My Supernatural Squid Game/C2 Red Eye Disease(2)
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My Supernatural Squid Game/C2 Red Eye Disease(2)
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C2 Red Eye Disease(2)

The woman faced me.

Her eyes - - or more accurately, the retina of her eyes showed a disturbing bright red color. At this moment, the light in the living room is not switched on and the curtains are also closed. This pair of bright red eyes gave off a faint light in the slightly dusky space, just like cats at night. It had a demonic charm.

I recognize this woman's face, she was in the family photo I picked up earlier. If I'm not mistaken, she should be the mother of Ning Hai in this world.

The game perspective that Suzukaze Aoba provided me will be of great help in understanding the situation.

The woman looks at me silently and suddenly walks towards me.

I noticed that she was holding an old kitchen knife in her right hand.

"What do you want to do?" I asked in a sharp tone.

The woman remained silent as she steadily walked within three meters of me.

My intuition tells me that she intends to attack me. However, the excess energy brought by the Superpower prevented me from making a move immediately. I don't understand. Since this woman is the mother of Ning Hai in this world... Then why did she attack me? Her condition was clearly abnormal, whether it was her refusal to speak or the slight aggressiveness in her actions. They all made me feel extremely abnormal.

The woman raised her blade at me.

"Stop." I almost couldn't take it anymore.

The woman silently swung her blade at me. In this attack, she used the strength of her entire arm, and even her body slightly leaned forward. Without a doubt, she was trying to kill me.

I had no choice but to raise my right hand the moment before the sharp blade reached me. I aimed my palm at her chest and imagined the scene of the high-pressure water gun shooting.

Imagining, this is the most important thing to my Superpower.

Following my imagination, the invisible Psychokinesis burst out like a high-pressure water gun. Then, The woman who was about to succeed was hit by the Psychokinesis and her feet left the ground. Like a plastic figurine that was washed away by a toy water gun, she was violently knocked out. Then, she fell heavily onto the floor five meters away.

As she fell, the woman's left hand was placed on the tea table on the left and coincidentally hit a black remote control.


The television in the living room turned on.

The broadcast happened to be on the news channel. A beautiful woman wearing a dark blue workplace suit was narrating a morning news, attracting my attention.

"Recently, a mysterious disease called Red Eye is spreading in Beaver City..."

... "The characteristics of the person who suffers from the disease are the red eyes, strong aggression, and the silent attitude of the person who refuses to communicate..."

"... " ... Please don't get close to the person with the red eyes, don't go out at night for no reason..."

"... " After discovering the patient, please call the police immediately, and don't get too close... "

... "Be proactive in taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the food and..."


The woman stepped on the wooden floor and struggled to stand up. She looked at me indifferently. Her pair of bright red eyes were emotionless.

"It's like that." I said to her, "You're sick. Am I right?"

The woman silently picked up the kitchen knife that fell to the side and ignored my question.

I carefully observed her.

Her red eyes, her strong aggressiveness, and her silent refusal to communicate... So that's how it is, I hit it all. The reason why this woman attacked me for no apparent reason is because she contracted the Red Eye mentioned in the news?

I have never heard of such a strange disease.

I know of diseases with the same name, but that's just a common term for acute conjunctivitis. It won't cause patients to attack him.

After coming to this unfamiliar world, he immediately encountered patients with this unknown disease. Could it be that this Red Eye is related to the Squid Game mentioned in the text message?

The woman suddenly rushed forward.

I faced her and raised my right hand once again. I imagined my Psychokinesis as a powerful palm.

The Hand of Psychokinesis grabbed the woman's ankle.

As she charged towards me, she immediately lost her balance and fell forward. Her face collided with the floor, creating a painful sound.

Then, she immediately placed her arms on the ground, wanting to support her body.

I made a hand gesture with my palm pressing down. This time, I imagined a heavy object pressing down on the woman's back.

The woman was unable to withstand the pressure and was once again pressed down.

While I was fighting with this woman, the news continued to play.

"We invited a senior medical professor from Beaver University. Hello, professor."


At some point in time, a white-haired middle-aged man appeared on the television screen. He sat on the left side of the female host and stroked his black-rimmed glasses with a gloomy expression.

"May I ask if the Red Eye can cure it?" The host asked the professor.

"Not for the time being." The professor slowly said, "This is a very strange disease. Not only can we not find a cure, we don't even know its true appearance."

"What's going on?" The host asked in confusion.

"We have performed a very comprehensive examination on the patient, and we want to find the pathogen or virus. Or other causes of the disease. " The professor said solemnly, "But the progress is not optimistic. We can't find the cause of the disease. After our examination, the patient's physical condition is very stable. Although we sometimes find some abnormalities, those are sub-health problems caused by the lack of attention in the patient's daily life. It has nothing to do with Red Eye. "

"But I heard that the city government recently announced that the research and development of the special medicine has made a major breakthrough." The host said.

