My Supernatural Squid Game/C3 Red Eye Disease(3)
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My Supernatural Squid Game/C3 Red Eye Disease(3)
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C3 Red Eye Disease(3)

The girl suddenly stood up from the corner seat and scanned the class with her red eyes.

Because her action of standing up was too sudden, she knocked down the desk in front of her. This loud noise attracted the attention of most of the students. Numerous gazes were focused on her face.

Then, the students immediately noticed this girl's abnormality.

"What's wrong? She seems to be..."

"Her eyes have turned red?"

" Isn't this the Red Eye?! "

... "Did she wear a beauty eye? This joke isn't funny at all."

"Not good, she's about to attack right..."

Some of the students were flustered, some were pointing and pointing, and the few students closest to the girl quickly distanced themselves, afraid that they would get involved with her. It was as if they were facing a bomb that could explode at any time.

In the Beaver City, Red Eye people were always so feared.

When Aoba saw this scene, she asked uneasily, "What happened? Why did her eyes... Also, why are the students so afraid of her?"

"This is the Red Eye." I said to Aoba.

"Red Eyes... What?" Aoba looked confused.

So it turned out that she did not know about the Red Eye.

Although this disease is very famous in Beaver City, we haven't been here for long. It's normal that we don't know about it. I found out about this disease from the news by chance, but Aoba didn't have such good luck.

At this time, the red-eyed girl suddenly turned her head and looked at the boy closest to her.

That boy's expression immediately became very ugly, and he could not help but take a step back.

"You, you don't..." He almost said those words without making a sound, and fear was revealed from his actions and actions.

The girl turned around, bent down, and took out an art knife from the drawer of the desk.


Pushed by her fingertips, the knife stuck out from the plastic handle.

From this strange silence, the aggressive nature of a girl was like the stink from a garbage bag. Everyone knew what she wanted to do. Even a few students who didn't notice this place also looked over.

"What are you all looking at, quickly go and call the teacher..."

The boy who was being stared at was on the verge of tears.

The two people closest to the exit immediately ran out of the classroom to look for the teacher.

Aoba saw what happened and hesitated for a moment before asking, "Isn't this... should we stop it?"

"You are right." I stood up.

"Eh? Ning Hai, do you want to go over?"

"I have experience with it once."

After saying that, I walked towards the girl who had the Red Eye.

According to my previous experience with dealing with the Red Eye people, those infected with the Red Eye would not increase their strength or their movements would become agile. Their athletic ability was the same as their normal state, but they would show no mercy when attacking others. As for me, as the Superpowered, when I deal with this kind of patient who only has the awareness to attack, Naturally, it was a piece of cake for me. It was as effortless as blowing off dust.

The girl ignores my approach and charges towards the boy that she had initially set her eyes on. However, she only has two steps to run before I pick up the desk on the right and dash forward and fiercely swing it down.


The desk smashed onto the girl's torso.

She was sent flying like a tennis ball being hit by a racket. She slammed into the wall and fell to the ground.

I put the desk down.

When I was attacking just now, I used the technique of using the Psychokinesis to control my body. It made me look as if my strength had increased by leaps and bounds. The purpose of this technique is to not expose my identity as a Superpowered. I used the same method when I fought in the past. Although it looked like I was exerting my strength at first glance, in reality, it wasn't my muscles that were exerting my strength. It was the Psychokinesis.

While the Psychokinesis is controlling my body, it is also protecting my body. If I am accidentally hit by someone, I will still be unharmed.

After being hit by me like this, this girl should be in so much pain that she can't stand up anymore, right?

Just as I am thinking this, the girl stands up shakily.

How troublesome.

Suddenly, a muscular male adult walked into the classroom and loudly shouted, "Where is the student infected with the Red Eye!?"

Following which, he immediately sees the injured girl and me.

Because the students have dispersed, a small open space is formed in the class, and there are only girls and me inside.

"Is that you!?" The man walked towards me.

He should be the instructor of this school. Looking at his figure, is he a sports teacher?

I pointed at the girl opposite me, and there were other students by my side reminding the man.

