My student seduced me/C5 Unexpected meeting
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My student seduced me/C5 Unexpected meeting
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C5 Unexpected meeting


"If you don't leave me alone, I can't answer for myself."

" I have a problem, and I can only share it with you! " His eyes become so sad.

"Something serious?"

" You know, every night, I have nightmares. Dream of you, all naked, and so defenseless. Sometimes I have a burning desire to come to your apartment with my friends and fuck you in turn. Do you think this will help? " he tries to pull up my skirt and I hit him between the legs.

"Is that why you're such an idiot?"

" I brought a test, you fool! " he falls to the floor, writhing in pain."I was just kidding."

"Does it hurt? I'm sorry" I'm going to help him up.

" Who gave you the right to beat students? "

" Go to complain. Maybe then I'll be fired as soon as possible!" I'm upset.

" Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about it, we haven't played yet! Miss sexy lips, " he looks at me very steadily.

"Give me your paper and you're free," I tell him, and he hands me his notebook. Quickly I leaf through it, and I'm shocked.

" It's unbelievable! You got nothing wrong on the test. "

" I tried especially for you! But we can tear up this notebook and you'll give me a bad grade. "

" You wrote the test best of all," it breaks my heart. The guy ruined his talent.

"Don't feel sorry for me, I'm an insensitive. I would advise you not to trust me!"

"All right, then. Then why did you waste your precious time and wrote this test? " I am so sorry that he is so beautiful and destroys his life. Then, he tears up the notebook and throws it on the floor. He hugged me, and he get a little handsy. I had forgotten that he was my student.

" Stop! "

"You are excited? Don't worry, Eva. I know how to eat pussy. By the way, give my regards to Katenka. Goodbye, my wild cat! " he kisses me on the forehead, and I know I can't handle my emotions.


After a delicious dinner, Katya and I began to do her homework. I was so tired that I almost fell asleep in the kitchen. I had an unusual dream. Nightmare.I really hope that it will not come true.

I'm naked and walking through the narrow corridors of the University, I'm scared. I turn around and see those terrible blue eyes. He catches up with me and drags me into the rector's office.

" Frolov, what are you up to? "

"Stop resisting, Eva. We'll fuck on this table ," he sheds all the documents and sticks his dick in my pussy…

I wake up in a sweat. What a horror! I pour myself a glass of water and look at my alarm clock, it's almost seven in the morning. I have to hurry. Great start to the day.

On Sunday, a childhood friend invited me to a club to celebrate her sister Alexandra's birthday. I didn't want to go to. I don't like noisy people. The doorbell rang, and a neighbor came to sit with my Katya.

"I'm so glad you're going somewhere. "

" Thank you for agreeing to help. I think this dress will fit perfectly."

" Eva, you are so beautiful, just let your hair down and take off your glasses! "

"Thank you, I'll be back no later than midnight. What would I do without you? " I embrace her. I'm all alone in this city. No parents, no my favorite sister. The taxi stops outside the club, and I'm a little excited.


"Hey, Eva! " Olya hugs me, and her husband Stepan went to the bar. " I'm sorry, my Sasha is late."

At this moment Stepan returns. I tried to drink alcohol, it's so delicious.I need to relax tonight.

" And here is our birthday girl! Alexandra, come here!" she screams loudly, and I almost choked when I saw her young man.

" Eva, meet my boyfriend Egor, " The girl does not know what kind of monster she met.

" Nice to meet you, " I try to catch my breath, and at this moment the treacherous blue-eyed traitor begins to flirt with me.

" It's great to see you," he says, kissing my hand.

Egor sits down opposite me, and his knees specially touch me.

" Happy Birthday, Sasha! " I make a toast, and try not to look at the bastard.

"My love, this is for you!" Egor gave her a necklace, and stares at me.

" Egor, you are the best!"

"And tonight we'll have fantastic sex," he wants to undress her.What a vulgar son of a bitch."I love you, wildcat!"

He lying brazenly, his goal is to seduce her.

"And what do you do, Egor?" I'm asking him.

" I am a student, and one teacher is picking on me, " humiliated me in public.

"Maybe you are a bastard who only thinks about sex. In my opinion, you're a pervert! " After my comment, everyone at the table starts laughing, except our boy. Then I go to the ladies ' room, unaware of what he's done.


"Why is Eva so angry?" That fool Sasha doesn't understand that I think is an ugly slut.

"Baby, she wants to be facked fucked. Go order yourselves me a whiskey, my love! " I put one drug in Eva's glass. Soon she will be a very obedient girl and she will want to sleep with me…

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