My Supernatural Squid Game/C10 Red Eye Disease(10)
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My Supernatural Squid Game/C10 Red Eye Disease(10)
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C10 Red Eye Disease(10)

Thirty meters away, the man aimed the fireball at me, and he was ready to kill me.

Who is he? Is he a Superpowered? Why does he want to kill us?

My heart is filled with shock, doubt, and anger. There are too many questions that I want to ask. But now is not the time. That person's attack is already on the bow and can be released at any time. I don't want him to grab the opportunity to attack.

In the next moment, the fireball in his hand expanded to a meter in diameter and shot towards me.

I can't avoid this attack, because the car is right beside me. If I avoid it, the car will be detonated by the fireball. Aoba and Yukio who are sitting inside will turn into charred corpses, just like the family of three that died in that person's hands. I will definitely not allow this to happen.

Facing the approaching flames, I closed my eyes and my vision turned dark.


The effect of the Psychokinesis depends on my imagination. Now, I want to imagine a blade, a blade that can even cut a fireball in half. Cutting flames isn't a difficult task. Flames aren't solid, they aren't hard, they can easily be separated. Imagining such a scene is definitely not a difficult task for me. As long as I want to, I can achieve my goal. Imagining, imagining -

In order to match my imagination, I made a pose that looked like I was going to use the Saber Drawing Arts. I have never learned the way of the sword, so this posture must have been full of flaws in the eyes of experts, but it doesn't matter now. It was just a simple hint movement, a hint to my soul. I am going to separate the attack in front of me.

I suddenly opened my eyes.

The huge fireball had already shot into the area within three meters of me, and the heat wave caused my face to heat up.

Look carefully, this is the guy I want to cut open.


My right hand's five fingers bent inward, as if I was holding an invisible saber. I quickly made a slashing motion.

The fireball that was so close to me was instantly split into two.

Boom - -

Accompanied by the sound of explosion, the fireball that had been split apart was instantly unable to maintain its shape. It turned into countless streams of flames and sparks, scattering in all directions. My body was dyed orange by the dazzling flames, and the contrast between light and darkness was very strong. But very quickly, The flames disappeared in the air, and the surroundings returned to normal.

Very good, it was blocked.

The person in black clothing seemed to be stunned, and his posture became stiff.

While he was in a daze, I used the Psychokinesis to accelerate my movement speed, and rushed towards the position where he was standing at the speed of a cheetah.

My Psychokinesis also has an effective range, just like a pistol. The closer the distance, the stronger the power. The further away the distance, the greater the power. The weaker the power. The Psychokinesis could only be used within ten meters. Once the distance exceeded ten meters, The power! It would be weakened from ten meters to eleven meters, even ten times more than one meter to ten meters. At fifteen meters, the power of the ___ would be greatly reduced. The Psychokinesis that I can lift up a grown man can only lift up a piece of rubber. From this, it can be seen how much the Psychokinesis will weaken 10 meters away.

At this moment, the opponent is close to 30 meters away from me, and the Psychokinesis is no longer able to attack him.

I must shorten the distance.

When the opponent saw me approaching, he quickly threw three fireballs at me.

These three fireballs were no longer the size of the first two. They were only the size of a basketball. I immediately realized that his big fireballs required the process of gathering power. Although it is short, this process does exist. Correspondingly, Small fireballs might be weak, but they could fire continuously. One was about power, and the other was about continuous shooting. Was this his fighting method?

If it is only at this level, then he is not my opponent.

I didn't make any unnecessary movements. I just kept running forward and used the Psychokinesis to scatter the three fireballs that were approaching me.

In the blink of an eye, I was within ten meters of him.

At this distance, I finally saw clearly what this person was wearing.

His black clothes look like Priest Bishop's black robe, but there are bright red patterns embroidered on it. It reminds me of the wild beast totem of the ancient barbarian tribe; his face is covered by a black mask, not even a pair of eye holes are left behind. In the middle, there was a red eye symbol; his hands were wearing a pair of dark red finger gloves, and the surface of the cloth was painted with complicated orange patterns.

Such a weird uniform, if it was worn by an ordinary person, it would only be an ordinary cosplay. However, he is a Superpowered with mysterious power, so I have to think in a more serious direction.

However, now was not the time to think.

He condensed another fireball and aimed it at me.

Because I have already entered the range of ten meters, I directly used the Psychokinesis and imagined a powerful punch aimed at his throat.

