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C2 Bastard


like to start the morning with a hot performance. In my Audi, three of my loyal friends are scumbags like me.

" Orlova, hop in, I'll give you a ride! " I look at sexy girl, and she is immediately startled.

"It is not necessary, Egor! "

"Guys, she's scared. Am i so scary? " I stop the car and we took her in."Garik, look at her panties! "

"Let me go!" she's angry, and I immediately park the car near the University.

"Why are you shouting? You've loved me since high school. Get undressed! "

"I'll be late. We have a new teacher coming today! " she reports interesting news. Such a scoundrel doesn't care.


"Are you new?" A woman in her forties comes into the office and looks at me strangely.

" Yes, just recently got a job!"

"I don't think you'll be long! This Egor has completely lost his fear! "

"I don't understand why no one can put him in his place?"

"This is a son of Valery Frolov. The most important thing not believe his beautiful words! He's such a pervert!" She leaves me alone, and then i see a picture of him.

Such a grin, he's happy with everything, like a winner. Well, it's time to start the lecture. I go into the audience and meet with students.

" Hello! My name is Eva Grigoryevna. I'm your new math teacher! Let's get to know each other. So, Antonova Dasha," i began to go through the list, as the door to the office opens with a bang, and i see four young boys among them a girl.

"Can we come in?" she looks at me.

"Yes, but don't be late again! Do you need a special invitation?" strictly declare i and all the guys flinched, and only one Egor remained near the door.

" Very short skirt!" he gives me a strange compliment, and all the other students start laughing at me.

"What are you up to?"

"Nothing. My name is Egor, and what is your name, lovely creature?" he's getting so close.

"Take your seat and let's assume that I didn't hear it!"

He stare at my chest. My cheeks are flushed, and i immediately take off my jacket. And i begin to explain a new topic.

"Open your exercise books and start writing, integrals!" i see that only mischievous blue eyes undress me." Frolov, why don't you write? "

"I'm too distracted by your gorgeous bust," he says, as if laughing in my face. The bell rings, and all the students leave the audience except for him. He sits on my desk and lifts my chin.

"What are you doing?" I was indignant.

"Quietly. I'm just looking at your lips! Let me guess, you can't be more than twenty-five years old?" His hands are so strong that i can't get away.

"I won't be treated like this, you pervert!"

"So you know that before you, i fucked six teachers right on this table? Congratulations, you are next! But the game will be hotter with you! They immediately spread their legs, and you are so prickly and passionate!" His other hand wants to lift my skirt, and i immediately slap him, and he grins maliciously.

"You will regret, sucker! "

"Good-bye, wildcat!" he came out.

We walk with the baby in the night city, she constantly asks me about his mother, well, what can I tell her. If you knew how much I miss my late sister, we were so close.

"Eva, are we going to buy doughnuts?" The baby looks at me as soon as we get to the house.

"My girl, it's late, and it's time for you to go to bed. And i have to work tomorrow!" I call the elevator and Roman Sergeyevich immediately calls me on my mobile.

"Eva, I'm sorry it's so late, but you forgot to sign a document! At the University, you know what the rules are! Why don't you call a taxi and come to our place? "

"Oh, Roman Sergeyevich, I don't have anyone to watch Katya. I'm afraid she'll get cranky!Only for half an hour!" I turn off the phone.

"Well, you can't read me a story!"

"Katya, this is important! I promise I'll be back very soon." My heart is pounding, I don't like these evening walks. I call our neighbor and ask her to babysit.

I call a taxi and drive to the other side of town. Our parents have known each other for a long time, since childhood Roman Sergeevich saw me as a brilliant teacher, and considered my sister a little flighty. Katya's father was terribly rich, but also dangerous, and we always knew that this marriage never go down good. Mom and dad died five years ago, and they never got to see their granddaughter. It is strange that such thoughts has crossed my mind. I'm supposed to smile and give Katya love, but I'm not good at it.

The road didn't take long, and we managed to get there without traffic jams.

"How's the new student Frolov? Eva, I invited you here to talk you out of it again. "

"Roman Sergeevich, I need this job! You see, there is no money, " I sign the documents, and he takes out his wallet to hand over a few bills.

"Here, take. Your father was my best friend."

"You what? No, I won't take it! Why did I study so much? To beg for money from you? I'm not afraid of any Frolov! " I was indignant, and his wife Anna Petrovna just came out into the corridor:

"Eva, how I missed you, won't you even stay? "

"Excuse me, Katya is waiting! Thank you for everything. Roman Sergeevich, and don't worry about me! " I leave the apartment and go outside. I was about to jump in the car when I got a phone call.

" Eva Grigorieva! This is Alya, your student! Please help me! I don't have money for a taxi. I'm sorry I decided to call you!" The girl was so scared that my hands started to shake.

"Alya, calm down, where are you? I'll be right there! "

"I'm in the club Rustle, it's on Leningradskaya street. You know?"

"Yes, don't cry! That's all right. I'm on my way," I tell the driver the address, and I'm dreaming about going home. After an hour of driving, I come into the club and meet with my student.

" Alya, are you crazy to visit such places? "

" Egor invited me," he excuses himself

"Come on, the car's waiting outside!"

" Oh, I forgot my bag, my mother will kill me, there's a new phone!" The girl panicked. I feel terrible, I can't put into words what I see. Naked girls dancing on the bar.

"I think I've found it!" we are about to leave the club when we hear a voice.

"What's your hurry, baby?

I turn my face and meet this cretin Egor.

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