My 'Silly' Wife/C7 She Went Back to Her Father-in-law's and Mother-in-law's House
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My 'Silly' Wife/C7 She Went Back to Her Father-in-law's and Mother-in-law's House
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C7 She Went Back to Her Father-in-law's and Mother-in-law's House

He heard even breathing sounds in his ears. Lu Yiyi had already fallen asleep, but her sleeping posture was terrible. Sometimes she would press her legs on his body, and sometimes she would hug his head.

He gently straightened her arms and legs.

"Don't hit me, I won't dare to eat secretly anymore!" Lu Yiyi suddenly said.

Gu Xichi was stunned and then felt sad. What kind of life did this girl experience?

After a while, "Dad, Mom, I miss you so much!"

Gu Xichi quietly looked at her face. Her small face was full of tears, but she was still sleeping.

It seemed that the couple from the Lu Family were really not good people. Not only did they use an adopted daughter as a replacement for their marriage, but they also abused their adopted daughter.

The next day, Lu Yiyi woke up. As usual, she did not see Gu Xichi.

At this moment, Nanny Chen's voice came through the door, "young madam, have you woken up?"

"I'm not up!" Lu Yiyi replied.

Nanny Chen was helpless. She pushed open the door and walked in. She saw Lu Yiyi hugging the blanket and lying on the bed.

"I won't get up. The bed is comfortable!" Lu Yiyi said vaguely.

"Young Master ordered me to dress you up beautifully. Today is the day you return to the house!"

Return to the house? When Lu Yiyi thought of seeing Lyi Xue and Lu Yanran, she did not want to get up.

"I don't want to get up!" Lu Yiyi played dumb.

Nanny Chen could not take it anymore. But Lu Yiyi was young madam after all and she could not use force. She could only go downstairs to find Gu Xichi.

Not long after, Gu Xichi came up and said to Nanny Chen, "You can go down first!"

"Do you want to wear your own clothes, or do you want me to put them on for you!" Gu Xichi fumbled to sit by the bed and threatened her.

Let him wear them?

Lu Yiyi thought about how his hands were searching all over her body, and her hair stood on end.

"You're naughty, I don't want to get up!" Lu Yiyi decided to continue playing dumb.

"Looks like you want me to help you put on your clothes!" Gu Xichi acted as if he wanted to take off her pajamas.

Does this person not understand human language?

"Smelly hooligan! Mommy said that those who take off my clothes are all stinky hooligans!" Lu Yiyi said as she knocked his hand off.

Gu Xichi was a little angry. This woman was too disobedient!

"I will give you ten minutes to put on your clothes. Otherwise, I will bring Huas in to see you!"

The Hua was a German black back raised by Gu Xichi. It looked especially fierce and Lu Yiyi was quite afraid of it.

Gu Xichi did not care whether she understood or not. He walked out of the room and closed the door.

Lu Yiyi began to think. Could it be that he saw through the matter of her playing dumb?

That's not right. He was blind!

Could it be that he was pretending to be blind?

She had to test him!

Lu Yiyi was afraid that Gu Xichi would really let the dog in, so she quickly put on her clothes and walked out.

Gu Xichi and Nanny Chen stood outside. She gave Gu Xichi a fierce look. "Bad guy!"

Gu Xichi wore black glasses and it was hard to see his expression. He just lightly instructed Nanny Chen, "Ask the makeup artist to put on her makeup. Use that sapphire set of jewelry!"

"Okay, young master!"

Nanny Chen brought Lu Yiyi to the dressing room. There was a fashionable and beautiful woman waiting there.

"Qingyao, draw a beautiful makeup for our young madam!" Nanny Chen reminded the woman.

"Eldest Aunt, don't worry. You still don't know my technique!" Chen Qingyao smiled.

"Alright, I'll leave young madam to you!" She then pointed at Lu Yiyi's head. "There's something wrong with her brain. You have to watch more!"

"Don't worry!" Chen Qingyao promised.

