My 'Silly' Wife/C2 There Was No Wedding Ceremony
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My 'Silly' Wife/C2 There Was No Wedding Ceremony
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C2 There Was No Wedding Ceremony

In the Gu residence, the ancient iron gate opened wide and a Rolls-Royce Phantom drove in. It continued on until it reached the door of the main house. Soon, two tall men in black suits came out of the house. They stood respectfully on both sides of the door.

The door opened and a man wearing black sunglasses slowly walked down, guided by a steel blind stick in his hand.

The man was tall and slender, with perfect proportions. His exposed skin was fair and smooth. He wore a comfortable cotton garment and he exuded an aloof aura that made strangers hesitant to approach him. He used a blind baton to explore the path in front of him and carefully walked forward step by step.

His speed was really too slow, but no one was brave enough to urge him to hurry. They didn't even dare to reveal a trace of impatience. Everyone held their breath and looked at him respectfully.

Gu Xichi didn't allow anyone to help him. He was determined to enter the house by himself.

"Second Young Master, the information about the young miss of the Lu family has been thoroughly checked out." This was said by the only man allowed to be within a meter of him, Gu Yi.

Gu Xichi nodded and said nothing.

"She had an affair with Gu Beiyuan!" Gu Yi continued, "I think Gu Beiyuan will use her to get to you."

The corner of Gu Xichi's mouth curled up slightly. His facial expression showed a hint of ridicule. "Is my trash of a brother finally stooping to using women? Then I want to see what he plans to do with this one!"

He had no interest in Lu Yanran, who was about to marry him. How much loyalty could a woman bought by grandpa's money possibly have?

"Are you still going to get married?" Gu Yi asked cautiously.

"I want to get married." Gu Xichi's voice sounded cold as ice. "But she doesn't deserve a proper wedding. Take her and bring her to the island."

"As you wish!" Gu Yi obediently replied.

Soon, a white-haired elderly man walked out holding an exquisitely carved walking stick. "Xichi, it is difficult for you to move around. What are you doing here so late?"

When he heard the words "difficult to move around," a trace of coldness flashed past Gu Xichi's face. However, his expression was fleeting and it was too quick for others to notice.

He revealed a standard smile and replied nonchalantly, "I came to discuss the wedding with you, Grandfather."

"Excellent!" The old man was delighted to see that his grandson was finally interested in the marriage.

"I don't think it's necessary to hold a grand wedding. Just bring her over!" Gu Xichi said calmly.

The old man was puzzled. "The Gu family is a centuries-old wealthy family after all. Since you are a descendant of the Gu family, a big wedding must be held in your honor. Besides, if your wedding is simple, people might get the wrong impression that the Gu family does not value you enough."

"I don't care about what others think!" Gu Xichi insisted. "Besides, I am blind now. No matter how much grandeur you give me, others will still look down on me!"

"I don't want to stumble or bump into things at the wedding in front of my family and friends. I will look like a useless person!"

Old Master Gu's eyes blazed and he roared angrily. "I want to see who dares to look down on my grandson!"

Gu Xichi's face was full of sadness and he choked, "Grandpa, please promise me. Consider it as a last bid to protect my dignity!"

Gu Xichi's words touched the old man deeply and he almost shed tears.

"Okay, if that's what you want. Once you are married, you must do your best to father a few children!"

Gu Xichi smiled slightly and said nothing.

The old man looked at him guiltily. His grandson was once a very dynamic man, but he was blinded by someone. He knew who the culprit was, but for the sake of family peace, he forced Gu Xichi not to pursue a case anymore.

"I'm sorry, but I always hoped that my family would be able to love each other and live in harmony!"

Love each other and live in harmony!

Gu Xichi had a mocking smile on his face. His stupid brother had never been in harmony with him.

Thinking of this, he absentmindedly touched his eyes but his fingers only encountered his cold and hard sunglasses.

"I see. Since there's nothing else, I'll take my leave." Gu Xichi bowed slightly and retreated.

"Why don't you talk to me?" The old man said softly. He looked regretfully at his grandson's rigid back as he left.

In the end, this grandson of his still kept his distance from him!

Old Master Gu called Lu Hsingyuan over, saying that they would be discussing the marriage. The wedding was set to happen in three days, and everything was quickly arranged.

Disregarding all mundane formalities, the bride would directly go to the Gu family's Second Young Master's residence.

Lu Hsingyuan specifically requested the bride to wear Chinese attire. When the time came, the bride's head would be covered by a piece of cloth. No one would know who was hidden inside.

Since he felt that the wedding was too simple and wronged the young lady of the Lu family, Old Master Gu specially gifted her with the outfit she got married in.