"Hmm? Not you? That's right, her eyes aren't red... "The man looked at the girl who was holding an art knife in front of me." Tsk, so it's Usami? "

The girl attacked me.

The man immediately charged forward and used his powerful arms to block the girl from behind.

"Quick! A few more boys, suppress her!" He shouted and commanded his classmates.

A girl walked behind the man.

The man turned around and said impatiently, "I'm talking about boys! All girls, back off!"

"Teacher, be careful!" Someone reminded the man.

"Be careful of what?" The man turned his head.

Suddenly, the girl behind the man took out an art knife and cut open the man's carotid artery.

Chi - -

Blood spurted out like a fountain, and several screams rang out in the class.

The man loosened his arms powerlessly and fell to the ground.

The girl who attacked him raised her head, revealing her bright red eyes. The Red Eye girl who was held back by the man was also released.

The two red-eyed girls looked at the surrounding students.

The scene instantly went out of control. Most of the boys and girls present all ran towards the exit, and it was very crowded.

I retreated to Aoba's side.

Aoba foolishly looked at the entire process of the matter. Her mind seemed to have gone blank.

"I didn't expect that two Red Eye patients would suddenly appear in a class." I said, "I will control them later. You first..."

Before I could finish speaking, my instincts urged me to look outside the window.

Outside the school, a heavy truck that was loaded with goods suddenly lost its speed. It easily broke through the closed school gate and rushed straight towards the school building.


The truck directly crashed into the outer wall of the school building, creating a huge impact and a deafening roar. Half of the truck's body sank deeply into a classroom.

We, who are on the high floor, felt a tremor, just like an earthquake.

"What exactly is going on!? I've had enough!"

A girl who was squeezing through the exit screamed.

Aoba also revealed a dazed look.

Suddenly, I felt the phone in my pocket start to vibrate. There was also a faint vibration in Aoba's pocket.

We looked at each other and took out the phone.

There was a new message.

I opened it to take a look.


There was only this short line of text.

"Survive? What exactly is this..." Aoba did not finish her sentence.

An explosion sounded from a distance outside the school.

I turned around and saw a place very far away. The top floor of a tall building was emitting black smoke, and a commercial passenger plane was stuck on top of the building. The explosion just now was obviously the sound of the plane crashing into the building.

At the same time, there were explosions everywhere in the city, and faint cries and screams could be heard from afar.

Everything had gone out of control.

It was obviously in broad daylight, but a nightmare that was darker than every night in the past had descended. In just a few minutes, the Beaver City seemed to have welcomed its doom.


While I was lost in thought, the world didn't stop functioning.


An ear-piercing scream came from the classroom's exit.

I turned around and saw that it was the two Red Eye girls who had rushed to the crowded exit and were in the middle of a massacre.

Not only that, there were also a few students who were originally normal. Their eyes suddenly turned red as they attacked the people around them.

One of the patients rushed towards Aoba and me.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Aoba reflexively shrink her body.

"There's no way..." I stretched out my right hand towards the patient and made a grabbing motion.

Actually, the Psychokinesis did not require any gestures. It was released through my consciousness. Even if my limbs were paralyzed, it would not affect the Psychokinesis's activation. However, this action was beneficial to the accuracy of the Psychokinesis, and it could also help with the formation of my imagination. I have also said before that imagination is especially important to the Superpower. If I want to imagine my own Psychokinesis as a hand, my hand gestures will be a big hint. It can increase the completion level of my technique.

The Hand of Psychokinesis grabbed the patient's neck and pressed down on his carotid artery.

Soon, the patient lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

Aoba witnessed this unbelievable scene with her own eyes.

"Ning Hai..."

"This is the Superpower." I answered first, "Don't be in a daze. Follow me."

At this moment, the students who were blocking the exit had already fled. The patients had also chased the students out of the classroom.

Aoba and I also walked out.

At this moment, the sounds of chaos could be heard everywhere in the school. There were many students in the corridor, and among them were the patients who were attacking the people around them.

"The entire city exploded with Red Eye." I said to Aoba, "The school is a place with a dense population. We need to leave this place."

After a simple explanation, I brought Aoba to the staircase.

