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My 'Silly' Wife/C4 This Is How I Always Eat
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C4 This Is How I Always Eat

Gu Xichi had been away for the entire night. Lu Yiyi was free to do her own thing without being interrupted by him.

She looked at the present trends in the stock market, then pulled out the folder she had hidden. She opened the QQ and entered the password.

After the QQ was logged in, a profile picture kept flashing signaling a notification.

Lu Yiyi immediately clicked on the profile picture to check the message.

Ning Shi: Yi Lian, are you there? I have just received the latest news that Yun Hai Group is going to enter the HIT industry. Apparently, they are planning to invest 30 billion. Should we also participate?

Yi Lian is Lu Yiyi's online name. Ning Shi was an online friend that she had met before she became a fool. Because of Lu Yiyi's extraordinary sensitivity and ability to control the market, Ning Shi suggested that the two of them open a company together. Ning Shi as the company's legal person, and Lu Yiyi as the company's major shareholder and trader.

Lu Yiyi was in charge of formulating strategies while Ning Shi was responsible for the arrangement of specific affairs.

The two of them had been working very smoothly up to now. It was just that Ning Shi had invited Lu Yiyi to meet several times but Lu Yiyi always refused.

Therefore, Ning Shi had no idea at all about the age and gender of her partner.

But who cares? As long as she could make money for the company.

Yi Lian: Don't make a move yet. HIT technology is still in its infancy and there are no actual cases of its application as of now. Personally, I do not think highly of this industry!

Ning Shi: Alright!

Yi Lian: However, I have been very optimistic about the prospects of Xigu Corporation recently. I plan to use 60% of the company's current funds to buy some of Xigu's shares. I need you to carry out this matter!

Ning Shi: 60%? But that's too much! Yi Lian, you must really have confidence in this company! Fine, I will do as you say! I will go and negotiate with their person in charge!

The amount of investment this time was too large. Although Ning Shi was a little surprised, she believed in Yi Lian's judgment. They have developed this tacit understanding and trust over the years that they have worked together.

The two ended the chat. Lu Yiyi looked at today's market and felt that the shares in her hands still needed to wait for a period of time before it could be sold. She closed the computer and hid it well.

"If only I had a phone. How much easier things would be!" Lu Yiyi sighed.

If she had a phone, she could contact Ning Shi at any time. She could also observe trends in the stock market and be updated with industry information at all times. Unfortunately, she did not dare to acquire a phone back when she was still with the Lu family because a fool would not have a reason to use a phone.

Now in the Gu family, she should be able to obtain a phone. In any case, Gu Xichi was blind. He would not be able to tell that she was holding a phone either!

She fell asleep thinking about it. The next day, when she woke up, she was startled to see a very handsome man sitting beside her bed.

She jumped up in fright and immediately recognized that this person was her husband, Gu Xichi.

She pleadingly looked at him with tears in her eyes. "Please don't hit me! I will fold the blanket now!"

Gu Xichi's heart was touched. He asked Gu Yi to check Lu Yiyi's information and knew that she was only the foster daughter of the Lu family. It would be difficult to find more detailed information outright. So Gu Yi bribed a maid of the Lu family and found out that Lu Yiyi was often bullied by her foster mother, Lyi Xue, and elder sister, Lu Yanran, at home.

She was obviously playing dumb, but what compelled her to do this?

"Don't worry, I won't hit you!" Gu Xichi's tone was soothing, "Let Nanny Chen fold the blanket. Stay here for the time being!" He left slowly guided by the blind baton.

Lu Yiyi sat on the bed in a daze. She was puzzled about what Gu Xichi meant.

But this was not important. She did not dwell on it any longer. Anyway, this was only her temporary residence. Her ultimate goal was to leave the Lu family and obtain freedom!

Therefore, she did not want to get close to Gu Xichi. The best thing to do is to make him hate her and discard her. This way, she could do whatever she wanted.

Thinking of this, she smiled in satisfaction.

"Young lady, you're awake!" Nanny Chen pushed open the door and came in. She saw Lu Yiyi sitting on the bed, her makeup faded as she had not bothered to remove it from the night before. She was still grinning and laughing foolishly. Nanny Chen could not help but frown.

Just now when the young master asked her to assist the young lady in washing up and removing her makeup, she felt that the young master had too much concern for the young lady. She thought that women loved to do these things themselves.

She did not expect that the young lady would be too lazy to remove her makeup by herself!

"Get up quickly and I will remove your makeup for you!" Nanny Chen's tone was not very friendly. When she finished speaking, she was somewhat regretful of her attitude. She was just a maid of the Gu family. How could she treat the mistress of the Gu family like this!

"Hehe, I don't want to remove my makeup. I'm hungry. I want to eat!" Lu Yiyi laughed idiotically.

Nanny Chen's brows furrowed even deeper!

