My Succubus System/C7 Make It Rise! (Exp, I mean..)
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My Succubus System/C7 Make It Rise! (Exp, I mean..)
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C7 Make It Rise! (Exp, I mean..)

[The Potential System

Skill choice is important to progress in the world of Adventia. To start, try to choose one or more skills that will allow you to level up.

Goal : Reach level 1 Within The Next 16 Hours]

“Oh and one other thing..” Wayla said.

“You’ve been summoned to this world as adventurers, but those who fail to meet the Tabernacle requirements will be stripped of their adventurer’s powers to live normal lives. This may not seem like a big deal, but I can tell you that life as an adventurer is vastly different -- you can think of it as the difference between being king of a nation or a peasant with no home. Strive to complete every quest assigned to you to the best of your ability. Failure to do so will turn you into a normal.”



“No way!”

The ladies murmured their protests.

“This is the bare minimum, if you can’t do this much you don’t deserve the power that awaits.” Wayla added before she walked away.

“Eh. And here I thought I’d have an easy life for once.” Abeni said as she clicked her tongue.

“Ah well. It will be a cinch for me anyway.” She then said. All of the girls formed their category groups and began to discuss amongst themselves ways to increase their level.

This of course left Agni on her own to decide on the best course of action.

“Wayla didn’t even tell us how to gain experience points. What do I need to do, kill some slimes?!” Agni said as she glanced at her status menu.

[Agni Heartfyre]

[Age : 18]

[Class : Succubus Lvl : 0]

[Adv. Tier : 0 ]

[Health : 69/69]

[Mana : 25/25]

[Strength : 4 (6)]

[Agility : 6 (9)]

[Speed : 3]

[Soul : 9]

[Charm : 12]


Demonic Heritage (1) - Abnormal strength bestowed by your demonic bloodline. +50% to base strength and agility.]



[Potential : 0/50]

[Current Exp: 45]

“Hmm? I could have sworn my experience was 26 the last time I checked. Exactly what changed?” Agni whispered to herself.


“Talking to yourself again weirdo? Heh!” Abeni shouted as she smacked Agni on the ass.

[Current Exp: 48]

“No way. Did I just imagine that?” Agni said as she glanced at her screen.

“Hey. Abeni… that again.” Agni said without breaking her focus.

“Oh? You like when I cup those cakes? Well if you’re asking for it.” Abeni said with a broad grin on her face.

*Smack* *SmAcK* *SMACK*

[Current Exp: 59]

“Three experience points each time. Is this because of my modifier?” Agni whispered, she was completely lost in her own thoughts so much so that Abeni became annoyed.

“Tsk, you’re no fun if you don’t react.” Abeni said as she walked off to find someone else to mess with.

“That must be it.” Agni said as she moved back to her Skills and Growth menu and focused on her modifiers. This in turn revealed additional information for each.

[Carnality : Participating in acts of sensuality,sexuality, debauchery or perversion will increase the amount of experience you gain by 3x.]

[Mysticism : Learning about or using magic in any capacity will increase the amount of experience you gain by 2x.]

“Ah. That’s...problematic..” Agni said with a nervous chuckle.

“You mean I have to do lewd things to gain experience…”

Agni wasn’t entirely sure how she felt about this, to be honest. Although she couldn’t remember much about her past life she definitely knew that acting like a slime ball wouldn’t get a person very far. That being said…..

There always seemed to be some double standard for women when it came to sexual actions with other ladies. Ass grabbing, tit fondling, kissing, burying one’s face in a busty bosom -- all of these things seemed “okay” for other women to participate in to a certain degree as long as other ladies were involved.

“Why am I so resistant to this?” Agni thought. “I’ve been programmed! Ugh!” She grunted in exasperation.

“Hello Agni.” A pair of hands glided around Agni’s hips and under her arms as she felt Katrin’s large breasts press against her. Katrin leaned into the embrace slightly as her arms wrapped around Agni’s midriff.

[Current Exp: 62]

“Hmm? Does this mean that ...something like this counts towards gaining experience? Maybe that’s why Wayla never mentioned how to gain experience--does that mean most general actions reward XP?” Agni thought to herself as a soft blush spread across her cheeks.

“Ah, her body feels like heaven. I can’t wait until bath time again..” Agni bit her lip as a faint sense of anticipation came over her.

“Hi Katrin.” Agni finally responded.

“Are you having troubles? You look frustrated.” Katrin said as she rested her head on Agni’s shoulder.

“You could say that...sort of.” Agni responded.

“Say, Katrin. Do you happen to know the experience requirement for reaching level one?”

“Mmmm. I think it's 1,000 XP if I’m not mistaken.” Katrin replied as her breasts pressed into Agni’s back even moreso.

“What? That much!?” Agni couldn’t help but feel displeased for a moment, but thinking about it that made more sense. After all, if just about any action rewarded xp you’d normally need to amass a fair amount otherwise leveling would simply be too easy.

“Mhm. I’m up to 350 points already.” Katrin then added.

“What!? No way. How did you raise it so much?” Agni asked as Katrin’s cheek rubbed against her own.

“So soft.. Your skin is so soft Agni. I always want to touch you when you’re around!” Katrin whispered.

“T-thanks. Ha ha.” Agni wasn’t used to being complimented, nor even acknowledged for the most part in his past life, this was definitely a new experience for him.

“Well, to answer your question-- you just have to play to your strengths! I’m a Scribe, which is dependent on my dexterity stat. I gain XP just from writing the things I learn. The first time I recall and transcribe knowledge I also get bonus experience.”

“Wait-- dexterity stat? I don’t have that one.” Agni seemed confused.

“Hmm? Really? That’s weird.” Katrin lifted her left hand and opened her own Systema.

“It’s the stat near the bottom, right after ‘Soul’.”

“Mine says Charm.” Agni responded as she focused on the stat listing, her hope was to bring up additional information-- and it worked!

[Charm : Class Specific Stat. Each class has a unique stat that will differ from others, yours is Charm. Charm or Charisma affects how other people react to you. It determines how effective many of your allure skills are as a succubus. In addition, the higher your charm stat is, the more others will want to do for you.]

Agni read her description out loud to Katrin.

“So that’s how it works. Hmm, I guess Dexterity is important to being a scribe. Having nimble fingers and all..” Katrin spidered her fingertips down Agni’s abdomen as she spoke, stopping several centimeters away from her pleasure zone.

“Well. If you need any help with leveling up, let me know.” Katrin said as she finally released her embrace and walked away. Agni could still feel the warmth of Katrin’s breath against her earlobe.

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