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My Succubus System/C10 Love-Love Juice
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C10 Love-Love Juice

“You really have a death wish!” Abeni shouted as she took a step backwards in anticipation of Agni’s leap. What she didn’t expect was the speed and accuracy of Agni’s movements. Agni landed on all fours and crouched as if she was an animal on the prowl, she then leapt forth a second time, her hands outstretched in an attempt to capture Abeni.

Abeni lashed out, attempting to strike Agni in the face but the blow was easily knocked aside by Agni’s left hand. She then thrust her right hand forward and grasped Abeni by the throat as she fell on top of her with the full momentum of her movements.

“You crazy weirdo, let me go!” Abeni grunted as she attempted to punch Agni in the face but even this blow was intercepted. In one effortless motion Agni caught Abeni’s fist and then pinned both her arms down to the ground as she took a straddling position over Abeni’s stomach.

Abeni began to kick and thrash wildly but this was all subdued from a single glance into Agni’s eyes. Abeni felt helpless and this sense of vulnerability both scared and excited her. She was used to being the predator -- not the prey. Now she regretted her position. Both Abeni and her Nekomata trist were indisposed, Abeni wearing nothing but her panties at this point.

“Shh.. I just want a taste…” Agni said as her face loomed above Abeni’s. Her eyes were now completely pink, a vibrant color which pierced the darkness with a mysterious, ethereal glow. Abeni could feel the warmth and wetness of Agni’s body against her abdomen and in turn she felt her own resolve waver as a sensation of overwhelming lust coiled around her body.

“Weirdo! Get off of me! This is rape!”

“Is it though?” Agni said as she licked her lips. Her view had taken on a whole new dimension. Abeni’s body was covered in green, yellow and red zones which varied depending on where Agni glanced.

[Skill Unlocked : Succubus Vision]

“What are these?” She whispered as she ran her finger tip against Abeni’s collar bone -- one of the green zones. Immediately Abeni’s body began to shudder as a jolt of stimulation tingled her body in waves.

“W-where are you touching? Agni! I’m serious. Get off of me!” Abeni shouted, though this time her voice had taken on more of a pleading tone rather than demanding.

“Oh..that’s good. You’ve realized who’s in charge now.. “ Agni said as she continued caressing Abeni in various places. Running the tips of her fingers along the valley of her c-cup breasts. Blowing her breath against Abeni’s nipples which grew hard and taut as she did so.

“I know what the yellow zones are…” She whispered, her gaze growing hungry for lust as she leaned forward and slowly flicked the tip of her tongue against Abeni’s neck. Abeni could do little else but allow the sensation to wash over her as her body began to go limp and hot all in the same moment.

“Bitch.” Abeni whimpered as Agni continued to kiss and suck gently at her neck.

“Can’t leave any passion marks…” Agni remarked as she continued her love-love assault.

She made the mistake of releasing Abeni’s hands and as such she immediately tried to shove Agni away but the effort was futile as Agni locked hands with her and pressed them down near Abeni’s head. She leaned in for a kiss, their eyes transfixed as she ran her tongue over the soft, fleshy bits of Abeni’s mouth. Agni then slipped her tongue into Abeni’s mouth for the briefest of seconds, pulling away with the lingering suckage of Abeni’s full lips.

Abeni’s mind was now spiraling. She was undeniably soaked and her will was broken. She wanted it, as much as she hated to admit to herself. Agni knew the movement she’d given in and lifted her hips just enough to reposition herself slightly.

“Just a little taste..” Agni repeated as she eagerly sucked on Abeni’s hard nipples, first the left and then the right. She freed one hand long enough to slide it down into Abeni’s panties, her shaved pubes were soft against Agni’s hand. She then covered Abeni’s lips and began to rub them in a slow, gentle circular motion -- taking care to press her middle finger between the meaty lips of Abeni’s vagina.

Abeni’s breathing had grown shallow and heavy, Agni could fully realize the lust reaching a fever pitch as the sound of her heart beat grew faster and faster.

[Skill Unlocked : Succulust]

“Ah, the anticipation is so delicious..” Agni thought to herself as she gazed upon Abeni’s face. She’d given up all pretenses of acting tough or disinterested, nothing remained but the pleasure at Agni’s hands.

Agni stimulated her clitoris with each motion of her hand, both with her middle fingers and the pressure against Abeni’s lips. Soon Abeni’s legs were spreading voluntarily, allowing Agni more access -- if she chose to.

But unlike Abeni, Agni felt high on the drug called lust, the more she got the more she craved. It felt as if she was staring into an endless abyss of desire, one that might never be quenched regardless of what she did or said.

She could feel Abeni beginning to climax, her body growing rigid as the first waves of orgasm washed over her shores. By contrast Agni grew more restless…

“It’s not enough.. It’s not enough..” she thought to herself, completely swept away in her own feelings of lust. The savory drug called “anticipation” quickly gave way to a new feeling of disappointment - Abeni’s back arched as Agni worked the final throbbing sensations out of her dripping wet pussy.

She finally released Abeni and stood up.

“Ahh. You’re already done.” Agni said, a frown on her face. The way she gazed down at Abeni belayed a look of complete disappointment. So much so that for a brief moment Abeni felt ashamed.

“W-what? I’m not done. It’s my turn. Let me do you.” Abeni said as she sat up, but Agni had already turned to walk away.

“Hey. No fair.” Abeni protested, but Agni was already gone.

“What did I just do?”

“Fuck that was so hot.”

“More, I need more.”

“My body is burning.”

Agni’s thoughts spiraled out of control as she bounced from notion to notion.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” She said as she brought her fingers to her mouth and proceeded to suckle the rest of Abeni’s remaining love nectar.

Agni wandered back to the other side of the Tabernacle and found herself at the spawning pool where she first arrived.

“Too hot. I need to cool down so I can think straight..” She whispered as she threw herself into the pool and allowed herself to drift as she gazed up at the moonlight.

[Current Exp : 883]

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