Only Chen Qingyao and Lu Yiyi were left in the huge dressing room.

"young madam, what's your name?" Chen Qingyao asked with a smile as she replenished her water.

"Yiyi, my name is Yiyi! Hehehe!" Lu Yiyi had a foolish smile on her face.

She was indeed a fool!

In her heart, Chen Qingyao was looking down on and envious. How could a fool marry so well!

"My name is Chen Qingyao! In the future, I will put on makeup for you, okay?!" As Chen Qingyao spoke, a trace of greed appeared in her eyes.

If she could stay here and put on makeup in the future, she would be able to contact Second Young Master Gu. Although Second Young Master Gu was blind, he was rich and handsome. At the very least, he could become one of the officials under her skirt.

Lu Yiyi could see the greed and scheming in her eyes. She continued to play dumb, "Okay, okay. Then will you play with me?"

"Of course! I know how to play!" Chen Qingyao said, "But before we play, let's draw your makeup first!"

She quickly put on makeup for Lu Yiyi and drew her eyebrows.

Fortunately, although Lu Yiyi was silly, her skin and appearance were very good. She drew it with ease.

Usually, she would need an hour to put on makeup for others, but it would take less than half an hour to do it here. It really saved her effort and effort.

After putting on makeup, she finished putting on makeup. Nanny Chen came in and held a set of sapphire jewelry.

Chen Qingyao's eyes were wide open. This set of jewelry was too beautiful!

"Aunt, how much is this set of jewelry?"

"No matter how expensive it is, it is not yours!" Nanny Chen gave her a warning look and then placed the jewelry box in front of Lu Yiyi and brought it with her.

"Looks like Second Young Master Gu really pampers this fool! Eldest Aunt, say if I follow Second Young Master Gu. Will all of these be mine?"

" I advise you not to have such thoughts! " Nanny Chen frowned, "Forget it. You better not come next time!"

"Eldest Aunt, can't you help me?" Chen Qingyao pulled Nanny Chen's arm, shaking it as she acted coquettishly.

Nanny Chen knew her niece too well. She was a Sea King and did not want to let go of any man.

She regretted asking her to come over and put on makeup.

"Alright, alright, I'll think about it!" Nanny Chen said lightly and then respectfully brought Lu Yiyi out.

Gu Xichi sat outside listening to the report. When Lu Yiyi came out, her eyes, which were wearing sunglasses, lit up.

"second young master, the things that should be settled have already been settled!" Gu Yih said with a lackey on the side.

Gu Xichi nodded, "Yiyi, come here!"

Lu Yiyi was unwilling to walk over, but Gu Xichi firmly grabbed her arm, "Get in the car and go to Lu Family!"

Chen Qingyao wanted to get in the car, but she was stopped by Gu Yih.

"I'm going to make up for young madam!" Chen Qingyao said.

Gu Yih asked Gu Xichi for instructions. Gu Xichi nodded, and Chen Qingyao followed him into the car.

Lu Yiyi sat beside Gu Xichi!

Along the way, Lu Yiyi only cared about playing with her fingers and did not want to talk to him.

It was not easy for her to reach the Lu Family. Lu Hsingyuan quickly came out to welcome her.

Yesterday, they were scolded by Old Master Gu and knew that the Gu family had found out that they were going to marry in their place.

For this matter, Lu Hsingyuan especially scolded Lyi Xue and Lu Yanran.

"If our Lu Family becomes enemies with the Gu family, we won't even know how we die!"

"What are you afraid of!" Lyi Xue looked indifferent, "Anyway, our Yanran and Young Master Gu have a good relationship! If you can't rely on Lu Yiyi, you can still rely on our Yanran!"

Lu Hsingyuan did not agree with their attitude, so when he heard that Second Young Master Gu was going to bring Lu Yiyi back to the house today, he immediately asked the servants to prepare well.

Whether it was returning the goods or coming to find trouble, he would reach out and hit the smiling person!

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