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C9 Pounce

“Huh? What the…” Agni found herself in the midst of a dark world, painted with shadows and shades of red.

“Where am I?” She said as she lifted her hand and took a long hard look at it. Black. It was as if a shadow was clinging to her, covering her entirely.



“What’s that sound?” Agni strained her ears and finally after several moments realized it, the sound of beating hearts -- two, to be precise.

The thumping sound gradually grew louder and louder until finally Agni awoke with a start.

“What the? I guess I passed out for a bit…” She said as she looked around. She was laying on the ground, having apparently fallen face first due to exhaustion. She slowly sat up, her head was pounding and the cool evening air had turned somewhat brisk. The half-moon hung high above her head,signaling to Agni that it was just past midnight.


The sound was still present, and what’s more she could see the sound. It manifested as a thin white wispy line, almost like a trail of smoke.

Before she knew it Agni was on her feet and walking, she followed the white trail without a second thought. In fact, she was now strictly on auto-pilot, half asleep and half awake. She was compelled by the sound of beating hearts and drawn directly to the place from where the sound was loudest.

The changing hut, the armory housing various pieces of defensive wear.

“Hmm? What’s this?” Agni said as she drew near. The sound of thumping hearts grew louder in her head as the white line became thicker.

“Why is everything blue? Hmm?” Agni said to herself as she looked at her hands. It was as if a blue filter had been placed over her vision, save for the illuminated shape of two people standing in the distance behind the hut.

“What’s going on here?” Agni said as she bit her lip. But she knew, her body knew, every fiber of her body understood. There was sexual tension in the air and she was now being drawn directly to it. Her eyes began to pulse with pink energy, finally the sustained glow was bright enough to pierce the darkness of the night. But that didn’t matter to Agni, her body moved on , compelled by the lure of eroticism.

“Oh? Your mouth is saying no...but your body's saying yes…” Abeni said as she pressed another of the adventurers up against the wall of the hut. The two were nestled away behind some bushes, away from prying eyes -- at least everyone but Agni.

The red haired Nekomata was the same girl who came to Agni’s rescue earlier in the day at the hot spring.The pair of them were unclothed, Abeni being the only one with actual fabric on, nothing more than a pair of cloth panties. Abeni easily pinned the girl’s hands up above her head, pressing them against the wall with one hand as she feasted upon the woman’s body.

Abeni covered her mouth with a kiss, skillfully working her tongue into the Nekomata’s mouth. Indeed as Abeni said...her mouth said no, but her body was positively screaming for more. Agni didn’t know how-- she could just tell. She knew it instinctually.

With her free hand Abeni teased her slender body. Unlike most of the adventurers, this cat-girl was petite with an agile frame. This included her breasts which registered as little more than B cups at the most.

“Perfect petite mouthfuls. Mmmm..” Abeni said as she ceased kissing only to lick and suck at the cat-girls breasts hungrily. Her free hand had traveled down much further however and was now gently caressing the cat-girl’s lips.

Agni couldn’t look away, even if she wanted to. Her eyes were transfixed as she gazed from her position behind a nearby tree. She bit her lip and clenched the tree bark, her fingernails digging into the softwood slightly. Words and logic escaped her at the moment, it was only the feeling -- only the passion.

It was as if she could taste the ecstasy on her tongue. Each moment viewed was a savory delight that fulfilled her soul in some way. Before she knew it Agni’s hands were moving to take off her body suit. In an instant she was completely nude and caressing her own body as she watched Abeni have her way with the Nekomata.

Agni could feel a steamy fire burning from within, one she began to quench as her finger tips slid down between her thighs.

Wet, damp, moist--these words did not describe Agni’s current state. She dipped her fingers in and came out with sticky nectar, clear and thick.

“Ahh.. that feels so good..” Agni thought to herself, but the sound she made was much different. It was if her body purred and she did too.

“You like this don’t you...you pointy eared slut.” Abeni said as she gently bit the cat-girl’s left breast and slid her finger into her tight body.

“Mm. So wet for me. Are you sure you want me to stop?” Abeni teased as she finally released her grip on the Nekomata’s hands.

“W-what the?” The Nekomata recoiled, knocking away Abeni’s hand as she took notice of something several meters away.

“What the hell? What’s wrong?” Abeni turned around to see as well, confronted by the glow of two pink eyes peering through the dimly lit night.

“Huh? That’s what you’re scared of? That weirdo ? Fuck it! Let her wat--” Abeni said as she turned back to her “date”, but the woman was already gone.

“Tsk. You weirdo. Look what you did. That was supposed to be her punishment for defying me earlier today…” Abeni said as she turned to face Agni, who had now stepped out from behind the tree.

As Abeni’s eyes met with the sight of Agni she grew quiet, however. Agni slinked forward, her posture slightly crouched as she swayed to and fro gently. Her fingernails seemed longer, more like claws than nails. Her tail waved slowly, methodically behind her and her face was painted with a lust addled smile.

“Ahh…” Agni moaned loudly as she wrapped her arms against her bust, hugging herself.

“I can’t.. I can’t hold it in anymore…” Agni said with a curious chuckle before she pounced on Abeni.

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