My Supernatural Squid Game/C6 Red Eye Disease(6)
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My Supernatural Squid Game/C6 Red Eye Disease(6)
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C6 Red Eye Disease(6)

I thought about leaving Beaver City last night.

According to the current information, the Red Eye is a mysterious disease that only spreads in Beaver City. It has never spread to other places since the modern world. Even if the Red Eye had an extremely high frequency outbreak, it was very likely that it had not spread to other places. It only wreaked havoc in the Beaver City. In other words, as long as they left the Beaver City, He would be able to say goodbye to this damn nightmare.

More importantly, the method of infection of the Red Eye had yet to be clarified. Everyone present, including me, has a chance to suddenly turn red in the next second and attack him. Mr Miwa's illness also happened very suddenly. No one knew how he got infected.

The only thing we know about the countermeasures against the Red Eye is to leave Beaver City.

The Beaver City has never been a closed city. It is like other cities that maintain a high level of human traffic. But why are there no Red Eye people in other cities? Perhaps there were no conditions to cause the Red Eye to flare up in other cities. Even infected people could continue living in normal conditions.

Back to the topic, the topic was the research institute established by the city government.

"How do you plan to go?" I asked Yukio.

"Drive." Yukio quickly replied.

"Do you know how to drive? I'll make it clear that I don't know how to drive." I said.

"I know how to drive," Wang Yao said. Yukio said, "I learned it before, so you can rest assured."

So that's how it was. Since it was like this, at least the means of transportation were guaranteed.

"I will go upstairs and prepare first."

After Yukio finished speaking, she left the living room first.

Aoba and I waited in the living room.

"Speaking of which, you changed your clothes?" I looked at Aoba.

"Eh? Hmm..." Aoba touched the clothes she was wearing, "This is actually Yukio's clothes. She prepared it for me before I took a shower last night and even gave me a pair of pajamas."

This morning she was wearing an ocean-blue long-sleeved shirt. From the collar, one could faintly see the white sweater inside. She was wearing a pair of dark grey seven-inch pants and a pair of calves that were extended out from her pants were wrapped in black warm pantyhose. She was wearing a pair of fluffy white rabbit slippers on her feet.

"Because this pair of pants is a bit loose, I borrowed a belt." Aoba added.

"This is a pair of pants? Aren't they the seven-inch pants? "

"It's the middle pants, but if you wear it on me..." Aoba suddenly reacted, "Ah! Ning Hai, are you laughing at my short legs?"

"No, I'm just saying that you're short, and I'm not laughing at you." I explained.

"This is mocking!"

Because Yukio was taller and more plump than Aoba, her clothes seemed loose on Aoba. No wonder I felt that Aoba's hoodie was not very tight and her collar was a little bigger than usual. The sleeves and lower hem of the clothes were also slightly longer. So it was because of this reason. In this way, it was originally shorter... After correcting, Aoba, who already looked petite to begin with, appeared to have even more young teeth in her eyes. Is this person really a social person older than me? She didn't lie to me, right?

Aoba seemed to be a little angry.

Seeing this, I could only get down to business.

"Do you plan to help Yukio?"

"Hmm?" Aoba was stunned for a moment. "What do you mean?"

"Yukio wants to enter the research institute and look for the possible or even more likely non-existent special Red Eye medicine. Maybe she wants to use that to cure Mr Miwa." I said to Aoba, "But this has nothing to do with us. We can just leave and leave Beaver City by ourselves. In the end, Yukio is not your true friend, right? She is just a friend of Suzukaze Aoba in this world. You actually do not know her. You also know nothing about her, let alone friendship."

Right now, the people outside are all Red Eye people. One more trip is equivalent to taking one more risk. Do we really have to contribute to Yukio's personal plan?

"I want to help her." Aoba said resolutely.

"What reason do you have?" I asked.

Aoba did not answer. Perhaps she could not answer my question at all, nor could she think of a rational motive. Her choice was caused by her feelings, but she did not show a wavering attitude because of it, which meant that she insisted that her choice was right. She said, "I want to help her."

"But you don't seem to be able to beat those patients."

"Er..." Aoba was hit and said without confidence, "I will work hard!"

There was no good thing in this world that could be overcome with hard work.

"Ning Hai, what about you? Don't you want to help Yukio?" Aoba asked.

"Me..." I thought about it briefly.