"The municipal government hired a medical team from the United States to employ the most cutting-edge experimental equipment and technology. Their progress is not something our local medical team can compare with " The professor revealed a helpless expression. "With their technological capabilities, it's only a matter of time before they successfully develop the special medicine."

"So that's how it is. It seems like the crisis of the Red Eye in Beaver City will be resolved very soon, right?" The host asked optimistically.

"That's right." The professor was also very confident in the American medical team hired by the municipal government.


I picked up the remote control from the floor and turned off the television. Then, I picked up a newspaper from the coffee table and read an article related to Red Eye.

"This disease..." I flipped through the article. "It seems to only spread in Beaver City?"

The newspaper article pointed out that the Red Eye was an unknown disease that only spread in Beaver City. There were no signs of it spreading to other places.

Bang, bang, bang...

The woman who was firmly suppressed by the Psychokinesis still did not give up and struggled.

I withdrew the Psychokinesis and let go of her.

She immediately got up and rushed towards me with the saber in her hand.

I freed my right hand and made a grabbing gesture at her neck from a small distance.

The woman was immediately stopped by the Psychokinesis. A red palm print appeared on her neck, and her skin caved in.

The invisible Hand of Psychokinesis pressed down on her carotid artery.

After a while, she fainted because of the lack of blood supply in her brain. She no longer struggled. After I withdrew the Hand of Psychokinesis, she fell to the ground, unconscious.

I put the newspaper aside.

Red Eye, Squid Game...

If all of this is like what Suzukaze Aoba said, a game, then the word Squid Game might be a game of survival.

Since it was a survival game, there would definitely be obstacles in the way of survival.

This blocking stone, was it the Red Eye?

I have to admit, in this situation where there is no clue, any deduction I make is just an unreliable assumption. It is a conjecture that lacks the basis of reality. I have read many fictional stories, novels, anime, games and movies... The term 'survival game' is not new to me, so it is very difficult for me to control myself from thinking in this direction.

I can even imagine the scene of all the people from the Red Eye in Beaver City attacking me under the mysterious guidance.

No matter what, the main thing is to go to Beaver High School and meet up with Suzukaze Aoba. I threw away these baseless delusions, changed into a pair of sports shoes, and left this unfamiliar home.


Beaver High School isn't far from this home, we'll be able to reach it after walking for a period of time.

I have prepared to go online to investigate its address, but after all, it's an unfamiliar city and street. When traveling in real life, I can't help but ask for directions. The passers-by who asked for directions saw that I was wearing the uniform of Beaver High School, but they didn't know the address of Beaver High School. Even though they had a strange expression on their faces, they still pointed out the direction for me.

After a small break, I finally entered the school building.

The student handbook has a record of the enrollment time, so I made a simple calculation. I was able to calculate that the Ning Hai in this world is a third-year student. Because the teaching building here is divided into levels according to the grade, I came to the corresponding level.

When I came, the school didn't have classes yet. There were scattered students scattered along the corridors.

I took out my black phone and dialed Suzukaze Aoba's number.

"Is it Aoba?" I spoke first.

"Eh? Er... Yes, it's me." Aoba's reaction was very strange.

I only reacted when I was a step too late. In R Country, it seems like I can't casually call a girl by her name, but I decided to skip this question. The pronunciation of the name Aoba was shorter than the cool breeze, and it was also more convenient. More importantly, it would be awkward if I changed my words now. I might as well pretend that I didn't know about the local culture because I wasn't from R Country.

"Are you at school?" I asked.

"I'm here." Aoba replied.

Suddenly, I felt that something was wrong. Aoba's voice seemed to come from two different directions at the same time.

I put down my phone and looked around.

After three seconds, I found that it was about ten meters away from me. There was a girl with purple hair and double ponytails standing in front of the window in the corridor. She wore a white female uniform and held a purple phone in her hand. She was on the phone.

If I remember correctly, Aoba seemed to have said that her phone was purple?

I walked over.

The pigtailed girl had her back to me and was talking to her phone.

"Ning Hai, Ning Hai? Can you hear me? Eh, why aren't you replying?" The girl looked confused. "Is there a problem with the signal on this phone?"

I walked behind her.

Perhaps it was through the reflection of the window glass that she noticed me approaching, the girl turned around and looked at me in confusion.

I looked at her.

"That... Is there anything I can help you with?" The girl asked carefully.

Because she was in a strange place, she felt uneasy hugging someone who was close to her. Her attitude was written all over her face.

I raised my phone and showed her the screen.

The screen displayed the words on the phone that Suzukaze Aoba was talking to.

