My 'Silly' Wife/C3 He Wouldn't Let Go of a Fool
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My 'Silly' Wife/C3 He Wouldn't Let Go of a Fool
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C3 He Wouldn't Let Go of a Fool

Lyi Xue and Lu Xingyuan accompanied her towards the first car and helped her into it.

She lifted a corner of the hood and looked up at the villa which had been her home for a long time.

She had lived here for the past twelve years of her life!

Twelve years ago, her parents perished in a car accident, leaving Lu Yiyi who was seven or eight years old at that time.

She became an orphan because she did not have grandparents or relatives to care for her. Lu Hsingyuan, who was her father's good friend and partner, took her in.

At that time, she remembered that Lyi Xue had a big fight with Lu Hsingyuan because she refused to allow Lu Yiyi to live with them. She did not know what Lu Hsingyuan said to make Lyi Xue finally change her mind.

That foster mother of hers had always been out for what she could get. If it was not for the great benefits, she would not have agreed to take care of her at all.

It was not until she was at the age of thirteen, when she secretly heard her foster parents quarreling behind the door, that she found out the reason.

She clearly remembered her adoptive mother shouting at her adoptive father, "Lu Hsingyuan, do you think you are such a good person? You took all the inheritance her parents left her. All this time, you told me to be nicer to her! You're shameless!"

At that time, all the blood in her body seemed to have solidified and her movements were stiff. When she hurriedly left, she accidentally bumped into the door handle and alerted the people inside of her presence.

She knew that they would never allow her to leave, so she deliberately let herself fall down the stairs while escaping.

When she woke up again, she pretended to become a fool. Because only a fool would not take back his own property.

Her new condition made them lower their vigilance. Her foster father's attitude towards her was much better. Her foster mother and sister only bullied her, but they did not want her life anymore!

She was determined to survive!

Only if she lived would there be hope for her!

Today, hope had come. She could finally get away from this place!

She bent her hood down and got into the car without looking back. She wouldn't miss them at all!

Lu Yiyi sat in the car quietly. The red hood prevented her from seeing the road ahead. She only knew that the car kept turning and then stopped at a place.

There was an older woman who met and guided her as she left the car. After walking for a few minutes, she entered a room.

The room was too quiet. Lu Yiyi took off the red cover and found that the room was luxuriously decorated but empty.

Gu Xichi was in the study perusing some documents. After being informed of her arrival, he asked everyone to leave except for Gu Yi.

"Second Young Master, do you want to take a look at her?"

"There's no need. Just send her away!" His voice was low and indifferent.

Since that woman had slept with Gu Beiyuan, he would never touch her.

"As you wish." Gu Yi replied helplessly. He was planning to arrange for a small boat to send her to the island so that Second Young Master would not be annoyed.

Gu Yi went to the doorway of the room where she was left. The door was slightly ajar and he saw Lu Yiyi through the gap. His eyes widened and he immediately left in a hurry.

"Second Young Master, it's not good!"

Gu Xichi looked at him in surprise. Gu Yi realized that he had lost his composure and agitatedly said, "She was replaced!"

Gu Xichi was stunned. He hurriedly put on his sunglasses and followed Gu Yi.

He walked to the door of the room and saw the woman sitting on the bed.

He asked Gu Yi to wait outside. Then he deliberately pretended to move slowly and groped his way in.

The sound of someone entering alarmed Lu Yiyi. She looked up and was immediately floored by the man's appearance.

He was that blind man. He was astonishingly good-looking! Unfortunately, he was wearing a pair of sunglasses that hid his eyes so she couldn't see his complete facial features.

Gu Xichi took in the woman's appearance through the black-rimmed glasses and became furious.

He had seen Lu Yanran's picture before. Even if the picture deviated from the actual person, it was clearly two different people!

This person was not his wife. They sent him the foster daughter of the Lu family, Lu Yiyi!

He had checked out all the information of the Lu family and knew that the foster daughter of the Lu family was a fool.