Could this be a fool? How could the old master let the young master marry a fool? Although she knew that the old master was biased towards the Gu family's eldest young master, it was too much to be biased like this!

Nanny Chen could not help feeling wronged on behalf of Gu Xichi. She was also not pleased with Lu Yiyi.

But Although she was unhappy, all of the young master's instructions should be followed to the letter.

After having some difficulty getting Lu Yiyi to sit still, she was finally able to get her cleaned up and led her out to eat.

At this time, Gu Xichi was sitting at the dining table and heartily enjoying a sumptuous breakfast. Gu Yi was standing behind him eyeing the delicious food and almost drooling.

When Lu Yiyi, wearing a simple white dress, was led downstairs by Nanny Chen, Gu Yi's eyes stared intently at Lu Yiyi.

She was just too beautiful!

"Young lady, please sit here and eat!" Nanny Chen said to Lu Yiyi.

Lu Yiyi jumped to a seat right across from Gu Xichi and immediately grabbed the fried egg in front of Gu Xichi.

The fried egg was not fully cooked but since Lu Yiyi snatched it too forcefully, the egg yolk flowed onto her arm. Some of it even splashed on Gu Xichi's clothes!

Gu Xichi acted oblivious to what she had done and continued to eat his breakfast.

She had always been careful to maintain her act, so of course she was suspicious whether Gu Xichi was also pretending to be stupid.

That was why she deliberately tried to test Gu Xichi, but she felt relieved when she saw that he really couldn't seem to see.

As long as he was really blind, it would be easy for her to handle a lot of things and go about her business!

"Young lady, what are you doing?" Nanny Chen slapped a hand to her forehead in dismay, "The plate in front of you is your breakfast!"

"Did I do something wrong?" Lu Yiyi pretended to be remorseful and her face crumpled.

"What happened?" Gu Xichi looked up and asked as he could not see her expression.

"Young madame broke your fried egg and splashed the yolk all over your clothes!" Nanny Chen complained disapprovingly.

Gu Xichi said lightly, "It's okay. Gu Yi, get me a new plate of food!"

"As you wish!" Gu Yi immediately hurried to the kitchen.

Nanny Chen sighed. The young master was too tolerant towards the young lady. It seemed that she would have to respect the young lady in the future.

"If you don't eat well, I will throw you into the kennel!" Gu Xichi suddenly threatened.

Lu Yiyi shivered when she heard about the kennel. Her eyes widened in panic.

This time, she was not pretending. She was really scared!

In the past, Lu Yanran had locked her up in the kennel in order to tease her. The dog was especially fierce and bit her several times. Fortunately, Lu Hsingyuan came to get her out of there in time. Otherwise, she might have died in the kennel.

That time, Lu Hsingyuan only scolded Lu Yanran a few times and the matter was put to rest.

"I will be obedient. Please don't throw me into the kennel!" Gu Yiyi pleaded. Gu Yiyi sat upright and quietly ate her meal.

Gu Yi's mouth hung open in surprise. Young Master Gu had asked him to investigate the young lady's past life. It turned out that he wanted to know how to handle the young lady!

His methods were quite brilliant!

But why did the young lady use her hands to grab food instead of eating properly?

"Young lady, why do you use your hands to eat? Use a fork!" Nanny Chen admonished and quickly passed her a fork.

"But I always eat like this!" Lu Yiyi's face was full of confusion.

"You are used to eating like this?" Gu Xichi's voice was cold. "Gu Yi, why haven't you told me about this before?"

"I didn't know!" Gu Yi exclaimed in surprise.

"Do your foster parents eat like this?" Gu Xichi asked.

"They eat like this!" Lu Yiyi pointed at the knife and fork and laughed bitterly. "But they say I'm too stupid and that I don't know how to use the knife and fork, so they let me eat the way I do!"

When Gu Yi heard this, he tried hard to contain his tears.

The young lady's life was too miserable! She had not been treated well at all!

"From now on, you can eat with a fork!" Nanny Chen patiently taught her how to eat with a fork and sighed deeply. This child is really too pitiful. I have to treat her better in the future!

Lu Yiyi took the fork and barely ate the meal, but deep inside her heart bloomed with joy. It looked like she had successfully gotten everyone's sympathy.

Lu Yiyi finished all the food in front of her then looked woefully at Gu Xichi, "I have finished eating!"

"Alright, follow Nanny Chen upstairs and dress up properly. Later, you can accompany me back to the ancestral mansion!"

"Mmhmm!" Lu Yiyi nodded her head eagerly, "I will be obedient. I don't want to be sent to the kennel!"

Lu Yiyi's big eyes blinked like a pitiful deer. Gu Xichi suddenly felt guilty that he was a little cruel to her.

Lu Yiyi meekly followed Nanny Chen upstairs but her teeth were tightly clenched.

Gu Xichi was really ruthless. He even found out that she was deathly afraid of dogs. In the future, she had to be even more careful in this house.

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