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My 'Silly' Wife/C5 I'm Not Interested In An Idiot
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C5 I'm Not Interested In An Idiot

Nanny Chen brought Lu Yiyi upstairs and entered a room. Inside were a collection of branded clothes of the latest style.

Nanny Chen carefully watched, anticipating Lu Yiyi's shocked expression. Instead, her face was calm and there was no reaction at all.

Forget it. She was a fool after all and probably did not even know how much women valued these.

"Young lady, which dress do you like?" Nanny Chen asked.

"I like all of these clothes!" Lu Yiyi laughed foolishly.

"Let's just have this one then!" Nanny Chen picked up a pink and yellow dress, "The color of this dress looks lively. The old master will definitely like it!"

"Okay!" Lu Yiyi clapped her hands and nodded enthusiastically like a cute little puppy.

Nanny Chen helped Lu Yiyi change into the dress and arranged her hair into a small bun. She put a circle of pearls around the bun.

Although there was something wrong with this girl's mental faculties, her physical appearance was first-class!

Nanny Chen had seen many young ladies of noble families but none of them were as good looking as Lu Yiyi.

"Young lady, let's go downstairs and let young master take a look at you!" Nanny Chen suggested.

"Okay!" Lu Yiyi nodded obediently and then proceeded towards her bedroom.

She had no desire to go to the Gu family's old residence at all. She just wanted to go back to her room and work on her computer.

"Young lady, you are going the wrong way. That is your room. We need to go to the living room downstairs!" Nanny Chen said exasperatedly.

"I'm sleepy. I don't want to go to the living room!" Lu Yiyi pouted and stayed on the bed. Nanny Chen shook her head helplessly.

"Young Master, the young lady doesn't want to come out and show herself!"

Nanny Chen was left with no other choice but to seek Gu Xichi's help.

Gu Xichi was sitting on the sofa and was busy discussing work with Gu Yi. He frowned slightly when he heard this.

"Tell her that if she doesn't come down quickly, she will be sleeping with Littleflower tonight."

Littleflower was a wild dog that Gu Xichi had picked up and adopted.

"Okay!" Nanny Chen quickly left to persuade Lu Yiyi to come down.

After a while, Lu Yiyi reluctantly came down the stairs.

This villain only knew how to use dogs to intimidate her and make her do what he wanted!

Lu Yiyi was pulled by Nanny Chen to stand in front of Gu Xichi, "Young Master, you have to look after her carefully. If you kept your eyes off her even for just a moment, she could get lost!"

Gu Xichi nodded and reached out his hand, "Hold me!"

Lu Yiyi turned her face to the side reluctantly.

Gu Xichi said lightly, "Littleflower!"

Lu Yiyi immediately grabbed his hand. Gu Xichi was contented and let Gu Yi lead the two of them into the car.

Along the way, Lu Yiyi was very unhappy and kept her cheeks puffed up without speaking.

Gu Xichi did not talk to her and was busy thinking about his own affairs.

He felt helpless. Lu Yiyi's anger did not last long before her face cleared and she started to play with her fingers.

Gu Xichi was seated at the side. The corner of his mouth curled up but it was more of a grimace than a smile.

When they entered the grounds of the old family residence, the Gu family's old man had earlier brought a group of black-clothed people to the door to welcome them.

Gu Xichi was first helped out of the car by Gu Yi, then Lu Yiyi took him by the hand and followed him down.

The handsome man and beautiful woman looked very good together!

The old man was very satisfied. Although she looked much different from the photos, in real life, she was far more beautiful than she was in the photos.

"Is this my granddaughter-in-law, Lu Yanran?" The old man took out a red envelope and smiled pleasantly as he greeted her.

Lu Yiyi smiled back at him and suddenly reached out to grab his beard, "White beard, are you Grandpa Christmas?"

The old man was stunned and his face darkened. Why was she not acting normal in front of him?

The old man looked at Gu Xichi and asked, "She is Lu Yanran, isn't she? Why is there something wrong with her mind?"

"I am Lu Yiyi!" Lu Yiyi exclaimed unhappily. She tugged at Old Master Gu's white beard and caused him to take a deep breath from the pain.

From the side, Gu Yi also gasped in dismay. Such disrespect to the distinguished head of the Gu family!

"She is Lu Yiyi! The adopted daughter of the Lu family!" Gu Xichi answered unhurriedly, tolerant of Lu Yiyi's actions.

The old man was instantly enraged," What's going on? "

"Can't you tell? The daughter of the Lu family didn't want me for her husband, so they made their adopted daughter replace her and marry me instead!"

"The Lu family is manipulative and they bully people too much!" The old man was furious, "Let's go to the Lu family and discuss this!"

"There's no need. Actually, it's an advantage that she's a fool! At least she won't look down on me!" Gu Xichi said indifferently, "Compared to finding a woman who betrays a man, I would rather find a little fool who knows nothing."

What do you mean? " The old man did not understand what Gu Xichi was referring to.

"Don't you know what's going on between Lu Yanran and Gu Beiyuan?" Gu Xichi's mocking expression made the old man very upset.

Gu Xichi signaled Gu Yi to show the old man all the evidence he had gathered.

He handed over a stack of photos all containing intimate images of Gu Beiyuan and Lu Yanran.

Old Master Gu was outraged after seeing the photos. "Do you think I deliberately married Lu Yanran to you?"

"What do you think I should think?" Gu Xichi shot back.

"Get Gu Beiyuan." He ordered one of the bodyguards behind him.

Gu Beiyuan happened to be resting at the Gu family's old residence and was soon brought over.

"What's wrong, Grandfather?" Gu Beiyuan inquired lazily.

"What's wrong? Here, look at this!" The old man threw the pictures he was holding at Gu Beiyuan's face.

Gu Beiyuan casually picked up one and looked at it. Then he smirked at Gu Xichi. "So now you know?"

His face was unrepentant. He was shameless to the core!

"At least you're honest!" Gu Xichi said expressionlessly.

"There's nothing special about it. Men and women love each other willingly." Gu Beiyuan said with a smile.

"You bastard! You knew all along that this woman was engaged to marry your brother!" Old Master Gu was so angry that his beard quivered. Lu Yiyi thought it was very funny and tried to grab the old man's beard again!

Gu Yi was horrified as he watched from behind. Young lady, this is not the time to play! Can't you see that the old master is angry?!

"Grandfather, think about it this way. If I didn't sacrifice my virility and unmasked Lu Yanran's true nature, wouldn't Second Brother have married a woman who chased after men?" Gu Beiyuan continued to boast shamelessly.

Old Master Gu's complexion improved a little. He looked at Gu Xichi hopefully, "How about if I let you marry another good girl?"

Gu Xichi sneered. Even if he had done something like this, the old master still had to protect Gu Beiyuan.

"There's no need. I am quite satisfied with Yiyi."

Lu Yiyi heard him and was flabbergasted. What? He wanted to keep me? Is there something wrong with him?!

"No, she is not worthy of you!" The old man was adamant.

"What do you think of Yiyi ?" Gu Xichi looked at Gu Beiyuan and asked.

Gu Beiyuan looked at Lu Yiyi from head to foot. "She is beautiful but stupid. I think she's not bad. Most importantly, she suits you very well."

"Do you like her?" Gu Xichi continued persistently.

"I am not interested in a fool!" Gu Beiyuan's voice rose indignantly as if he had just been insulted.

"That's fine then." Gu Xichi looked at the old man with a contented expression. "You see, at least she is safe from him!"

Old Master Gu was nearly apoplectic with rage from the behavior of his two grandsons.

Then he thought about his health. Never mind! It wasn't worth getting angry about.

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