My Succubus System/C1 Busty Flotation Devices
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My Succubus System/C1 Busty Flotation Devices
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C1 Busty Flotation Devices

“Huh? Where the hell am I?” He thought as his eyes popped open. Water as far as the eye could see, clear and buoyant as his body floated downward.

He looked up where he could see the light of the sun and decided to swim towards it. His body felt strange, incredibly light yet somewhat imbalanced. Finally after several strokes he broke the surface of the water and inhaled with a loud gasp.

“Ahh! Air. That feels great, wait -- huh?” He said, thoroughly confused. The voice coming out of his body wasn’t his. As a matter of fact, the body itself wasn’t his!

He glanced down at his chest only to find silky smooth tan skin, large round melons which floated in the water like busty flotation devices.

“What the hell?” He shouted as he gazed down, he then looked at his hands and arms. Slender and soft -- definitely the arms of a woman. He grasped his chest and was amazed at the softness of his own breasts.

“These are...pretty awesome. Definitely C cups. And these nipples...oh, wait that feels kind of nice…” he said as he tweaked his own nipples.

“I guess..I’m a woman?” He thought to himself as he began to free float in the body of water, which he soon realized was a large pool. He glanced down across the extent of his body. Curvy hips, just the right amount of thigh thickness and a bald mound between his thighs.

“Fuck, my pussy looks so good…” She thought to herself.

She righted herself in the pool and glanced around, the area seemed secluded -- trees all around, a few sculpted statues and not much else. If she had to guess, she was in the ruins, a forest or perhaps both. She slid her hands down the length of her body, starting at her chest and slowly moving down ; her voluptuous breasts, her abdomen, and finally down between her thighs.

There a ball of heat was building, an intense pressure she’d never known as a man.

“I-Is this what it’s like to be horny as a woman? It’s like a fire….” She remarked as her fingers greedily slipped between her soft lips. The sensation of cool water against her hot body was a nice contrast. She bit her lip in anticipation before she went to slide her finger inside --

“Ahem!” The female voice was loud and clear, it reverberated over the water, startling her.

“A-ah.., hello.” She said nervously as she took notice of an older woman clad in silver armor with leather straps. Her skin was weathered, though she was still remarkably attractive in her own way. Her gaze was stern, but not disinviting, her eyes crystal blue , her skin much more tan than her own and her hair was nearly platinum blonde with small streaks of brown here and there.

“I am Wayla, Guardian of the Wilderness Tabernacle. And you are?” Wayla said, her arms folded expectantly as she awaited a response from the young, nude woman.

She laughed nervously before responding.

“I am? He he...Ummm.”

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