Along the way, whether it was normal students or red-eyed patients, I forcefully pushed them to the side with my Psychokinesis. Thus, even if we were in a crowded corridor, we would be able to pass through without obstruction.

In order to prevent Aoba from losing her way, we started walking out of the classroom. I had been holding her hand tightly. Faced with this urgent situation, Aoba did not care if her hand was being held by the opposite sex. She obediently followed me and escaped.

"What exactly is the Red Eye?"

The corridor was chaotic and noisy. In this environment, Aoba had no choice but to use a loud voice to ask me questions.

"It is an unknown disease." I pulled her along as I walked and replied, "The person who contracted this disease will be like... Mm, like a zombie, attack a normal person indiscriminately. "

"Zombie..." Aoba looked at the people around her in a daze.

Most of the normal students were running away and a few were fighting back. There was still no effective order. Even the teachers were busy with their own matters.

The situation had happened too suddenly. No wonder Aoba had such an expression on her face. Her emotions must not have completely taken over the current situation. I only mechanically understood the current situation and made a decision that I thought was reasonable. There might be a better judgment than to immediately escape from the school, but I am not a clear-headed observer. This should be what it means to be a bystander.

Chaos also infected me.

When we reached the staircase, a girl suddenly rushed over. I subconsciously wanted to attack, but Aoba called out the girl's name first.


"Aoba! '" The girl came to our side.

They know each other?

Speaking of which, Aoba had said before that when she entered the school, there was a girl who talked to her and even pointed out the class that she should be in. It was probably referring to this girl.

Yukio, was this the acquaintance of Aoba in this world?

I simply observed her.

This girl called Yukio had a beautiful face and smooth black shoulder-length hair. She was taller than Aoba and shorter than me. Her body was curvy and curvy. She was different from Aoba's childish face and figure. She was more in line with the imagination of the world about beautiful girls in high school. She must not lack admirers of the same age.

"She is your friend?" I asked Aoba.

"Yes, she is." Aoba did not know how to introduce her, "She is the acquaintance I mentioned to you before... Her name is Miwa Yukio."

"Is that so?" I turned to Yukio, "Hello, Yukio. I am Ning Hai. "

"Hello..." Yukio subconsciously replied and immediately reacted. "No! Now is not the time to talk about this!"

"That's true. Let's go."

We immediately went down the stairs.

There were also many people on the stairs, but the people blocking the way were all pushed away by my Psychokinesis. Yukio clearly also felt that there was something unusual about this unimpeded situation. I noticed that there was a slight change in her expression. But she did not ask any questions and focused on escaping with us.

After a moment, we ran out of the teaching building and arrived at a spacious open space.

"What should we do next?" Aoba asked while panting.

Her physical strength was very weak and she started to pant after a short while. It was true that there was a reason why she could not maintain her balance because I was pulling her to run, but it could also be seen that there was a problem with her physical strength.

"What should we do?" I also began to think.

"I called my dad." Yukio immediately said, "Dad should be coming over very soon."

"How long will it be soon?" I asked her.

"I don't think I can spend it..." She didn't finish.

Suddenly, an advanced car passed through the destroyed school gate and rushed into the school. It arrived at the open space in front of the school building, which was in front of us.


The car door opened and a middle-aged man dressed in a solemn manner walked out.

"Yukio!" He shouted towards them, "Bring your friend over here! Hurry up!"

A few scattered patients around him were attracted by his shout.

"Tsk." The man turned around and took out a gun from the car. He shot at the patients who were approaching him.

Bang, bang, bang!

The patients' legs were pierced through and they fell to the ground. They could not continue forward.

This person should be Yukio's father. He actually had a gun and did not know what Yukio's family did.

Aoba saw the man pull out the gun and did not dare to approach but I immediately grabbed her hand and pulled her away. Yukio also did the same action and grabbed Aoba's other hand and walked forward.

"Eh? Eh! I, I will leave!" Aoba said in a panic.

Yukio only let go of her hand when she arrived at the car. She opened the front door of the car and sat in the passenger seat.

I opened the back door and let Aoba in first before sitting in.

"Okay! Sit tight and fasten your seatbelts!" The man put down his gun and returned to the driver's seat. He slammed the door shut. "We're leaving from here!"

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