My Succubus System/C11 Midnight Deluxe
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My Succubus System/C11 Midnight Deluxe
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C11 Midnight Deluxe

“So much… just from one encounter that only lasted a few minutes. Ha..ha… ahh… I’m a pervert.” Agni whispered to herself as she gazed up at the evening sky. It was now past midnight, the early hours of the morning. She was still floating in the spawning pool as she enjoyed the sensation of buoyancy against her naked body.

She felt free. She remembered the way nudity was looked down upon in her previous life, but she’d received no such looks here in Adventia -- thus far.

“Maybe it’s my Charm stat. That could be it. Or’s because I have huge tits. I wonder if this world has OnlyFans. I’d probably make a killing.” Agni said with a smile and subsequent chuckle.

Now that she’d calmed down she felt somewhat embarrassed. There was a certain apprehension overtaking her about what might happen the next time she saw Abeni. Although Agni was 100% certain Abeni was fine with what transpired...Agni wasn’t entirely sure how *she* felt about it.

After all, lewding people to gain experience points?

“Nothing’s ever easy..” She said as her eyelids began to feel heavy. She opened her Skills and Growth menu and took a look at the two newly acquired skills she had.

[Succulust - (Passive) When a sufficient amount of carnal energy has been absorbed or generated, the user will reach a lust-filled state. +20% Strength,Agility and Speed while active. Lasts until carnal release or expiration. Cost : 0 ]

“So basically til I cum or take a cold shower. Fuck my life.” Agni whispered as she read the description for Succulust.

[Succubus Vision - (Passive) Use carnal energy to activate a special type of sight which reveals sensitive or erogenous zones on the body. Cost : 0 ]

“Minus the weird blue filter, this one doesn’t seem so bad…” Agni remarked to herself. She had grown significantly more tired since just a few moments. So much so that she wouldn’t even remember falling asleep as she drifted along the surface of the spawning pool.

“Agni? Agni? I’ve been looking all over for you.”

The next thing Agni knew it was early morning. The sun had been out, perhaps for an hour or two at this point and she was being roused by a familiar voice, Katrin’s.

“What are you doing out here? And why didn’t you come sleep with the rest of us? I wanted to chat with you more last night.” Katrin said as Agni swam to the edge of the pool and got out, water dripping from her exposed body.

“I, umm..” Agni wasn’t really sure if she should say anything about the previous night’s events. This was something Katrin picked up on and so she ignored it--for now.

“Wayla wants us all to meet at the statue’s footsteps.” Katrin said as she motioned to a pile of clothing on the nearby grass. It was Agni’s gear.

“Where did you find this?” Agni asked.

“While I was searching for you! Anyway, hurry and get dressed.” Katrin added before departing for the Tabernacle Statue.

Agni didn’t feel so well, not sick or ill, just low energy. Lack of sleep. Nevertheless she hurried to get dressed and made her way to the foot of the statue.

“Excellent. Everyone’s made it. Now, I won’t mince words. How many of you have reached level one?” Wayla asked.

Everyone except five adventurers raised their hands.

“Excellent. You all, you may step to the side.” Wayla said as the remaining five adventurers stood before her.

“Now, of you standing before me, how many of you have less than one hundred experience to gain?” This time everyone raised their hands --except Agni.

“Great. If you four hurry you just may be able to make it in the time given to you. Practice hard. Your very future depends on it.” Wayla said as she nodded at the four women before her. She then turned her attention towards Agni.

“I figured you may have trouble given your...unique requirements for amassing experience.” Wayla said as she looked Agni up and down.

“You four, what are you still doing standing around? Go, get that XP!” Wayla said as she clapped her hands loudly at the remaining adventures. They scattered like cockroaches under the kitchen light.

“Now, what will we do with you? My job as a Tabernacle Guardian is to make sure that I do everything in my power to help you succeed. After all, the one thing this world needs most are adventurers. Hmm…” Wayla said as she placed her hand on her chin and seemed to fall into deep thought.

“I think I have just the thing to help you level up. Especially after last night.” Wayla added.

“Last night?” Agni thought to herself, although she didn’t respond.

“Follow me. The rest of you ladies, you have free time. So do as you please until I return.” Wayla commanded with a wave of her arm.

Agni felt as if she was in trouble, or rather the mood had grown fairly solemn. There wasn’t much time remaining to complete the quest, perhaps less than an hour at this point. What could Wayla possibly do to help Agni succeed?

Agni followed Wayla to a section of the Tabernacle that she’d never been to before ; behind the statue. Normally all of the services used by the adventurers resided in the circular courtyard surrounding the statue itself, but there was also a trail leading deeper into the forest to the rear of the statue.

Agni followed for quite some time, completely silent as her mind raced.

“Especially after last night.” Wayla’s words echoed through her mind.

“Did she see? Fuck me running. I’m definitely in trouble.” Agni thought as she sighed. She was just getting used to making fireballs -- all other things considered. It would be a total bitch to give up magical powers.

“If I knew things were going to turn out like this, I’d have just gotten the wings!” Agni said as she clenched her fist solemnly.

“We’re here. Please, come inside.” Wayla’s voice said suddenly. Agni looked up to find they were now standing in front of a small hut. This one looked different when compared to the others, spears out front and a pair of wooden statues which resembled warriors of some sort.

Wayla pushed back the curtain of the hut and disappeared inside first. Agni took a couple of deep breaths to prepare herself mentally for the worst before she followed. The inside of the hut was quite quaint. There was a bed against the far wall, several shelves, two wooden dressers, animal skin rugs in various places and two wooden chairs. One large, one small.

“Come. Quickly, there isn’t much time.” Wayla said, her back turned to Agni as the latter entered the hut. She stepped inside and allowed the thick maroon colored curtain to fall in place behind her as she gazed around the room. There were trophies of various types on the walls, unfurled scrolls and other artifacts which looked ornate.

“Remove your clothing.” Wayla commanded.

“Huh?” Agni said, completely caught unaware by Wayla’s sudden demand.

New chapter is coming soon
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