"... " Eh? " Aoba was stunned for a while and then revealed a slightly surprised expression, "Is it Ning Hai?"

Although we don't know each other, the same situation made us establish a weak trust relationship. I think she is actually worried about me, but at least she will have a certain degree of resonance with me. We're all victims of the black phone, so we have a natural position to work together.

No, now that things have come to this, it's not appropriate to call her "black phone." Even though my phone is black, Aoba's phone is purple.

From now on, we will call the person behind the scenes who dragged us into this world the Black Hand.

"It's me." I hung up the call and put away my phone, "Did you see the third person?"

"The third person?" Aoba asked, "Does he mean Alphonse Elric who is in the contact list?"

"That's him."

Actually, on the way to school, I dialed the number of the third person, but for some reason, this person did not answer.

I don't know why he didn't answer the phone. Is it because the phone isn't by his side? Or is there something else that is difficult to say? I think that the two names displayed in the contact list are the victims who were dragged into this world by the Black Hand. I don't know anything about the current situation. In this situation, if the mysterious phone beside me suddenly received a call... I would definitely answer it impatiently, just like Suzukaze Aoba from before.

But this third person, Alphonse Elric, did not answer.

This kind of faintly revealing refusal to communicate caused his image in my heart to have an additional layer of mystery.

"I didn't see him." Aoba replied to me, "I called his number, but he didn't answer."

"You too?"

I wasn't surprised that there would be two when there was one.

"Why didn't you pick it up..." Aoba was very puzzled.

"Maybe there is something that is hard to say." I said, "Compared to this, Aoba, do you know which class you are in?"

There is no class in the student handbook, and I don't know which class I am in.

"Yes, I know." Aoba was once again out of my expectations, "After I entered the school, a girl quickly talked to me. She should be someone I know in this world... I exchanged a few words with her and I knew which class I was in."

When she said those words to me, she seemed very relaxed.

Everyone had their own strengths. Even this seemingly soft girl was no exception. In comparison, after removing the important element of Superpower, I was completely a useless mediocre person.

I couldn't help but carefully examine this girl.

Her cute face, petite figure, tender white skin, bright purple hair, and the white high school uniform of R Country showed her vigorous youth.

Because she was too young, compared to a high school student, she was more like a middle school student.

To make it more accurate, because it was R Country, it should be called a High School Student? Actually, I'm not familiar with this aspect. Basically, that's what I meant.

"What, what is it?" Aoba noticed that I was sizing her up.

"Nothing." I went over perfunctorily.

Speaking of which, high school students are just Aoba's identity in this world. Who knows, perhaps her identity in the original world is that of a junior high school student?

"That's right." Aoba remembered something. "Ning Hai, you are also in the same class as me, so you can enter the same class as me."

This was good news. I don't need to find my own classroom.

"Also, the name of the student is pasted on the desk. As long as you follow this, you can find your own seat." Aoba continued, "It is because I saw the desk with Ning Hai's name on it that I know we are all in the same class."

"That's great." I said.

A moment later, it was time for class. Aoba and I entered the classroom.

Our seats were very close, just two seats in front and behind. I was in front while Aoba was behind.

After the first lesson.

I got out of my state of wandering.

Just as I said before, I am a mediocre person who doesn't have any advantages other than the Superpower. This is also the same when it comes to learning. Perhaps it is because Ning Hai in this world is also a poor student, the teacher did not interfere with my spacing out behavior. It seems like I am very used to it.

However, compared to me, Aoba should be more tired, right? No matter how she looked at it, she was just a middle school student. Was there any problem with attending high school classes?

During the spare time, I mentioned this question to Aoba.

"N-No way!" Aoba blushed. "I'm not a middle school student!"

"Isn't that so? Could it be..." I looked at her in shock.

Have the recent primary school students developed so well?

Aoba seemed to have seen through my thoughts and became even more excited.

"I am not a primary school student either!"

"Oh, could it be that you were originally really a high school student? Then I'm sorry, I misunderstood you." I said.

"I'm not a high school student either!" Aoba tried her best to argue, "I've already graduated from high school. I'm a social person!"

What? I vaguely heard the sound of thunder. It was clearly a sunny day outside.

"How old are you?" I couldn't hide my disbelief.

"18 years old." Aoba replied.

"Compared to me..." I can't continue.

This girl that I misunderstood as a middle school student is actually a social person older than me?

"Speaking of which, Ning Hai, how old are you?" Aoba asked.

She actually chose this time to ask a question. She really did not know whether she did it on purpose or by coincidence.

Just as I was hesitating whether I should answer honestly, the sound of a table falling to the ground came from a corner of the classroom.

Aoba and I's attention was shifted to that spot.

A girl suddenly stood up and expressionlessly looked at her classmates around her. Her eyes were strangely bright red.

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