The old master clearly wanted Lu Yanran, but they replaced her with a fool and even received a huge reward from the old master.

He laughed angrily at such shameless behavior!

Gu Xichi controlled his temper. He thought carefully and could immediately discern their intention.

Someone wanted him to make a fool of himself at the wedding. Fortunately, he chose not to hold the wedding.

It seemed like the Lu family had already conspired with Gu Beiyuan. This woman could not stay.

Lu Yiyi saw Gu Xichi standing there immobile and thought that it was difficult for him to move, so she walked over and grabbed his hand, wanting to bring him to the bed.

"Lu Yanran?" Gu Xichi knocked her hand away and asked coldly.

Lu Yiyi heard him and felt that there was something wrong with his tone. Could it be that he found out that she was fake? But she wore a headcover the whole time. Moreover, he was blind so how could he tell? After considering this, she looked at his eyes doubtfully then decided to play dumb.

"I'm Bunny!" As she spoke, Lu Yiyi put her hands on her head and mimicked a little bunny ear. She looked at him and grinned.

She really looked like a silly little rabbit!

He had plenty of ways to deal with a woman like Lu Yanran. But he did not have the heart to deal with a little fool.

Suddenly, Lu Yiyi stood on tiptoes and took off his glasses.

"Your eyes are so beautiful, like the stars in the sky!" She smiled at him brightly.

Looking at her innocent face, Gu Xichi felt his heart beat faster.

This didn't feel right.

"Give it back to me!" Gu Xichi pretended to look calmly ahead as he stretched out his hands and fumbled around in search of his glasses.

Lu Yiyi waved her hands in front of him but his eyes were not moving in response. His hands were still searching around for his glasses. She touched her chest and heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, she could be at ease!

It seemed like he really couldn't see!

Lu Yiyi returned the glasses to him then she sat on the bed and opened the notebook that she secretly brought with her. She turned on the computer and entered the password to check the stock market.

She was concentrating so much on what she was doing that she was completely unsuspecting and oblivious to her surroundings.

Gu Xichi saw all of this and his brows furrowed in suspicion. This person was clearly not dumb at all so why is she pretending to be? What could be the purpose of the Lu family in sending her here?

Could it be that she was pretending to be dumb so that he would lower his guard? Is she trying to appear non-threatening so that she could steal more information?

Fine! Since you love acting so much, then I'll play along with you!

Gu Xichi bent down and pretended to accidentally hold her hands. He felt around then asked, "What are you doing?"

"I'm playing with toys." Lu Yiyi frowned and tried to pull her hands out from his hold.

"Toys?" Gu Xichi smiled wickedly. "Today is our wedding day. Aren't we supposed to do something that would benefit both of us?"

Lu Yiyi was taken aback. She envisioned Gu Xichi's body pressing down on her. She quickly tried to move away. Unfortunately, she was a step too late. She was indeed pressed under his body and could not move!

"Mom lied. She said that after I get married, I can play with toys as much as I want! Why am I still being punished?" Lu Yiyi decided to continue playing dumb. Surely, this person would not do anything to a fool.

"Then did she also tell you that you might want to have a baby after getting married?" Gu Xichi's voice was low as he whispered in her ear and she shivered.

"What is a baby?" she asked. Can a baby be eaten?" She thought she should continue to play dumb.

"Let's give it a try. Then I'll tell you what a baby is." Gu Xichi caressed her face with his fingers. His voice was smooth and inviting.

He would let her continue playing dumb!

Lu Yiyi did not dare to move, afraid that he would take her right there and then.


This beast would not even let a fool go! Lu Yiyi was silently furious.

She decided to fight him so he wouldn't get what he wanted!

Lu Yiyi kissed him on the cheek, "Mom said that we can have a baby this way!"

Gu Xichi froze and pushed her away. His face was flushed and he had to leave in a hurry.

What's wrong with him? Lu Yiyi was perplexed.

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