My 'Silly' Wife/C23 She Wanted to Pour Porridge on Him
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My 'Silly' Wife/C23 She Wanted to Pour Porridge on Him
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C23 She Wanted to Pour Porridge on Him

Luo Minmin was in the dining room waiting for Gu Xichi to wake up.

She originally wanted to go to the study and wake him up, but the study was locked and she could not enter.

She saw Lu Yiyi coming to the dining room and there was no one around, so she wanted to scare Lu Yiyi so that she could know who the mistress of Gu family was.

"Yiyi, come down for breakfast today!" Luo Minmin sat there with her arms crossed over her shoulders, looking like an evil mother-in-law.

Lu Yiyi was a little stunned. She did not seem to have provoked Luo Minmin!

"I want to eat!" Lu Yiyi giggled foolishly.

"This fool!" Luo Minmin had a look of disdain on her face.

At this moment, the kitchen maid brought over a small pot of porridge. The porridge was boiling hot!

"Yiyi, you are the mistress of this house and I am a guest. You should prepare a bowl of porridge for me!" Luo Minmin's eyes revealed greed and viciousness.

Lu Yiyi saw it in her eyes but pretended to be innocent and ignorant, "Good, good!"

Lu Yiyi took the bowl and walked to the front of the pot. She picked up the spoon at the side and scooped up a small bowl. She brought it to Luo Minmin, "Eat the porridge!"

The porridge was very hot and she took it carefully. Her hands were a little red from the heat.

When Luo Minmin took the bowl, she deliberately did not hold it firmly and the bowl fell to the ground. It splashed everywhere.

"What should we do now?" Luo Minmin looked innocent. "Why don't you help me get another bowl of porridge?"

Lu Yiyi held back her anger and silently said in her heart, Luo Minmin is Gu Xichi's first love, she cannot offend Luo Minmin!

But she could not tolerate it!

"Okay!" Lu Yiyi looked up and said with a smile. She went to get another bowl of porridge for her.

She brought the porridge over. Luo Minmin looked at her red hot fingers and was very pleased in her heart.

You are just a fool. I have a hundred ways to deal with you!

Lu Yiyi suddenly poured the porridge down from Luo Minmin's head.

"Ah! It hurts. . . " Luo Minmin screamed.

"What happened to you?" Lu Yiyi looked at her with a confused look.

"Go away!" Luo Minmin looked at her as if she was looking at a devil. Just now she clearly saw that Lu Yiyi purposely poured the porridge on her head.

Luo Minmin quickly ran out and shouted as she ran, "Help!"

Her voice attracted the attention of the butler and Gu Xichi.

"What's going on?" Gu Xichi asked plainly.

"Xichi, Lu Yiyi wanted to kill me. She poured boiling hot porridge on me!" Luo Minmin said while crying.

Gu Xichi motioned for the housekeeper to quickly invite the family doctor over.

"Yiyi, is it what she said?" Gu Xichi's voice was somewhat cold.

Lu Yiyi knew that Gu Xichi liked Luo Minmin. If Gu Xichi knew that she really wanted to hurt Luo Minmin, he would definitely not forgive her.

"I don't know what she is talking about. . . " Lu Yiyi also cried, looking very wronged.

"Miss Luo, our young madam should not be able to kill you!" The butler did not have a good impression of Luo Minmin and when he saw her slander young madam like this, he could not help but say something.

"What do you know? She is clearly playing dumb!" Luo Minmin said angrily.

"Yiyi, what do you think is going on?" Gu Xichi looked at her coldly.

"She wants to eat porridge. She wants me to prepare porridge for her, but she threw the porridge I gave her to the ground. She asked me to give her another bowl, but the porridge is too hot! " Lu Yiyi was pitiful and her eyes were red from crying, "I didn't hold the bowl steady. . . "

" You actually let young madam go and get the porridge! " After the butler heard this, he rolled his eyes. This woman really thought that she was the mistress of Gu family.

"Enough!" Gu Xichi looked at Luo Minmin coldly. "If you want to eat porridge, you can ask the maid to serve it to you. Yiyi's brain is not good. Don't order her around in the future!"

Gu Xichi asked Nanny Chen to bring Lu Yiyi upstairs.

The family doctor came over and gave Luo Minmin medicine.

Fortunately, although the porridge was hot, it did not burn her. Luo Minmin's head and face only left a few patches of red. After applying medicine, she would recover in a few days.

Lu Yiyi angrily went upstairs and Nanny Chen brought her breakfast up. Gu Xichi had spoken and she could only stay in the room today.

"Hmph, as expected, he is still biased towards his first love!" Lu Yiyi complained.

After breakfast, it was almost nine o'clock.

Lu Yiyi turned on the computer and played Happy and Gray Wolf with the loudest voice. Then, she switched the screen on the stock software.

At this moment, Gu Xichi came in.

Lu Yiyi did not want to talk to him, but she saw him talking to himself.

"You have to bear with her for a while!"

Lu Yiyi did not speak and began to operate quickly.

As her fingers moved, she bought and sold the shares again. The price of the Gu's Group shares increased by two percent.

She rested for a while and looked at Gu Xichi. She saw him sitting there with his face facing the direction of her computer.

"Haha, your pants are unzipped!" Lu Yiyi suddenly laughed and said.

Gu Xichi touched his pants and found that the zipper was still intact.

"Lying is not a good child!" Gu Xichi said lightly and continued to stay motionless.

Lu Yiyi just deliberately tested whether he was really blind. If he was pretending to be blind, the first reaction he would have when he heard this sentence would be to look down at his pants, but he used his hands to feel them.

He might really be blind!

Lu Yiyi felt a little guilty when she frequently suspected him.

She sent a message to Ning Shi, "Can you help me tell Gu Xichi not to buy Gu's Group shares recently? If he wants to sell it, sell it after doubling the price!"

Ning Shi: Aiyo. Are you feeling sorry for your man's money bag?

Yi Lian: After all, I am now living in his house.

Ning Shi, Okay!

Immediately after, Lu Yiyi rubbed her fingers. She had to start the second round of operation on the stock market.

Another morning passed and Gu's Group's shares had risen and stopped. The stock market's trend for two consecutive days had attracted a lot of people's attention.

However, Lu Yiyi's operation was not a problem, so Gu's Group was not warned.

"What's the matter? Is it so difficult to obtain shares?" Gu Beiyuan looked at the changes in the price of the shares, but no one sold the shares. He was very angry.

"Young Master, you did not even buy a stock, and I think second young master did not buy one either, so don't be angry!" Lu Yanran stayed with him in Gu Beiyuan's villa.

The sudden rise of the Gu's Group's shares in the past few days had made the Lu Family pay extra attention to it. Lyi Xue thought that the opportunity to make a fortune had come, so she asked Lu Yanran to follow Gu Beiyuan during this period of time to see if there was any insider news.

Who knew that even Gu Beiyuan could not buy shares.

"Young Master, I think someone purposely raised the price!" One of Gu Beiyuan's men suggested, "Why don't we take this opportunity to sell the shares in our hands?"

Gu Beiyuan thought for a moment. He only had 100,000 shares in his hands! He had spent money to buy it. If he sold it at the current price, he could make a profit. However, if the stock continued to rise, wouldn't he lose money?

"Wait a little longer!" Gu Beiyuan said, "Based on the current situation, the stock will continue to rise!"

The subordinate did not speak anymore. Actually, he was also worried about this.

In the end, in the next five or six days, the stock continued to rise and stop every day.

At this time, Lu Yiyi already felt that it was about time. She asked Ning Shi to tell the boss of Xigu that they could start selling the shares in their hands!

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