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C6 Meanness


The teacher returns.

"How small the world is.You know, this dress shows off your figure! "

" Leave Sasha alone, she's an innocent girl. Please, Egor. "

"Really? I already slept with her. But I feel differently about you, and you know we're perfect for each other! " I flirting with her.

"Egor, stop it," she says, slurring her words.

"What's wrong with you, Eva Grigoryevna?" I know she's going to be a good girl.

" Do you have a conscience?" she says, and my fingers are almost touching her panties. Bitch was excited. And our tempting game is disrupted by Sasha and her sister.

"Did you miss us? Eva, are you all right? "

"Yes, I'm going to the ladies' room now! " she's so weak.

"I'll help Eva, she's had too much alcohol," I help her up.

"Egor, let me go," Eva says, not thinking clearly, and I open the door. I grab her hair and look at the lips.

"I'm going to show you what it means to cum," I say, spreading her legs and taking off her silk panties.

How long I've been waiting for this moment. I want to fuck her, I haven't felt this excitation. She's very sexy.Even at the first meeting, I actually really like her.

"Egor, are you crazy?"

" Yes, Eva Grigoryevna. Relax, I'm going to caress your pussy, " I said gently. And I began to lick her clitoris.

" Yes!" She moaned so hard. And I stick my finger in her vagina.

" Say that you want me! " I mock her, and I'm very excited.

"Egor, please," she's going to cum.

"Baby, you're going to scream like a crazy slut." I licked her clit, and with all his strength began to finger-fuck.

"Stop it. Oh my God," and then she ejaculated, breathing into my mouth, and I want to fuck her, but she faints.

A defenseless girl. My eyes look at her expressive face. How does it differ from others? I took her in my arms and feel a pleasant excitement. I don't want to embarrass her, but a new feeling comes to me. I want to protect her. I put her on the bed. She looks like a white fluffy cat.

In the morning, at about eight o'clock, I heard hellish screams.

"Holy shit! Katya! " she jumps off the bed, and grabs her head.

" Wow, Eva Grigoryevna. That's very enlightened! " I laugh in her face, and I remember last night, it was wonderful.

" Hello, Inna Alexandrovna! How's my girl? Thanks ! I'll be there very soon, " she turns off the phone and comes over to me, I've never seen her so angry.

"Son of a bitch, what did you put in my drink?" When she's angry, her eyes get sexy as hell."

It makes me laugh. I get up, and I'm coming at her.

"It doesn't matter what was in the drink. The main thing is what we did in this room. Tell me, do you have sex at all? " I want to push her against the wall.

"Mind your own business! Have you made a videotape? Ruin my life to the end! "she screamed and I think she's going to cry. I've never worried about. It hurts me first of all. My fingers touch her skin.

" I didn't make a videotape because I don't want our games to end so quickly. " My tongue touches her lips, and she closes her eyes.

" Frolov, get away from me, " she pushes me away, and I say words that are unlikely to calm her down.

"We didn't fuck. I don't want it to happen so dirty, in some club. I want to make love to you in my bed, Eva. You're a diamond, " I sit down in the chair and continue to watch her.

"That's enough. Do whatever you want.I advise you to stay away from me, " she wants to open the door, as I tell her another nasty thing.

"I suggest you masturbate more often, or I'll have to rape you. And then you will to cum until the morning, Eva Grigoryevna! "

She runs away like Cinderella, afraid that her carriage will turn into a pumpkin. It was an amazing night, and now I won't leave her alone.


I'm going home, I'm so ashamed. I left Katya all night. No more clubs, because my girl is the most important person in the world. I go to the familiar door and ring the bell, Inna Alexandrovna does not hide her joy.

"My Eva came back," Katya hugs me, and I calm down.

" Forgive me. I'm so ashamed, " I try to apologize to my neighbor.

"Eva, I'm so glad! How long can you stay locked up? " The woman said to me, and I remembered a blue-eyed idiot. No doubt he was too hotter a lover.

On Monday, I go into the audience and try to take off my wet coat as quickly as possible. Beastly weather like this can spoil anything. I was so soaked, and I needed to get my thoughts in order. The bell rings, and the students took places.

" Hello! And so today we will start a new topic Integrals and derivatives oflogarithmic functions! "

Two latecomers knocked on the door. Of course, Frolov came with some girl.

"Can we come in?" Egor says and hugs a star of the University.

"Who gave you permission to be late?"

" We fucked, " after his words, I lost my temper.

"I don't care what you did. Lectures are the same for everyone. "

" You angry again. I told you to masturbate, baby. And everything will be fine. I understand, I'm a bastard, " he sits down at the first desk, and specifically hugs this girl.

" So, you have to take a profile exam. We need to work together, " I don't have time to finish, as I hear a loud laugh.

" Frolov, do you have any ideas how we can to take the exam? "I look at the scoundrel. And he gets up to say something nasty.

"Eva Grigoryevna, are you sure I should say this out loud? Okay, girls can to fuck with the rector! "

"Frolov, how dare you? You get bad grade for your behavior, " before I can finish, he decides to say to me.

" Do you know why? You want me to fuck you, " these words offend me.

"With your permission, I will continue my lecture. I organize a special circle, and everyone can come there.After the lesson, those who have made up their minds will come up, but for now we will return to a new topic! " I go to the blackboard and look at what is happening at the first desk. Frolov, takes off the girl's pantyhose, and begins to paw. I continued to speak, and then stopped abruptly.The bastard begin to fuck-fingers her. I've never felt so slutty. Anya bites her lips, she has an orgasm. "You guys understand that, right?"

My eyes look at them again, and I see that Anya is relaxed. He seduced an innocent girls.The lecture passed so quickly. Students began to come to me in turn, but I didn't expect to see Frolov.

"What are you doing here?"

"I want to sign up for extra classes, " he whispers in my ear, and his index finger touches my arm.

"Did you mistake it for a brothel?" I took his hand, and I hear his wild whisper.

" Don't be jealous, Eva Grigoryevna, she's just a toy. I'd have slept with you. First my tongue caressed your whole body, I could to finger-fuck you until the morning, in agony and requests to stop me, " his other hand touch my knee, and wants to get under my skirt. I feel arousal, the most passionate and wild.

"I have a man ! " I dare to answer him.

" You're a liar!. You are crazy about me. Ask me, Eva, and I can to eat to pussy! " he wants me kiss.

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