There was not even a proper wedding ceremony. Lu Hsingyuan felt a little guilty, but when he considered that too many ceremonies might expose her marrying on behalf of Lu Yanran, he felt somewhat relieved.

Three days passed by swiftly. On the third day, Lu Yiyi was called to dress up early.

The makeup room was Lu Yanran's dressing room. The makeup artist was randomly hired outside. Lyi Xue did not plan to spend too much money on her.

An extended row of Lincolns was parked outside the Lu family's main gate. Each car was decorated with flowers and happy characters. The Gu family patiently waited outside.

Gu Xichi did not come to welcome the bride. Instead, he asked Gu Yi to come and fetch her for him.

Lu Yanran was dressed plainly and hid in her room. Today, she had strict instructions from Lyi Xue not to appear in front of the Gu family. She was not even supposed to go out of the door of her room.

So she could only look out through the window and gaze at the many luxury cars. She felt a little envy in her heart!

That little fool was really fortunate!

However, a blind person matched with a fool was a match made in heaven!

Thinking of this, Lu Yanran's face was full of mockery and even a sense of superiority rose up!

She would marry Gu Beiyuan in the future. Gu Beiyuan was the heir to the Gu family. When she finally married him, she would continue to torment this little fool.

Lu Yiyi always wore clothes that Lu Yanran did not want anymore. Sometimes when Lu Yanran knew that her discarded clothes were to be given to Lu Yiyi, she would deliberately use scissors to cut them up so that she would have to wear them tattered.

But this time, the Gu family sent the clothes and jewelry over. Although Lyi Xue really wanted to take them for herself, she was afraid that if the Gu family saw it, she would not be able to give a plausible explanation..

After preparations were done, Lu Yiyi wore a silk wedding gown woven from gold threads. Her hair was coiled into a dark cloud bun. On the bun was set a phoenix crown made of pure gold. She looked quite like an aristocratic lady from an affluent family.

As long as she did not open her mouth to speak, she should be fine.

Lyi Xue looked at her and felt a little envious. This fool looked prettier than Lu Yanran when she was all dressed up.


"Mom, Mom, I want to drink water!" Lu Yiyi suddenly yelled, startling the makeup artist so much that his hands trembled.

Lyi Xue immediately scolded her, "What are you shouting for? Stay still and finish putting on makeup!"

"No, I want to drink water. Get me some water!" Lu Yiyi moved about agitatedly, scaring Lyi Xue so much because she was afraid that she would expose herself later.

Lu Yiyi understood that this woman would not dare do anything to her in front of outsiders. Now that such a good opportunity to get back at the old witch presented itself, she had to take advantage of it. She almost felt sorry for her!

"Alright, stop shouting. I will get you some water!"

"Madam Lu, is Miss Lu feeling unwell?" The makeup artist couldn't help asking.

Lyi Xue smiled and looked at Lu Yiyi lovingly, "It's all my fault for spoiling her!"

To keep her from shouting some more, Lyi Xue went to bring her a cup of cold water.

Lu Yiyi took the cup and drank a mouthful of it, then sprayed it all on Lyi Xue's face.

"I don't want to drink cold water!" Lu Yiyi stamped her foot and threw the cup on the ground.

"Little bitch!" Lyi Xue angrily wiped the water off her face and ached to hit her.

Lu Yiyi curled up into a ball with a frightened expression on her face.

"Miss Lu?" The makeup artist was getting puzzled about the relationship between the two.

"It's alright!" Lyi Xue forced herself to smile, "Behave yourself and I will bring you another cup of hot water!" As she spoke, she wiped the water off her face and went to get another cup.

Little bitch, when you come back, I will kill you! Lyi Xue thought bitterly.

After drinking the water, Lu Yiyi finally calmed down. Then Lyi Xue covered her with the red cloth and called Lu Hsingyuan in. Together, they helped Lu Yiyi down the stairs.

"You must remember that you are the daughter raised by Lu family. You can only listen to us. Even when you are already married, you still have to listen to us!" Lyi Xue lectured as they descended the stairs.

"You must behave yourself. Don't make Second Young Master Gu angry. If you are favored in the Gu family, our family will reap the benefits as well!"

Lu Yiyi did not answer. Behind the covering, her face was full of mockery and coldness.

The Gu family paid for her complete wardrobe. The Lu family did not even spend a single cent of their family's money, let alone the dowry.

Lyi Xue did not treat her well. She had always known that, but she did not expect her adoptive father to be so heartless. To him, he was marrying off a fool. Not only did he not care if she could survive in Second Young Master Gu's hands, he even wanted to squeeze out more benefits from her.

What little warmth there was in her heart gradually cooled down.

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