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She was a beauty.

With her back to me, she stood in front of the printer, her plump upper body resting on it, the curve of her lower body wrapped in the mysteriousness and allure of her tight skirt.

From time to time, it swayed with the movement of my body, emitting a tempting smell, as if it was performing some mysterious summoning, summoning my eyes and my thoughts.

This is our company's most beautiful goddess, and also my boss, Lin Weiwei.

The happiest time of the day was when she came to copy the reconsideration machine next to me, so that all the little movies I have on my computer right now are OL office types.

At this point, I always had a fantasy in my head that something would happen that shouldn't have happened, but I knew that wasn't possible, because I was just a loser.

I shook my head and sat back in my seat. I probably wouldn't be able to sleep with a woman like her for the rest of my life.

"Have you heard? "Goddess Weiwei was in a field fight with her boss's son in the stairwell today when she was hit by a colleague who went back with a wallet. I heard that both of them started working right next to our company's printer."

The bespectacled Li Siyan was beaming with joy as he told the surrounding Colleagues all the explosive news that had occurred during his lunch break.

The surrounding Technical Department men all gathered around. Just listening to her, they could already imagine the alluring scene, and their saliva almost reached the keyboard, "Four-eyed, say it carefully!"

I definitely won't believe that Goddess Lin Weiwei would do such a thing. She is a famous ice beauty like us.

Li Siyan must have made it up.

I stood up and angrily looked at him as I shouted, "Four-eyed, stop talking nonsense."

Jiang Xiaofo, what are you doing! I, I'm straight, I'm listening! "

The Fatty Gao sitting next to me gave me a hard look.

I simply could not bear to see Li Siyan insult my goddess. "Li Siyan, Lin Weiwei is not the kind of person you speak of.

"What I said was all true. I saw it with my own eyes. Why did it suddenly turn into nonsense again!"

Li Siyan turned his body, looking like a dead pig unafraid of being boiled.

I was just about to argue with him, but after he finished speaking, it was as if he felt like he had ignored me. Guiltily, he sat back down at his station and started tapping on the keyboard again as he faced the Computer screen.

You said it's true, then what color do you think Lin Weiwei's underwear is today! "I accidentally saw it today. If you can't tell me, then you must be making it up."

When have I ever seen such a thing? I was just spouting nonsense to bomb this guy.


Fatty Gao tugged on my arm again, gritting his teeth as he shouted in a low voice, "Stop."

I frowned as I looked at Fatty Gao in confusion. It was only then that I realised he had been using his eyes to point behind me.

My heart thumped. When I turned my head, I indeed saw Lin Weiwei staring at me expressionlessly, her delicate, flat brows slightly knitted, and looking at me was as though she was looking at a fly that had just flown out of a washroom.

"I... "Me."

I want to explain.


Suddenly, before I could even say those three words, a burning pain came from my face. I raised my hand to cover my face as I looked at her in shock.

Lin Weiwei glared at me and scolded: "Disgusting, scum! I'll tell the HR department about this. After this month, you can get lost. "

After saying that, she turned around and left without looking back.

I sat on the chair, stunned. Looking at the unwritten code on the Computer screen, my mind was in a mess. "I, I clearly wanted to help her, but ?. "Mom and Dad entrusted people to send me into this big company for internship. I'm about to be expelled before my internship even ends, how am I going to account to them ?"

"You are always meddling in other people's business, aren't you? Is a goddess something you can still think about? "

Fatty Gao knew that I had a crush on Lin Weiwei, and now he came to mock me again. "A toad wants to eat swan meat, don't I see that your Administrative Department's Junior Sister doesn't send you breakfast every day? She's also a beautiful girl, why are you so blind? "

"None of your business."

I wasn't in the mood to chat with him, my cell phone on the table was buzzing like it had been infected by a virus.

It began to shake.

On the screen of his cell phone, there was a name, 'Old Na'.

is sending me WeChat messages.

I went to a distant relative's funeral a few days ago and helped keep watch.

If I was really bored, I would wave my phone's WeChat. This guy added me, and henceforth, he harassed me every day. He would send me Buddhist scriptures every day whenever he had nothing to do, but it was useless even if he sent me a few messages.

I was in a bad mood, so I picked up my phone and started cursing. "Are you retarded? "You are an old monk, and I am not a poor nun, why are you harassing me every day!"

