My 'Silly' Wife/C8 Who's More Painful
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My 'Silly' Wife/C8 Who's More Painful
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C8 Who's More Painful

Lu Yiyi didn't want to come in, so Gu Xichi pulled her in.

"Second Young Master Gu!" When Lu Hsingyuan saw Gu Xichi come in, he immediately greeted him with a smile.

Gu Xichi looked in the direction of the voice and nodded politely.

"Yiyi, are you used to living in Gu family?" Lu Hsingyuan looked at Gu Yiyi again. She was wearing branded clothes, especially the jewelry she was wearing. It was obvious that she was very expensive.

"I'm unhappy with having a dog!" Lu Yiyi frowned and looked unhappy.

Lu Hsingyuan looked at Gu Xichi and carefully said, "Yiyi was bitten by a dog when she was young, so she is very afraid of dogs!"

"I know!" Gu Xichi said lightly.

Looking at Gu Xichi's indifferent expression, Lu Hsingyuan really had no idea what he was doing here today.

If it was Gu Xichi who came to question them, looking at the branded clothes Lu Yiyi was wearing, it didn't seem like it.

Forget it, it was better for him to take the initiative to admit his mistake!

"second young master, it is our fault. We should not have let Yiyi replace her sister and marry you!" Lu Hsingyuan lowered his head and said with some guilt.

Gu Xichi did not speak. Lu Hsingyuan quickly let Lyi Xue and Lu Yanran apologize together.

"Why should I apologize? I never liked him!" Lu Yanran was dragged over with a face full of unwillingness.

"Bastard!" Lu Hsingyuan scolded her and then said to Gu Xichi with a smile, "This daughter of mine is not sensible!"

"I don't care about this. I just want to know, since the one who married me now is Yiyi, according to the original agreement, you should give this money to Yiyi. Of course, it also includes the shares of Mingyuan Group!"

"No, the money is mine, and the shares are also mine!" When Lu Yanran heard this, she was instantly dissatisfied, "She is a fool. Why would she want that money?"

Gu Xichi frowned and looked extremely unhappy.

"Just because she is my wife!" He had to protect her for the rest of her life.

"second young master, don't worry. We will not take Yiyi's things!" Lu Hsingyuan promised.

"Dad. . . " Lu Yanran looked wronged.

"Shut up!" Lu Hsingyuan looked at Lyi Xue fiercely. "Look, your daughter is too insensible!"

"It's all because of you!" Lyi Xue rolled her eyes and said.

Gu Xichi was too lazy to talk to them. He looked at Lu Yiyi, who was squatting by the side and talking to Xiao Cao. He could not help but smile.

At this time, Lu Yanran also saw Lu Yiyi, especially when she saw that she was wearing expensive jewelry and custom-made branded clothes. Her heart was filled with jealousy.

Originally, these were all hers!

But now, even the money and stocks were snatched by her. She hated Lu Yiyi more and more.

Then, she walked over.

When Gu Xichi saw Lu Yanran approaching Lu Yiyi, he immediately signaled Gu Yih to keep an eye on her. If she dared to do anything to Lu Yiyi, Gu Yih must stop her.

"Yiyi!" Lu Yanran looked at her with a smile and was very gentle.

Lu Yiyi continued to talk to Cao and ignored her.

"Yiyi, let's play a game!"

"No, I want to talk to Grass!"

Seeing that she was ignoring her, Gu Yanran was very annoyed. "Stupid fool, hurry up and play games with me!"

Lu Yiyi looked at her and immediately curled up into a ball, shivering.

Lu Yanran became even angrier and reached out to grab her flesh.

"What are you doing?" Gu Yih grabbed her arm and looked at her coldly.

"I just want to play games with her. We used to play games a lot!"

"I don't want to play games with you. I want to play with grass!" Lu Yiyi puffed up her cheeks and was angry.

Lu Yanran was so angry that she wanted to beat her up.

"Stupid, what's so fun about the grass? It's more fun with me!"

"Miss Lu, please behave yourself. You can't call her 'fool'!"

Lu Yanran knew that with Lu Family's current status, she could not afford to offend Gu Xichi.

"Yiyi, do you remember the game we often play?" Lu Yanran squatted down.

Lu Yiyi opened her big watery eyes and looked at her curiously, "What game?"

"Is it stone hitting a headache, or wood hitting a headache?" Lu Yanran smilingly took off the pendant from her neck and stared at the necklace on Lu Yiyi's neck. Her eyes revealed a greedy light, "If you answer correctly, this pendant belongs to you. If you are wrong, the necklace on your neck belongs to me!"

"second young master, Lu Yanran is clearly bullying my wife!" Gu Yih saw all of this and said angrily in Gu Xichi's ear.

"Don't worry, just watch!" Gu Xichi was very confident in Lu Yiyi.

"I don't want this!" Lu Yiyi looked at the pendant on Lu Yanran's hand. "It's too ugly. I want that!" She pointed at the rose gold bracelet on Lu Yanran's wrist. This bracelet was a limited edition Cartier and was the most expensive piece of jewelry that Lu Yanran had.

This stupid fool really knew how to pick. However, she could not win anyway.

"Okay!" Lu Yanran took off the bracelet on her wrist.

Lu Yiyi found a rock and a branch from the ground, "As long as I try, I will know!" As she spoke, she threw the rock and stick at Lu Yanran's head separately.

"It hurts so much. What are you doing?" Lu Yanran held her head and stood up angrily.

Lu Yiyi also clapped her hands and stood up and shouted, "It's a headache, big sister's headache!"

"Correct!" Gu Xichi was supported by Gu Yih to walk over and praised with a smile, "Yiyi is really good!"

"Then sister's bracelet is mine!" Gu Yiyi happily snatched the bracelet.

"Hey, you stupid fool, don't snatch my bracelet!" Lu Yanran was angered to death. She had been randomly smashed by this fool for no reason, and now the bracelet was still snatched by her.

"What? Miss Lu wants to go back on her word? You said that Yiyi answered correctly and give the bracelet to her. Yiyi answered this question correctly, and you started to cheat?" Gu Xichi said coldly," It's no wonder. Even Miss Lu could do something like repentant marriage. What is this? "

"Yanran, give the bracelet to your sister!" Lu Hsingyuan also saw this scene and scolded with a cold face.

"Dad, she hit me!" Lu Yanran pointed at the big bump on her forehead and complained.

"You clearly know that your sister's brain is not good, but you still insist on playing this kind of game with her! Don't think that I don't know!" Lu Hsingyuan was still as cold as ever.

"Dad. . . "

"Go into the house and reflect on your mistakes!"

Lu Yanran really regretted now. Why would she play games with this little fool if she had nothing to do! This little fool had never been able to answer in the past. Why did she suddenly know how to answer?

"This bracelet is mine!" Lu Yiyi looked at Gu Xichi happily.

Gu Xichi smiled. "If you like it, I'll buy you a new one. This old one will be for the Hua to play with!"

"Alright!" Lu Yiyi nodded, and said, "I gave it to the Hua. Will the Hua not bite me?"

Lu Yanran looked at this scene and was about to die from anger. The bracelet that she regarded as a treasure was just a dog toy to Lu Yiyi. This time, it was even more impossible for her to get the bracelet back. Could it be that she could snatch the toy from the dog?

Forget it. There was still a long way to go in the future. She could always get things from the little fool. Thinking of this, she returned to the house somewhat unwillingly.

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