If Aoba insists on going with Yukio, then I can only act alone. The problem of choosing this route is that I don't know how to drive. And I have never come into contact with driving skills, so my understanding of driving is limited to "There is a five-line clip in front of us, let's fight it out there. Tengyuan 0 Sea!" And "Damn it, I flipped the car again, if I drag it out any longer, I'll be caught by the police car... There's a red sports car in front of me, let's see how I drag the car owner down!" From this, it can be seen what kind of tragedy it will lead to if I drive. Of course, although I don't know how to drive, I can find a survivor who knows how to drive. However, this will give rise to a second problem, and that is... Where did the car come from? Even though abandoned vehicles are everywhere outside, I don't think that the survivors who can activate the car after pulling out two wires and touching each other can be easily found.

Even if you ignore the problem of cars, finding survivors who know how to drive might not take much more time than going to the research institute.

"Looks like I can only help her." I said to Aoba.

"That's great!" Aoba was very happy and her expression became much brighter.

At this time, Yukio walked down from upstairs and stopped at the middle of the stairs. She said to me, "Ning Hai, can you help me with something?"

"What is it?" I asked.

"Dad has been struggling. It's not good for me to move him down." Yukio said, "Can you help me knock him out? Just like yesterday."


I followed Yukio to the third floor and entered the empty room where Mr Miwa was locked. Aoba followed closely behind.

On the bed, Mr Miwa was completely bound by a yellow rope. He struggled for a moment. Normally, when people struggled like this, they would also scream, but Mr Miwa was like a mute. Even if he struggled with all his might, he wouldn't scream. This was the common characteristic of all Red Eye people. No matter what they did, they wouldn't make a sound. It was just a hair-raising silence. No matter if it was normal walking or cruel killing, they would never show any signs of being able to communicate.

Even though Mr Miwa did not have the ability to move at the moment, Aoba was scared like a timid hedgehog and could not help but retreat behind me.

If I did not have the Superpower, I would definitely not be willing to get close to this kind of patient.

"Sorry to trouble you." Yukio looked at me.

"Leave it to me."

I stood at the door and shook my hand in the direction of the bed.

Mr Miwa's neck had a hand-shaped indentation. After a while, he stopped struggling.

Yukio was silent for a while and asked, "This is?"

"This is the Superpower." I explained to Yukio, "Next, we will be teammates who will survive together. I will not say that I will not hide anything from each other, but at least it is necessary to let the other party know what they should know."

"So that's how it is. It's the Superpower." Yukio suddenly understood, "No wonder previously..."

She might have thought of the many unusual things that appeared on my body earlier.

"I hope that you do not casually publicize it to the public." I say.

"Sure. Since you've told me the secret, then it's my duty to keep it a secret for you." Yukio nodded solemnly, "But I have another question."


"Can the Superpower cure the Red Eye?" Yukio did not have much expectation when she asked the question.

"I can't do it." I replied, "My Superpower can only move objects across space. In layman terms, it is a Psychokinesis and does not have the effect of healing."

"Is that so..." Yukio let out a breath. It was not a disappointment even if she said she was disappointed. It was just like how she got a thank you gift during the lottery. Even if she did not get it, it was not unexpected.

I walked towards Mr Miwa.

"Let me help you move him out. He is going to be moved to the car, right?"

"Yes, please." Yukio said.

Next, we went to the garage.

Yukio opened the car trunk and tried to stuff Mr Miwa in, but she failed.

"I can't fit him in." I said.

In the past, he could occasionally see criminals stuffing their victims into the trunk of a car, but in reality, after trying it out, he realized that it was not possible. Maybe it was because Mr Miwa was taller? Or maybe it was because the trunk of the car was narrow? Even if I adjust Mr Miwa to a curled up position, the lid of the trunk still won't close.

Yukio thought for a moment.

"I have no choice. Put dad in the back seat of the car." She said.

"That's all we can do." I said, "I'll sit with him. This way, when he wakes up, we can keep an eye on him."

"Eh? But if that's the case, Ning Hai's side will feel very uncomfortable..." Aoba said.

Indeed, although there will only be Mr Miwa and me in the back row, It seems like Mr Miwa is able to do it with ease, but if Mr Miwa were to struggle with all his strength, the space in the back row, which was originally not very big, would suddenly become crowded. Even if I can use the Psychokinesis to suppress him, I can only suppress him for a moment. After all, I also need to rest. The Psychokinesis cannot be activated at all times, but I can tolerate this kind of troublesome matter. Other than that, there was no other way.

