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C1 Prologue

"Eva?!" An old man in his forties never stops smiling at me.

" Hello, Roman Sergeevich, i came to get a job! A math teacher! " i sit down in the chair, and immediately see his sad face.

" I knew your parents and your dead sister, and i treat you with respect, so i must warn you. "

"Is something wrong?"

"How long have you been here from Moscow? " he puts the papers on the table and stares into my eyes.

"A month ago. I sold my apartment in Moscow, took little Katya with me and immediately decided to come to you! I need money urgently, " I told the truth.

"Don't you want to go to other institutes? "

"I got a degree, and i did an internship in Moscow for 4 years. Don't you want to hire me? "

"Eva, we need a teacher for first-year students, but there is one son of a bitch among them. He seduced six teachers in five months!"His voice was so sad.

"Who are you talking about?"

"I mean Egor, he's the son of a powerful man. This guy is a real bastard. Eva, well, find another Institut! "

"Seduced six teachers?! How old is he?"

"Nineteen. The scumbag can do anything, he complained to his dad, and they wanted to close our university! " The man poured a glass of water, and i just grinned.

"You know that how hard it is to get a job! I am not afraid of your Egor. Besides, with my appearance, he won't even look at me! Do you agree, Roman Sergeevich? " I asked.

"Okay, Eva, but i warned you."

I go out into the corridor and pick up my princess. I promised my sister that i would love her as my daughter. Too bad she's died. We go to the bus stop, and i admire the new Yekaterinburg, where my sister and i grew up in the family of a poor engineer and housewife. To begin with, my name is Eva and I'm 26 years old. A posh age to build a career. My sister, who was three years older than me, was killed by her own husband because of infidelity. Then he shot himself. This was the greatest tragedy for a small child. I remember took her to a psychologist, and she managed to forget this nightmare. Their apartment had to be sold to pay off their debts. We are driving with Katyusha around the evening city, and i understand how much i missed him. I haven't been here for six years, so i think I'll stay a long time.

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