"Sir, why aren't you playing your cards the same way? Don't you usually send me seeds? "


I had nothing to say, so I felt both angry and amused at the same time. I simply sent him all of my cloud discs. "Take them all. Hurry up and bring me down."

"Benefactor, thank you. I have already bound your Cloud Disc to the Ministry of Public Security's internal system. As long as you open the unsuitable content here, it will also be displayed synchronously on every computer in the Public Security's internal system. When I think of it, they will definitely think of a way to catch you."

"F * ck, you're trying to trick me again, I knew you were in the same business as me. Tell me, which company do you belong to?"

I have a red packet for you as compensation, but this purse is not money. It is the latest research program language that this old monk has done, it can greatly reduce the physical memory of the programs written by the traditional program language!

As he said that, that guy actually sent me a red packet.

Send a red packet saying you created a new program language?" Why don't you go and make up a textbook? "Damn, after all that, he's still a lunatic.

I looked at my chat with him and thought I was as crazy as he was. Shaking my head, I didn't even reach for the red packet, but simply tossed the phone on the table.


Suddenly, a loud sound came from the company.

I was so shocked that I almost jumped up from my chair. I thought that my phone had exploded. After two to three seconds of reaction, everyone, including me, followed the sound and headed towards the boss' office.

An older man with a serious expression slammed the door and walked out. He directly turned around and walked into the conference room next to the office, with my boss, Zhang Dahai, and his son, Zhang Da, following behind him.

Zhang Dahai, who was used to flaunting his power in the company, was now following the old man with his head lowered, acting like a servant. When the old man entered the meeting room, he paused for a moment, raised his hand, and pointed at Lin Weiwei who was seated on the side: "Look at what you've done! How much manpower and money did this game waste on the company? The promotions had already gone out and the market price was three million. In the end, the game had so much memory that even phones with 4 gigabytes of memory wouldn't be able to run! Isn't this playing?! You can explain it to the higher-ups yourself, but if you can't, then don't do it! "

Lin Weiwei stood there with a deathly pale face, but his face faintly revealed traces of dissatisfaction, as if there was something else hidden within.

"Technical Department, Development Department, come in!"

Zhang Dahai shouted coldly as he turned around and followed his son Zhang Da in.

"F * ck, what's going on? Why's the commotion so big?" To criticize Lin Weiwei in front of so many people. "

I have been looking at Lin Weiwei, and now everyone seems to be looking at her, pointing and discussing.

"Hey, don't you understand?"

The Fatty Gao secretly whispered into my ear: "Last night, I was having dinner with Zhang Dahai's driver, then it was my aunt's son, and we have only been here for two months, so we don't know how deep the water in the company is. I heard that before we made this tour, it was Lin Weiwei who led the company to do it, and before he finished it, Zhang Da and Zhang Da reported it to the company as their achievement.

"Damn, how can there be such a shameless person?"

I had a look of disbelief, my heart even more vicious than what I said. Did this Zhang Dahai eat sh * t and grow up?

To do such a thing.

"Keep your voice down."

The Fatty Gao looked around anxiously, poking me with his eyes, before lowering his voice a few times, "The shameless ones are still not here yet. Lin Weiwei had said at the time, that it is not suitable for this game to be designated as the Seventh Anniversary of the company by the main company because physical memory is already very large and the front end of the language system is very basic. In this kind of closed program environment, the company's temporary celebration system and large-scale activities will increase by almost twofold."

"That's for sure. All the game makers know about it."

Isn't that common knowledge for us programmers?

"Isn't it?"

The Fatty Gao's eyebrows twitched, and said with a playful expression: "But Zhang Dahai doesn't know much about procedures, he was born into marketing. He thought that Lin Weiwei was just trying to scare him and wanted to steal a contribution from him, so he did not take this seriously, and only thought that it would be fine if he just find some technical personnel to optimize it.

Speaking of which, this tall fatty shook his head, his face full of regret: "Originally it was a good thing, Zhang Dahai rushed it, now it's a bad thing, Zhang Dahai must have put all the blame on Lin Weiwei. That's why I said don't be afraid. Lin Weiwei will probably leave earlier than you. Let's go, let's go for a meeting! "There's plenty of fun to watch.

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