"I have no problem with that." I showed an indifferent attitude.

"Is that so? I do have a perfect solution." Yukio said.

"What is it?" Aoba asked curiously.

One minute later.

"Why did it become like this!" Aoba shouted.

At this moment, Yukio had already sat in the driver's seat while Aoba and I sat in the passenger seat at the same time.

What is the meaning of sitting in the front passenger seat at the same time? Simply describing it... Yukio first let me sit in the front passenger seat before letting Aoba sit in. She then sat in the seat that I opened my legs to sit in.

Mr Miwa, on the other hand, had his hands and feet tied up and was slightly curled up in the back seat.

"This is the best way to do both." Yukio said seriously.


Aoba seemed to be crying, but because from my angle, I can only see the top of her head and the back of her head, so I don't know what her expression is.

It seems that she is very resistant to intimate contact with the opposite sex, but this is also of course. I think that as long as it is a normal girl, she will have this kind of basic self-love consciousness, right? I don't have much contact with girls, so I am not very clear about it. Now, Aoba seems to be unable to let me and Mr Miwa sit together in the back seat. As long as she says it, I won't refuse. But her caring heart became one of the culprits that caused her to feel restless.

"If you feel that it's not good, I can also sit in the back." I said.

"No, it's fine..."

Aoba chose to maintain the current situation.

Yukio, who was in the driver's seat, took out a small remote control and pressed it.

In front, the garage door slowly opened and dazzling sunlight shone in.

"Maybe he won't come back..." Yukio muttered and stepped heavily on the accelerator.

The car immediately sped out.

"Wow!" Aoba cried out in shock. Her entire body was stuck to my body due to inertia.

"Sorry, are you alright?" Yukio asked with concern.

"I'm fine..." Aoba quickly sat up straight.

Although I couldn't see, I could feel that she was so shy that her entire body was trembling. It was as if she rarely came into contact with the opposite sex, but I don't think it should be that bad, right? Aoba said that she is already a working member of the society. Could it be that all the members of the company she works in are also women?

The car quickly drove onto the highway.

There were many abandoned cars on the road, as well as patients wandering around.

Just like what Mr Miwa did yesterday, Yukio also followed the driving guidelines of avoiding cars and bumping into people when she saw them. She was especially fierce.

Aoba could not bear to look at the patients who were knocked away.

Mr Miwa had said that the Red Eye could not be cured. The special medicine was just a fake card from the city government. Yukio thought that with the improvement of technology, the Red Eye could not be cured. Even the Red Eye could be cured. This might also be the reason why Yukio had high expectations for the special medicine that might not exist. But now, she was charging wildly at the patients, not caring about their life or death at all. It was as if she also thought that there was no way to save them.

No, that's not right.

If Yukio thought that the patients were incurable, she would not have any expectations for the special medicine. She thought that the patients could be saved, so she used the car to hit them without hesitation.

I looked at Yukio's side profile.

Yukio's expression was indifferent, as if all the people she hit were roadblocks.

Previously, she looked quite normal, but now looking at it again... Her mental state was indeed not right. I don't plan to be her psychiatrist. As long as she can smoothly help us leave Beaver City... After that, there's no need for us to cooperate anymore.

I looked at the patients outside once again.

Although these patients seemed to be able to think and use tools, As expected, they act completely based on killing people as the motivation. As long as there was no one around, they would wander around like zombies until someone approached them. Only then would they really come back to life, pick up the weapons in their hands, and rush over to hunt.

Moreover, they didn't seem to know how to organize a large-scale force.

I recalled my previous contact with the patients.

Although it wasn't many times, from my observations, I can more or less speculate that they would at most cooperate in small teams. Sometimes, they would work alone, sometimes in groups of three or five, and sometimes in numbers. They'll rush up in a mess.

The weakness of their cooperation consciousness might be caused by the symptoms of the Red Eye that refused to communicate.

No, it could not be concluded yet. How many Red Eye people have I seen? Perhaps there is a large number of patients residing in a certain part of the Beaver City. [They have organized and planned to kill the survivors, turning into a silent shadow that spread to the whole city.] Even as a Superpowered, I can't help but shiver in fear.

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