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C4 Boor


I'm glad it's a day off and I don't have to go to work. I had to spend the night in Katya's room. And this student was quartered in the bedroom. In the morning, I go into the room and threw cold water on him.

" Are you crazy? " he leaps out of bed.

"It's you, Frolov, I think you've lost your mind. I'll call your father right now and tell him what you did yesterday!"

"Did we sleep together? So quickly. After all, you couldn't resist me, baby," he laughs in my face, and at that moment the door opens and we see a little angel.

"Eva, I'm hungry!"

" My lovely, you wait for me in the kitchen," I'm shaking, I don't want her to see this scoundrel.

"Do you have a daughter? Why doesn't she call you mom?" he bites his lower lip and comes at me like a hurricane.

"I've had enough!" I shouted at him.

" It's me in your apartment. I will take my phone and I'll videotape the whole thing. How we make love, " he wraps his arm around my waist and stares at me.

"Leave me alone. I won't fall for your sweet talk. Find yourself a girl and just get out of my life! "

" What beautiful eyes, they are so green and sad. Did someone hurt you? Tell him I'll kill him, " his lips touched me, and I get mad. I push him away and remind him to listen to me.

"I'll give you five minutes to leave my apartment, okay?"

"I'm hungry. Will you feed your student? It's wildly inappropriate, Eva Grigoryevna. And I need to go to the bathroom. Сould you show me where it is?" he's being cheeky.

"To the left. The brown door," I say. And I realize that I have no patience.

"Can we take a shower together?"

"Frolov, you should thank me for letting you stay the night. You almost died yesterday. What's wrong with you? Enough to be self-centered! You can't seduce the teachers! " I said too much. Then he takes me into the bathroom and glares at me.

"I can pay you whatever you want. Name the price, I'm a generous guy, " he whispers so sweet and I slap him with all my strength.

" You bastard," I run out of the bathroom and remember about Katya, who was just watching cartoons on TV.


Yesterday was the anniversary of my mother's death, and my father didn't even remember it. He invited the whores into his home and engaged in group sex with them. I hate him so much. I go into the kitchen, like to piss off the new teacher. I sit down next to the child and start a conversation.

" Hi, I'm Egor, " I hold out my hand, and the baby shakes.

"Don't touch it!"

"Don't worry, Eva Grigoryevna, I won't bite her," I said amiably.

" I'm Katya. And you're bad?"

"Why? Who did tell you that? Eva? " I cast a glance at the stern teacher, who should be punished in bed. And very soon it will be true. No one can resist me.

"No, I figured it out," she smiles at him, and then I'm speechless.

"Did you smile? Baby! "

"Is it forbidden to laugh? You are cruel, Eva Grigoryevna! " This bastard won't leave me alone.

"What will you have? I can offer porridge!" I sit opposite him, and he deliberately touches my feet under the table.

"You got any coffee? You know, my personal assistant can buy you food," he looks serious for a moment.

Katya never stopped watching us and laughing.

"No, I'll do it myself. Your time is up! You should go home. And don't try to flirt with your math teacher. I don't think your father would like that," I'm not comfortable with it.

"He doesn't care about me. He'll be happy if I die. Will that suit you?"

" Katya, it's time to watch cartoons! " I'm going with baby in the other room. Then I go back.

"I don't care about your family problems!"

" Well. Sit next to me. Please, I promise to behave, " he says.

"You have no shame or conscience ," I said calmly.

"You smell like good wine. I like you too much, " he says, trying to unbutton my bra, and then I jump up.

"I don't ever want to see you again!" I'm kicking him out of the apartment.


" Roman Sergeyevich, you wanted to see me? " I sit down in a chair and he's offered me tea.

" Yes, Eva. Samoylova went on maternity leave, first-year students need a curator. Would you like to try it? " he was very nice.

" Why don't you ask other teachers?"

"I'd love to, but they're very busy. And most importantly, you were assigned to organize the winter ball! "

"I don't know, but what if Frolov messes it up?"

"So far he's behaving well. Maybe you will be able to re-educate him. Good luck! I believe in you. "

On wednesday afternoon, I announced important news to the students."From now on, I'll be your curator," I hear a laugh before I finish.

"Something funny,Frolov? "

"I'm glad. I'll be seeing a lot more of you. My favorite teacher," he licks his lower lip, and my hair stands on end.

" Don't worry, Frolov, you will have time to hate my subject. There will be a winter ball soon. And tomorrow I want to hear your ideas. You're all free to go! " I return to my seat, and I am horrified when this scoundrel remains in the audience.

" Frolov, you are free, " I object, but he closes the door.

" We need to talk, Eva Grigoryevna! My wildcat! " he came towards me.

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