family doctor over to check her and Lu Yiyi's injuries.

The family doctor came over and Lu Yiyi was not injured but Nanny Chen's soft tissues were injured.

Lu Yiyi returned to the room to contact Ning Shi.

Yi Lian: Do you have any information about Gu Xichi's mother?

Ning Shi: Yes, his mother is called Huang Tianying. She is a very difficult person to deal with. If you meet her, quickly dodge.

Yi Lian: Is her relationship with Gu Xichi good? Why do I see that everyone in the villa hates her?

Ning Shi: Of course their relationship is not good. It can even be said that it is bad. It seems like Gu Xichi's mother had been on bad terms with him since he was very young and was chased out by the Gu family.

Yi Lian: Ah. . .

Ning Shi: I didn't expect Gu Xichi to be so miserable! When I was young, I often saw my cousin mock his mother for being a wild woman.

Yi Lian: He was indeed quite miserable. What happened after that?

Ning Shi: Later, her mother married another man. After a few years, that man died and her mother started to borrow money.

Yi Lian: It's really too horrible to look at.

Ning Shi: Yeah. Second cousin had paid her a lot of debts. Later on, when he saw that she did not change her ways, he was too lazy to care about her.

Yi Lian: Can he really not care about her?

Ning Shi: Alas, every now and then, her mother would run over to ask for money from him. Did you meet her today?

Yi Lian: Yes! She wanted to catch me, but she didn't!

Ning Shi: Anyway, you have to be careful of her!"

Yi Lian: Yes.

After the two of them finished their conversation, Lu Yiyi felt some sympathy for Gu Xichi. She originally thought that he was just a Young Master. Although he was blind, her grandfather treated him quite well. She didn't expect that he would have such a mother.

As she thought about it, she fell asleep. When she woke up again, she was woken up by the noise outside.

"Where's that little slut? Get out here!" It was the voice of Gu Xichi's mother, Huang Tianying.

Lu Yiyi decided to hide in the room and not go out.

"Sure, if you don't come out, I won't leave. I will stay here!" Huang Tianying said and sat on the sofa.

"Auntie, this is not good!" There was a delicate female voice beside her.

"What's wrong? This is my son's home, my home. It's normal for us to be here!" As Huang Tianying spoke, she shouted upstairs, "Lu Yiyi, do you think my son married you because he likes you?"

Lu Yiyi rolled her eyes upstairs. Did he think that saying this would lead her out?


"Let me tell you, the woman my son likes is her!" Huang Tianying continued to shout, "She is sitting beside me!"

I don't care who your son likes! Lu Yiyi covered her ears and laid on the bed to sleep.

"Madam, don't be like this!" Nanny Chen walked over coldly, "I only let you in because you are the young master's mother. If you do too much, I will chase you away according to the young master's instructions!"

"Okay, okay, chase me away!" Huang Tianying's face was arrogant but she did not stand up, "Do you know who she is? She is Luo Minmin, the woman that your young master likes!"

Nanny Chen did not even raise her eyelids, "En, then please be quiet. Young madam is going to rest!"

"You. . . " Huang Tianying was so angry that she spat out blood and could only scold fiercely, "Dog thing! Dog looks down on people!"

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