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My 'Silly' Wife/C21 Raise the Stock Price
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C21 Raise the Stock Price

"young madam didn't rest well. She wants to sleep a little longer!" Nanny Chen said lightly and did not even raise her eyelids.

She took a large tray and went to the kitchen to bring a bowl of porridge, two big buns and an omelet.

"Nanny Chen, are you bringing breakfast for Yiyi?" Luo Minmin deliberately asked.

"Yes!" Nanny Chen replied faintly and prepared to go upstairs.

"Nanny Chen. . . " Luo Minmin was calling her again.

Nanny Chen was a little annoyed with her and turned her head coldly, "Miss Luo, what else do you want?"

"I just want to say that you will spoil Yiyi like this! It is better for her to come down and eat breakfast!" Luo Minmin said seriously.

"Miss Luo, young madam is the mistress of this house. I have to listen to her orders!" Nanny Chen said coldly. The meaning behind her words was that young madam was the one who had the final say in this house. Who do you think you are? How dare you point fingers here?

Luo Minmin clearly did not understand Nanny Chen's meaning. She looked at Nanny Chen with some sympathy, "Sigh, Yiyi is like this. It is hard on you!"

Nanny Chen was speechless and carried the tray upstairs.

At this time Lu Yiyi had already woken up and she was waiting for Nanny Chen to deliver breakfast.

Nanny Chen carried the breakfast and walked in. Seeing Lu Yiyi foolishly squatting by the side of the bed, she was somewhat angry that she did not want to fight.

"young madam, look, that foxy girl already treats herself as the mistress!"

"What is the mistress? Hehe. . . "Lu Yiyi had a foolish smile on her face.

Nanny Chen really wanted to give herself two slaps. She clearly knew that young madam was like this but why was she still telling her these things.

Forget it!

"young madam, hurry up and eat breakfast. Don't let it cool down!" After Nanny Chen finished instructing, she hurriedly went out to work.

There was no one in the room so Lu Yiyi boldly ate breakfast.

In another 20 minutes, it would be 9: 00 PM, the time for the supermarket to open.

She remembered Ning Shi's request to increase the price of Gu's Group's shares.

Today, it would be a 10% increase!

After breakfast, she turned on the computer and prepared to start. At this time, the sound of a stick hitting the ground could be heard.

Lu Yiyi looked up and saw Gu Xichi walking in.

Hmph, why did he come here instead of accompanying his first love?

Lu Yiyi cursed in her heart, but her hands did not stop moving.

"What are you doing?" Gu Xichi asked.

"I'm watching cartoons!" Lu Yiyi answered casually, but her mind was on the K-line diagram.

"Oh? Is the cartoon good?" Gu Xichi asked faintly.

"It looks good!" Lu Yiyi was a little annoyed, "But I don't like to be disturbed when I watch cartoons!"

"It's fine. I'll just sit here. I won't disturb you!" Gu Xichi said lightly and laid down on the bed.

Lu Yiyi rolled her eyes and continued to look at the K-line diagram.

Luckily Gu Xichi was blind, otherwise she would not be able to operate it here.

Gu Xichi laid on the bed, but his face was facing Lu Yiyi.

The pair of deep eyes under his sunglasses were staring at the computer screen without moving.

Obviously, Lu Yiyi was studying the Gu's Group's shares.

She saw her fingers flying and buying and selling a few times. The Gu's Group's shares had increased by three percent.

She stretched her body, wanting to rest a bit, and took a sip of the tea that Nanny Chen had brought over. After resting for five minutes, she started to move again.

This time, the Gu's Group's stock rose by five points.

Gu Xichi looked at her skillful operation and could not help but praise in his heart: beautiful.

Immediately after, she continued to buy and sell at a fast speed. She repeated several times and Gu's Group's stock price rose by ten points and then stopped!

She sighed as if she had not had enough. If not for the fact that it could only increase by 10 points, she would have doubled it today.

At this moment, it was all the buyers of the shares. No one was selling the shares anymore.

This indicated that on the second trading day, the Gu’s's shares would continue to rise.

Gu Xichi saw that she had used less than a morning to stop the rise of the Gu's Group's shares. He had already confirmed her identity in his heart.

She was Yi Lian.

Since she was so powerful, why did she marry into the Gu family?

Gu Xichi couldn't help but fall into another problem.

Lu Yiyi closed the computer. She was not worried that the stock would fall. Since someone dared to let her raise the stock, it meant that that person had most of the shares in his hands.

"Are you still watching cartoons?" Gu Xichi asked faintly.

"Not good. I want to sleep!" Lu Yiyi became a fool in a second. This speed was even faster than a professional actor. Gu Xichi could not help but admire her in his heart. He deliberately said, "Just nice. I want to sleep too. Let's sleep together!"

Bastard, who wants to sleep with you?! Lu Yiyi was furious.

"I don't want to! If you like that older sister, go and find her!"

"Oh? Don't you like that sister?" Gu Xichi smiled and asked.

"I don't understand. I want to sleep!" Lu Yiyi rolled her eyes. She did not want to fall into his trap.

"Are you jealous?" Gu Xichi suddenly asked jokingly.

"Are you jealous? It's too sour!" Lu Yiyi frowned, "I don't like to be jealous!"

Gu Xichi watched her play dumb and had a different kind of cuteness.

"Alright, you don't like to be jealous!" Gu Xichi continued to lie on the bed, as if he was going to sleep here.

Lu Yiyi became more and more impatient. What was wrong with this person? Why did he come here instead of being intimate with his first love?

Did he want the two girls to serve a husband together? Dream on!

On the other side, Gu Beiyuan received news from Luo Minmin that Gu Xichi wanted to buy a large amount of Gu's Group shares. He was also anxious.

He did not know how much his grandfather had given him to compensate Gu Xichi. If he had more money and bought more than half of the shares, he would become the biggest shareholder. In the future, he wouldn't have a say in the Gu's Group!

When he thought of this, he also quickly bought the shares of the Gu's Group. He didn't know if it was because of the two of them buying a large amount of shares, but today's stock had suddenly risen and stopped.

He looked at the shares in his hands. He had only bought so little, how could it be enough to compete with him!

Ning Shi saw that the Gu's Group's shares were already rising and knew that Lu Yiyi had made a move. She immediately sent a message to Gu Yih, "What you requested, we have already started to act. It is only 10% of Xigu's shares. Isn't it too little?" She began to learn how to raise the price on the spot.

She didn't mention this at first. It was because they hadn't seen Yi Lian's power yet. Now that they saw Yi Lian's power, they should want to cooperate with Ten Venture Capital Co. Even more!

Gu Yih reported this matter to Gu Xichi. Gu Xichi only smiled and replied, "The Xigu Group is willing to give thirty percent of the shares to Yi Lian personally. The price is that Yi Lian will work for the Xigu Group for three years!"

When Ning Shi received this news, she was a little stunned! What was this? It seemed like the boss of Xigu had taken a liking to it. Only Yi Lian did not care about their Ten Venture Capital Co. At all.

But she still told this news to Lu Yiyi and let her make the choice herself!

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