In a boxing match, attacking the opponent's throat is strictly prohibited. Because the throat is a fragile part of the human body, once hit, it will cause a huge amount of damage. In the worst case, it could even kill the opponent. However, now that it was a life and death battle, I naturally wouldn't mind attacking this part.

Besides, this guy just killed a family of three right under my nose.


With a thought, a dull sound came from his throat. It was as if someone had really punched this place. Under the intense pain, he immediately arched his body. The fireball that was originally perfectly condensed also collapsed, turning into flowing flames and sparks that dispersed on their own.

Grasping onto this gap, I rushed in front of him and punched out with the Psychokinesis infused fist.

Although using the Psychokinesis to attack wasn't impossible, it wouldn't be enough to vent my anger if I didn't give this fellow a solid beating.

This punch landed on his abdomen, causing him a step further injury and pain.

He was instantly beaten to the point of kneeling on the ground, unable to stand up.

It seems like although he also has the Superpower, he doesn't have any defensive means. He only knows how to throw fireballs and bigger fireballs.

"Can we talk properly now?" I said, "Why did you attack us?"

"Er... Er..."

He did not answer my question. He only let out a hoarse cry and his body trembled.

Only then did I realize, perhaps it wasn't that he didn't want to answer... It was that he couldn't answer? I just hit him in the throat. Perhaps I accidentally caused a problem. He couldn't make a sound. This was really a miscalculation.

"Ning Hai!"

Aoba and Yukio ran over to my side.

Yukio looked at her defeated opponent.

"This is the guy who attacked us?" She unceremoniously lifted his mask.

The face under the mask was very ordinary. It was the face of a man in his forties. He was neither handsome nor ugly. At this moment, his expression was very distorted. Cold sweat kept pouring down. It must be because of the pain.

"Why did you attack us?" Yukio coldly asks the same question as me.

The man stared at us hatefully.

Yukio sneered and took out her pistol and pressed it against his forehead.


Facing Yukio's threat, the man did not retreat. His eyes were still fierce.

"You all..." He said hoarsely, "All of you... are just... a bunch of sacrifices. A bunch of... sacrifices, you actually dare to make a move against me? Huhu... "

"What does an offering mean?" Yukio asked.

"The offering... is the offering." He said, "To the great god... Living Sacrifice."

Living Sacrifice? This was a phrase that couldn't be missed. He actually said that we are Living Sacrifice. I am very curious about what the meaning of this word is. From a literal understanding, the Living Sacrifice is an animal that is dedicated to the gods. It reminds me of the barbaric tribes in the uncivilized region offering sacrifices. Could this have something to do with the huge catastrophe that happened in Beaver City?

"Even if you weren't killed by me, you would die sooner or later." He pointed at us one by one, "You, you... and you, this detestable heretic mage, will be digested in the stomach of the gods and become nutrients."

When he mentioned the heretic mage, he clearly pointed at me.

I am a heretic mage? 'It looks like he misunderstood something, but that's not the point.' I asked, "What exactly does God and Living Sacrifice mean? Does it have anything to do with the current situation in Beaver City?"

"The Beaver City... has already entered the stomach of a god." He said, "Under the effect of our ceremony, you heretics who don't believe in gods... either become the sharp claws and teeth of the messenger, or become the prey of the claws and claws, in the end. No one can survive."

This sentence contained a lot of information. Frankly speaking, it was not easy for me to understand. His words sounded like crazy, but considering his actions, he had to treat it as something serious.

"You mean..." Yukio suddenly said, "The reason why Beaver City became like this is all because of you guys?"

The man looked at him, sneered and did not speak anymore.

"Don't stop, continue." I said, "You don't want to die yet, do you?"

The man was silent.

Next, no matter how we interrogate him, he won't speak anymore.

"If you don't speak..." Yukio's voice had yet to fade.

Suddenly, the man's pair of eyes began to emit an orange light. At the same time, he opened his mouth and the same light was emitted from his mouth.

Oh no, he was going to self-destruct?

I quickly grabbed the two people beside me and pulled them back a distance.

Boom ~ ~ ~

The sound of explosion rang out. The man did not self-destruct as I had imagined. Instead, his entire body was ignited with orange flames. Like a torch, he knelt on the spot and burned fiercely.

"He, he..." Aoba was shocked, "Self-ignited?"

In the flames, his clothes and body were quickly burnt. Perhaps it was because this seemingly ordinary flame had a special effect, his burning process was very fast. It was like a video pressed the acceleration button. In just a dozen seconds, he was burned into a burnt corpse. The flames also quickly disappeared.


The charred corpse fell to the ground.

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