My Succubus System/C6 Sub-Systema
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My Succubus System/C6 Sub-Systema
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C6 Sub-Systema

Agni savored every moment of Katrin’s “rinsing”, even when her hands wandered to places one would normally assume were prohibited. Of course, Katrin made absolutely normal small talk as she made sure to caress Agni’s breasts. She even drew near enough so that Agni could feel the breath of angels against the nape of her neck. This sensation alone turned Agni to putty in Katrin’s hands which was why Agni was thoroughly confused when the “rinsing” ended.

“Thank you..” She said between her heavy breaths.

“Of course.”

“Do you need a rinse as well?” Agni offered, half hoping Katrin would decline.

“This seat is definitely soaked.” Agni thought to herself even as she offered to massage Katrin the Scribe.

“Tomorrow, for sure. I’ve already rinsed up today.” Katrin said as she stood up and gave Agni a warm smile. She then excused herself and made her way into the hot spring.

“Well? What are you waiting for Agni?” Wayla’s voice beckoned to the young succubus even though her mind was still spinning and her body was hot.

“Coming..” she muttered meekly under her breath.

“I just can’t get over not having a dick. I’ve been trained to feel like an erection in public is off putting. I’m ruining the moment..this beautiful moment…” Agni thought to herself as she got to her feet. She straightened her posture and took several deep breaths as she strutted towards the hot spring and finally claimed a place within. Over two dozen naked women busily chatting with one another, splashing, playing or relaxing in one big pool of steamy water.

After a good soak the women got dressed and returned to the central Tabernacle area so that they could go for lunch. The food was the first Agni had the privilege of tasting in the world of Adventia and it did not disappoint. Though it was beef stew (or at least meat that tasted like beef) just two servings were hearty enough to fill Agni’s stomach.

“Excellent. Now that everyone is clean and well fed, it’s time for you to learn about one of the most important aspects of being an adventurer.” Wayla said as the group gathered back at the steps of the gaudy statue once more.

“What separates you from the normals, the resident folks of Adventia , is that you can level by obtaining experience. With each level gained your stats will grow according to your class and you will also have the opportunity to manually raise your stats as you see fit.

This is the principle difference between adventurers and other beings within this world. That being said, obtaining experience is different for everyone thanks to the Specialty XP Sub-system. This is a system that rewards modifiers to experience gained, based on the duties or abilities associated with your class. This means non combat classes can grow by putting in the same effort studying or crafting for example that a warrior may place into combat.”

“Everyone, open your Systema and visit the Growth menu. Here you will see all sorts of information related to the current growth of your adventurer’s class.”

[Level Points - 3]

[ Primary Modifier : Carnality - 300%]

[ Secondary Modifier: Mysticism - 200%]

“As you may notice, you will see several lines labeled as modifiers. Each of you may have up to five modifiers, while some of you may only have one. Regardless of how many you have, the percentages all total to 500 points, in other words 500%.

Your Primary modifier will generally reward you more experience than secondary and so on, thus its more desirable to perform as many actions that fall in line with your Primary modifier in order to more quickly gain experience.

Experience gained by you, the adventurer will accumulate and give you several major benefits. The first is that simply gaining experience will allow you to level up. Leveling up is perhaps the most simple and quick way to gain strength.

The second is that experienced gained can be used to improve your stats further by sacrificing a portion of the currently gained XP in order to directly affect a stat of your choice. For example, if you feel your health is lacking, you can expend some of the XP gained to raise it.

The third, and perhaps the most important way that experience helps you is that it allows you to invest in leveling up your skills directly.” Wayla explained as she glanced from face to face within the crowd.

Agni understood everything so far, nothing was terribly difficult to comprehend. Get experience, sacrifice it to directly raise stats, or gather it to level up or improve skills.

“With this in mind, I’d like you to look at the Skills portion of the current tab. Here you will notice two categories, one labeled ‘Class Skills’ and the other labeled ‘General Skills’. As you may suspect, Class Skills are specific to your adventurer’s class while General Skills can be learned by anyone who calls themselves an adventurer.”

“Your current task is simple -- complete the quest you’ve just acquired via your Systema.” Wayla said.

[Quest Added : The Potential System.]

“The Potential system is a sub system of Systema that allows you to acquire skills from either category. As a trade off, each skill has a certain cost associated with it. The potential limit cannot be surpassed when you acquire skills. So for example, if your potential limit is 100 and you acquire two skills that cost 50 potential each, then you’ve maxed out your current potential.” Wayla continued her explanation of the Potential sub system.

“So, essentially it allows one to choose skills they want as long as they have the leftover potential points. That’s interesting…” Agni whispered to herself as she scrolled through the Class Skills list.

[Body Manipulation - The ability to influence parts of your body at will, such as hands, fingers, tongue, eyes and tail. Cost - 15]

[Iron Claws, Iron Fangs - (Passive) Allows the user’s nails and teeth to become as hard as most metals. Cost - 10 ]

These were just a few of the skills Agni had a chance to acquire but what really caught her eye was this skill:

[Succubus Wings - (Passive) Sprout wings. They can be controlled properly with practice to enable flight. Cost 50 ]

“Ugh.” Agni groaned as she realized the one skill that sounded interesting to her would cost all of her Potential points.

“Something to be mindful of young adventurers, skills increase in mastery as you use them. You can freely learn or forget skills as long as your mastery with that skill does not exceed 5%. Once this happens the skill becomes permanent. Now, reference the new quest in order to understand your task.” Wayla said as she ended her speech.

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