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My Succubus System/C3 To Be An Adventurer
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C3 To Be An Adventurer

Agni felt like a new person, for a moment she forgot herself and ran her fingers down the length of her body as a lip biting sensation of ecstasy overcame her. This didn’t last long however as she realized almost all eyes were now on her.

She blushed and put her hands behind her back, her tail drooping somewhat as she tried her best to disappear. Agni glanced around at the women composing the crowd, all of them seemed different for the most part. Some still retained human forms but their hair or skin color was altered. Others had taken on the form of various types of beastmen or monsters, slime girls, cyclops, nekomata -- so many variations. It seemed that Agni herself was the only exception in terms of demon type adventurer class.

“Excellent. Well done accepting the Systema everyone -- I’m sure now you understand why I didn’t have you get clothed beforehand. Now, over the next three days I’ll be teaching you how to make your living in this world as an adventurer. Adventia is a world where people like us enjoy numerous benefits. As adventurers we alone enjoy the ability of “leveling”, that is near endless evolution that can grant us rapid power increases. Because there are well over two thousand different variations of adventurer classes in the world, how one gains is slightly different for each. For those of you centered around combat, you may gain experience more quickly by engaging in battle with a specific weapon as an example. Others may find that they can grow simply by crafting items, no matter your class it is customized according to the tasks best tailored to you.” Wayla explained.

“To access your Systema, simply lift your left hand and speak or think the words “Systems Access”. Try it now.” Wayla commanded.

“Syste--” Before Agni could even finish her words her view was filled with various bars along the top left of the HUD and several small, circular icons in the lower right.

“You should see your basic HUD before you now. You can access any of the menus in the bottom right corner by speaking the name, or once again focusing on the icon. Try visiting your status menu, the icon with the heart shaped icon at the center.

Agni did as instructed effortlessly, though some of the women around her seemed to be having significant trouble.

“Let’s see…”

[Agni Heartfyre]

[Age : 18]

[Class : Succubus Lvl : 0]

[Adv. Tier : 0 ]

[Health : 69/69]

[Mana : 25/25]

[Strength : 4 (6)]

[Agility : 6 (9)]

[Speed : 3]

[Soul : 9]

[Charm : 12]


Demonic Heritage (1) - Abnormal strength bestowed by your demonic bloodline. +50% to base strength and agility.]



[Potential : 0/50]

[Current Exp: 26]

“Once you’ve gotten the hang of accessing your menu, follow me to the next part of the Tabernacle.” Wayla commanded as she began to walk away from the large crowd of women. Only four people followed immediately, Agni being one of them.

“Nice horns.” Agni heard the words first and felt the smack on her ass before she could even react. It came as a shock to her at first, so much so that she had to ask herself the question.

“D-did someone just smack me on the ass?”

She glanced after the young woman who shot her a grin and continued following Wayla. It was the same dark skinned girl from before. Surprisingly her features had not changed much, her hair was shorter, her muscles seemed much more pronounced and her eyes had turned from brown to green.

Agni felt herself biting her lip, something she’d been doing quite a lot for the past few minutes. She couldn’t quite place it but Agni felt as if something was smoldering inside of her, it felt more like a dark desire that she could become swept up in if she wasn’t too careful.

She continued following Wayla as she focused on the ladies who had taken the lead and their round hips and asses. The sight of their bodies jiggling as they walked sent a wave of anticipation rippling through Agni’s body.

For a moment she lost herself in the moment as her hand reached out instinctively to touch and feel.

“Holy shit… what am I doing?” She remarked to herself, stopping herself at the last moment. She took several deep breaths and calmed herself before following along with Wayla and the others. She led them to a nearby hut which could be seen from the Tabernacle statue.

“You may change here. You can also choose any equipment suitable to your class, it’s yours for the taking.” Wayla instructed before she stepped outside of the hut to await more of the adventurers in training.

“That was simple, eh?” The dark skinned woman remarked as she walked over to a nearby rack of under armor and pulled one off. No one really answered her and Agni could relate to the feeling, after all who would be so comfortable with their current situation in such a short amount of time? Agni wondered if there were any other men turned women within her group and even if there were, what would be the best way to go about broaching that conversation?

Then there was the matter of her newly female body. She kept fighting the impulse to glance down at her crotch and hide a penis that no longer existed. By contrast the weight of her breasts threw her stride out of whack. Agni found it difficult to adjust to the new proportions of her body after such a short time. She was slowly becoming accustomed to it but--

Smack! The sound of a hand slapping hard against her ass cheek reverberated across the room.

“Am I right sugar!?” The dark skinned girl struck again but Agni’s reaction to the smack was more different than she anticipated. A strange smile spread across her lips as the tingling sensation of pain slowly faded away into the tender sting of bliss. She brought her fingers up to her lips and bit on them nervously as her eyes widened. Something strange must have happened because as she made eye contact with the dark skinned girl she grimaced and took a step or two backwards.

Agni glanced over to a nearby mirror and gained full body view of herself for the very first time. Small, curved horns adorned the side of her head and her ears were slightly pointed. Her lips seemed unnaturally red, flush even as were her cheeks. Her eyes were the strangest of all perhaps -- they were glowing with a faint pink energy that completely caught Agni unprepared as she looked at herself in the mirror.

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