My Supernatural Squid Game/C5 Red Eye Disease(5)
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My Supernatural Squid Game/C5 Red Eye Disease(5)
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C5 Red Eye Disease(5)

If something happened to Yukio's father, then there was no time to lose. He had to hurry over and help.

We went to the garage.

The villa was connected to the garage. There was no need to leave the villa before heading to the garage. We just need to go through the door that connects the villa to the garage. We walked out of the living room and came to another entrance of the villa. Opening the door, we entered the garage next door.

The garage was dark, so dark that we couldn't even see our fingers, but there was a strange sound.

The sound was rhythmic, and it sounded quite crisp.

"What's that sound?" Aoba asked in a low voice.

Yukio, who was familiar with the garage, quickly touched the light switch beside the door.


The light pipe above the garage suddenly lit up, and the room immediately lit up as if it was daytime.

Not far in front of us, the car quietly stopped in the middle of the garage, and a man dressed in a dignified manner stood beside the front cover of the car, facing us from the side.

"Dad?" Yukio asked. "What are you doing here?"

As she said that, she walked over.

I stood in front of the two of them. When Yukio was about to pass me, I immediately reached out and stopped her.

"What are you doing?" Yukio was a little dissatisfied.

"Wait a moment. Something is not right." I reminded her.

"What's wrong?" Yukio was puzzled.

I did not look at her nor answer her question. I just silently watched the man.

The man held a magazine in his left hand and a bullet in his right hand. He was in the midst of the bullets on the ground. When he put the bullets into the magazine one after another, there was a rhythmic cracking sound. When we first entered the garage, we heard the sound when he loaded the cartridge.

"Mr. Tricycle?" Qing Ye stood at the back of my right side and called out tentatively.

That's right, Yukio's surname is San San, so Yukio's father's surname should also be San San.

In response to Aoba's call, San San did not give any response. He just silently reloaded the magazine.

He had already filled many magazines with bullets, and they were right in front of him. On the front cover of the car, there were a lot of loaded cartridge. There was also a handgun with an unloaded clip on the side. He focused on the bullets on the ground, as if he didn't care about us appearing here.

"Dad, what happened to you?" Yukio clearly thought of something bad and felt very uneasy.


The tricycle gentleman pressed the last bullet into the magazine.

Then, he picked up the pistol.


The magazine was loaded into the gun.

"Mr. Tricycle, you..." I am ready to fight.

Mr. Tricycle turns around and faces us. His eyes are as red as blood and there is no emotion contained within them. He looks at everyone present, including his daughter, as if he is looking at an animal.

Yukio could not help but cover her mouth and took a deep breath.

Mr. San raised his gun and aimed at us.

I immediately realized that his gun wasn't aimed at me, but at one of the two people beside me. If he was aiming at me, then I would definitely have a very dangerous premonition.

"Old..." Yukio was about to say something to Mr. San.

But now there was no more time to talk. I shouted, "Quickly avoid it!"

At the same time, I raised my arms and pushed Aoba and Yukio, who were standing beside me, away. I pushed them away with all my strength, causing them to fall to the ground. Then, a gunshot rang out. The bullet passed through Yukio's original position and hit the light switch beside the garage door. Fragments of concrete and the switch sputtered in all directions.

The lighting switch was destroyed, and the wires inside were also cut off. Electric currents started to light up on the exposed wires.

Yukio propped up her body and looked back at the broken switch. Her expression changed drastically.

Just now, if I did not push her away, perhaps she would have been killed by my biological father. This cruel reality made her look very incredulous.

On the other side, Aoba also hurriedly stood up.

"Aoba, take Yukio and leave." I said, "I'll deal with him."

"Yes!" Aoba immediately ran towards Yukio.

The tricycle teacher slightly adjusted the angle of the muzzle and aimed at Yukio who had not yet stood up.

I am also a gun-wielding opponent. I was too nervous just now. So I didn't react in time. When he shot the bullet out, I thought. Actually, I don't need to push the two people beside me away. I just need to use the Psychokinesis to lift up his right wrist that was holding the gun. It was clearly such a simple technique, but I didn't think of it in time because of my natural fear of the gun.

The moment before he opened fire for the second time, I used the Psychokinesis and released it towards him not too far away.

His right wrist immediately lifted up uncontrollably.


The bullet that shot out hit the wall above the garage door, causing the stone powder to fall down.

Immediately after, I used the Psychokinesis to speed up my movement and charged towards Mr. Tricycle.

Yukio who was behind shouted, "Don't kill him!"

Of course I wouldn't kill him. Whether it was when I was dealing with Ning Hai's mother in this world or when I was dealing with the students who were suffering from the Red Eye... I didn't kill them. I just made them faint. Although I am a Superpowered, I am still a normal person with a clean history. When it comes to killing people, I naturally have to thank them. What's more, Mr. San San San is Yukio's father and not some unimportant person. I cannot kill him.

Excluding the Superpower, I am just an ordinary person that can be seen everywhere. I am not a stone-hearted person.

Very quickly, I rushed in front of Mister San San. Because it was really too fast, even I wasn't able to react in time. I only felt that I had arrived in the blink of an eye.

Mister San San also had a look of not being able to react in time. He only had time to turn his eyeballs and look at me with his bright red eyes.

I immediately swung my left hand and knocked out the gun he was holding. At the same time, I raised my right hand and grabbed his neck, pressing down on his carotid artery.

The tricycle man tried to struggle, but all his little movements were suppressed by my Psychokinesis.

After a while, he fainted just like everyone else who fainted because of my actions in the past.

I turned around to look at Yukio, who ran towards me.

