My 'Silly' Wife/C20 Luo Min Min Wanted to Occupy That Position
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My 'Silly' Wife/C20 Luo Min Min Wanted to Occupy That Position
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C20 Luo Min Min Wanted to Occupy That Position

"Psycho!" After Lu Yiyi was pushed out, she scolded angrily.

She quickly went to the wardrobe to find a set of clothes to change into, then sat by the bed and waited.

After a while, Gu Xichi came out. His upper body was exposed, and his lower body was surrounded by a bath towel. His eyes were still wearing the black sunglasses.

His smooth wheat skin, eight distinctly patterned abs, and part of his muscles were exposed when the towel was not covered.

Lu Yiyi swallowed her saliva, turned around and did not look anymore.

The corner of Gu Xichi's mouth curled up slightly, and he revealed a slight smile.

"Yiyi, go and pick the clothes for me!" He said.

"I'm not going!" Lu Yiyi was very annoyed with him now and purposely pretended to be angry.

"Do you want to sleep with Hua at night?" Gu Xichi said slowly.

He used this tactic to force her.

"You bullied me!" This time, Lu Yiyi learned to be smart. If he threatened her, she would cry.

She had lived in Lu Family for so many years relying on her acting skills. Her tears would appear at any time.

She cried with tears and looked pitiful. Gu Xichi knew that she was pretending, but he could not bear to blame her.

He could only go and get the clothes himself.

Lu Yiyi cried and cried, and then she became tired.

Gu Xichi changed his clothes. "Alright, follow me down!"

"I'm not going!" Lu Yiyi lay on the bed, unwilling to move, and even more unwilling to see that woman.

Gu Xichi did not call her and went down himself.

"Why didn't Yiyi come over?" Luo Minmin saw Gu Xichi come down alone and asked with concern.

"She is throwing a tantrum and refuses to come down!" Gu Xichi explained faintly.

"That's how she is. Your life must be very tough!" Luo Minmin sighed a little and then asked casually, "Xichi, have you ever thought of finding another woman?"

"Which good girl would be willing to marry a blind man? I am blind, she is stupid. Actually, we are quite compatible!" Gu Xichi mocked himself. There was a faint loneliness on his face.

When Luo Minmin saw Gu Xichi's appearance, she felt a little more confident in her heart.

"Actually, you are quite good. You are handsome and have a good family background. I don't know how many girls like you!" Luo Minmin said shyly, but her eyes rolled around.

"How come I don't know?" Gu Xichi looked through his sunglasses and quietly observed her every move. He was disgusted by the greedy expression on her face.

However, he had to restrain himself and see what she would do next.

"Actually, there is someone in front of you who likes you!" Luo Minmin boldly confessed.

"Who is she?" Gu Xichi deliberately asked.

"It's me!" Luo Minmin suddenly stood up and grabbed his hand. "I like you. I have always liked you!"

"How much do you like me?" Gu Xichi smiled faintly.

"I want to keep you company!" Luo Minmin looked shy. "No matter what you become!"

"But you once betrayed me!" Gu Xichi said quietly, "How do you want me to believe you?"

"This time, I will never betray you!" Luo Minmin raised her hand to the sky, "I swear to God!"

"Okay, I believe you. Stay with me!" Gu Xichi said lightly and started to eat.

"Okay, okay!" Luo Minmin nodded her head repeatedly and this scene was seen by Lu Yiyi who was about to go downstairs.

"I am still at home now! Do you really think that I do not exist!?" She angrily turned around and returned to her room.

At night, Gu Xichi was resting in the study while Luo Minmin was accompanying him in the study.

Gu Yih went to the study to report to Gu Xichi about his work. When he saw Luo Minmin, he wanted to say something but stopped when he saw her.

"Minmin will be one of us from now on!" When Gu Xichi said those words plainly, Gu Yih immediately showed his respect to Luo Minmin.

"second young master, do you mean Miss Luo will be the mistress of this place in the future?" Gu Yih asked.

Gu Xichi nodded, and Luo Minmin looked happy and shy.

"Gu Yih, we are going to buy a lot of Gu’s shares in the near future!" Gu Xichi arranged the work in front of Luo Minmin.

"Why?" Gu Yih asked.

"Because I want to compete with Gu Beiyuan for the Gu's Group!" Gu Xichi said faintly, "Fighting for the Gu's Group is fighting for our shares. I am now buying a large amount of shares to fight for the shares. "

"Alright, second young master!"

"Minmin, I need to rest. You can go out!" Gu Xichi started to chase her away.

"Let me stay here and take care of you. You need someone by your side!" Luo Minmin walked in front of him with a gentle face and put her hand on his hand.

Gu Xichi felt disgusted in his heart and took his hand away without leaving a trace.

"No need. After all, my wife is still Lu Yiyi. Wait for a while. Wait for me to settle the matter properly. Then, I can be with you openly and openly! "

"Then I will wait for you!" Luo Minmin said with deep affection.

"Gu Yih, send Miss Luo back to her room!" Gu Xichi ordered.

"Yes!" After Gu Yih sent Luo Minmin back to her room, he returned to the study.

"You sent her back?" Gu Xichi sat on the chair and asked lightly.

"I sent her back. I have already sent people to keep an eye on her!" Gu Yih replied, "It's just that young madam's side. . . "

"It's fine. Since she likes to pretend, let her pretend a little longer!" Gu Xichi's mouth could not help but curl up. He remembered Lu Yiyi playing dumb. She thought that no one knew. In fact, all of her appearance fell into his eyes.

"Oh right, immediately communicate with Ning Shi. I want to double the price of Gu's Group's shares!" Gu Xichi said slowly, "The price is ten percent of the Xigu's shares!"


"He reminded her not to let anyone know about this, including her brother! "


After Gu Yih left, he immediately contacted Ning Shi.

Soon Lu Yiyi received a message.

Ning Shi: Yiyi, Xigu requests to raise the price of Gu's Group's shares by two times.

Yi Lian: Understood!

Gu Xichi saw the message he received on his phone. It was the conversation between Ning Shi and Lu Yiyi.

Although it was hard for others to believe that Lu Yiyi was Yi Lian with Lu Yiyi's current age, from the signs of their heavy conversation, Lu Yiyi was Yi Lian.

He decided to follow Lu Yiyi for a day tomorrow to see how she would operate.

That night, he rested in his study.

The next day, Lu Yiyi did not leave her room and wanted Nanny Chen to bring breakfast in.

"Nanny Chen, I don't like her. I don't want to see her. I won't go out to eat!" Lu Yiyi acted like a spoiled child.

"young madam, the more critical the situation is, the more you need to dress up beautifully to defend your sovereignty!" Nanny Chen had a helpless expression as she patiently taught her.

"What is sovereignty?" Lu Yiyi asked with a bitter face.

Nanny Chen was speechless and did not know how to explain.

Forget it, young madam's intelligence was not good and it was better to live a peaceful life. Even if the young master liked that vixen, he would not ignore young madam.

"Alright, young madam, you can sleep for a while longer. I will go and get breakfast for you!" Nanny Chen said, closed the door, and went downstairs.

"Nanny Chen, why didn't Yiyi come down?" Luo Minmin asked as she helped Gu Xichi prepare the porridge. She seemed to treat herself as the mistress of Gu family.

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