Oh right, she just said, "Don't kill him," right? Thinking about it carefully, she shouldn't have said it to me, but to Mister San San. I am too self-righteous. Once I use the Superpower... I couldn't help but get carried away.

Yukio hugged the limp Mr. Three Cycles.

"Don't worry. He's fine. He just fainted." I'll explain it to him.

This way. The technique to suppress the carotid artery was specially trained by me, and it was very useful. In the past, it was thanks to this technique that many troublesome violent disputes became very simple; however, if it was not used properly, there might be repercussions. Thus, he had to know his limits before he could use it.

Yukio opened the third eye of the teacher and checked his eyes.

I took a look and saw that his eyes were still bright red.

Yukio's expression became gloomy.

Aoba walked over and looked at Yukio and the unconscious Mr. Three Cycles. She felt the same way and fell silent. After more than ten seconds of silence, she seemed to have woven her comforting words and said, "Yukio..."

"I know." Yukio interrupted Aoba's words," I know, I will not be defeated... "

She stood up and wiped away the tears at the corners of her eyes.

"I will go and get the rope."

After saying that, Yukio walked to the corner of the garage. Her back looked delicate and strong.

Even though her family had been infected by the Red Eye and even tried to take her life, and even the city that she had been living in had become a mess, she had shown her extraordinary side and regained her spirit.

Yukio quickly came back with the rope.

"Should we tie him up?" I said, "Then bring him into the house first. This way, it will be more convenient to monitor him."

"Yes, please." Yukio said calmly.

We returned to the living room of the villa.

"Let's go to the third floor. There is an empty room there." Yukio walked in front and looked back at me. "Can you carry it up there?"

"Leave it to me."

With my strength and the Psychokinesis, carrying a person is more than enough.

Not long after, we entered the empty room on the third floor.

This should be the temporary bedroom used as a guest. It was very clean inside.

I placed Mr. Tricycle on the white bed.

Yukio walked up with a rope and began to tie him up.

After we finished, we left the room. Yukio took out a key and locked the empty room from the outside. This is the first time I have seen such a lock design that can be locked from the outside.

We returned to the living room and sat on the sofa. There was a moment of silence.

After what happened, we didn't know how to talk to each other. Comfort? Although Yukio didn't look like she needed comfort, her heart should be close to its limit. In my mind, there was an instant of the thought of taking the opportunity to gain Yukio's trust. This idea of taking advantage of the situation was too despicable. Aoba was still alright that time. But this time, the situation was completely different. I also have a sense of shame. If someone did this in front of me... I would definitely look at him with contempt.

"My dad is a gangster." Yukio suddenly spoke.

Aoba and I both focused our attention.

"Ever since I was young, I only had my father as a family member." Yukio continued, "Because my mom hated the underworld, she broke up with my dad."

She looked to the side.

We followed her line of sight. She looked at a cabinet not too far away, on top of which was a furry rabbit doll. There was also a photo frame next to it. My eyesight is still good, so I can see that there is a picture of two people in the picture frame. The content was a picture of Mr. San San, who was slightly younger than he was now, standing next to a five-year-old girl who had fallen to the ground. The background was a grassland under the sun.

The girl who fell should be the three-wheeled Yukio when she was young. She was in so much pain that she looked like she was crying. Mr. San, who was next to her, seemed to have not expected this scene to be taken. He looked at the camera with a surprised expression.

"Dad seldom goes home. Sometimes he gets hurt. I..."

For the next ten minutes, Yukio kept talking about her own matters. Aoba would occasionally say a few words. Comparatively speaking, since I am not good at communicating, I can only play the role of listening.

After saying that, she paused for a moment and revealed a smile to us.

"Sorry, I have told you so many things about me. It must be very boring."

"No such thing!" Aoba quickly said.

Yukio smiled and then stood up and said, "I'm going to prepare lunch. You guys wait for a while."

"I will go and help!" Aoba could not sit still.

"Let me help too." I also stood up from the sofa.


The sky turned dark and night came.

Aoba and I were arranged to stay in the bedroom on the second floor, on the left and right side of Yukio's bedroom. The empty room of Mr. San San, which was closed, was upstairs.

When they were sleeping, they could hear the sounds of struggling upstairs, the movements of the patients outside, and the screams that came from afar from time to time. It made people toss and turn, and besides these sounds, I could also vaguely hear the small movements in Yukio's bedroom next door. Although it was very subtle, I was certain that it was most likely the sound of a bullet being loaded into a magazine.

Ka, Ka, Ka...

It is like the ticking of a clock, a rhythmic sound.

One. The sound of the bullets continuously rang out, and there was the occasional sound of the bullets being withdrawn. The bullets kept rebounding on the ground, rebounding non-stop, and over and over again, not stopping for the entire night. Even though it was such a monotonous melody, it made me feel as though the bedroom was filled with chaotic emotions. It was as if something bad was being nurtured.

I gradually fell asleep.


The next morning.

Aoba and I sat in the living room on the first floor.

Yukio finally walked out of her bedroom and into the living room.

Aoba took the initiative to welcome her but found that Yukio's expression was very bad and could not help but ask, "Yukio, what happened to you? Didn't sleep well last night?"

"Yes, I did not sleep." Yukio smiled carelessly. Her eyes were bloodshot and there were traces of dark circles under them.

Then, she said, "Let's leave this place."

"Leave this place?" Aoba asked doubtfully, "Where to?"

"To the research institute set up by the city government." Yukio slowly said, "There might be a test phase red-eyed disease drug there. I want to find it."

"What if we can't find it?" I asked.

"Then we'll leave Beaver City immediately." Yukio immediately replied.

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