My Supernatural Squid Game/C7 Red Eye Disease(7)
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My Supernatural Squid Game/C7 Red Eye Disease(7)
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C7 Red Eye Disease(7)

The scenery outside the window is flying fast.

"When will the people outside come to rescue us?" Aoba muttered to herself.

If the Red Eye only wreaked havoc on the Beaver City and the other places were not affected, then the R Country government should have started to target the Beaver City to save them.

Now was the era of information circulation. News that was explosive enough could be transmitted from one side of the earth to the other side in less than a minute. The fall of a peaceful city was self-evident. It had been almost 24 hours since the outbreak of the Red Eye. It was reasonable to say that it was not strange when they met the rescue team in the city. However, there were no similar signs as far as the eye could see.

A few ideas quickly surfaced in my mind: perhaps the outbreak of the Red Eye was not limited to the Beaver City region, but also affected the surrounding cities. The rescue team was busy saving other places; perhaps the outbreak of the Red Eye was on the scale of a world, just like in many doomsday disaster movies. The human civilization was on the verge of destruction; perhaps the truth of the Red Eye was the biological weapon of an evil organization, and the current outbreak was a large-scale experiment of this force. The reason why the army did not come was because the government also had the interests of this organization... Things like that could not be finished in a short time. It was purely my imagination after watching too many fictional stories.

What is the actual situation? I am just an ordinary person who only has the specialty of Superpower. The few clues that I have are unable to support my deduction.

"Maybe soon." I casually responded to Aoba's muttering.

"Yes." Aoba was absent-minded.

Yukio glanced at us in a hurry and then looked back to the front. She drove away from the abandoned cars on the road.

"Ning Hai, you speak very well in Japanese." She said.

"That's true," ___ said. Aoba also reacted, "You studied for a long time?"

"Yes, I had special training before coming to R Country, and then I experienced a lot of practice here, so I gradually became familiar with it." I answered Aoba's question.

But this is a lie. I did not learn Japanese. The reason why I can speak so skillfully in Japanese is because of some kind of Supernatural Power that I do not know about. This must be directly related to the Black Hand that transported me and Aoba to this world. Perhaps it is because the location of the teleportation is R Country that I was automatically instilled with the ability of Japanese. Aoba, who was originally from R Country, remained the same. If the location of the teleportation was America, perhaps we would be able to speak fluent American English.

I did not mean to lie to Aoba, but Yukio is also present now. If I were to tell the truth, I would not know how to explain to Yukio about the origins of Aoba and me.

Twenty minutes later, we arrived at the front door of a facility.

Yukio stepped on the brakes and the car suddenly stopped.

"Ah!" Aoba immediately rushed forward.

Because they were sitting together, even though I had put on my seatbelt, Aoba, who was sitting in front of me, was unable to fasten it. The inertia of the brakes made her throw out uncontrollably.

I quickly hugged her.

When I hugged her, I thought that I should use the Psychokinesis to hold her. But in an emergency, I still used my body in a reflective manner. In the end, human instinct would not prioritize the use of the Psychokinesis. The most normal reaction would be to move your body the moment you encountered an emergency.

"Sorry, Aoba, are you alright?" Yukio looked over.

"No, no, no, nothing..." Aoba's voice was trembling and her body froze.

Because I was very close, I smelled the smell of the shampoo Aoba used yesterday. In addition, her body was also very soft. To be honest, I did not want to let go.

"It's good that you are fine." I still let go of her.

Then, we all got out of the car.

"This is the research institute set up by the city government..." Yukio looked forward and there was no expression on her face. No one knew what she was thinking.

Aoba finally got out of the car and looked relieved.

I also observed the front.

There was an iron fence door in front of them. On the left was the security room and on the right was a stone tablet with the words "Beaver City Second Biochemical Research Institute" written on it. On the other side of the door was a four-story tall white building. It took up a lot of space, so it was probably the research institute.

On the road between the fence door and the research institute, there were more than ten dead bodies lying on the ground. The flies were moving around the wounds in disgust.

"It should be someone who didn't manage to escape in time." I said.

Aoba noticed this scene and covered her mouth. Her expression was very ugly.

"It might be because the door here was not opened in time, so they could not escape. They were surrounded and killed by the patients." Yukio said calmly.

"The patients who killed these people might still be inside." I thought of this.

At this moment, a few figures ran over from both sides.

I looked around and saw that they were all patients with red eyes. They were all dressed differently and were carrying weapons that could be found on the spot. They were only 20 meters away from us and were rapidly approaching us.

Yukio frowned and took out her gun.

This gun should be Mr Miwa's. She had taken it over.

"Wait a minute. Don't waste bullets." I stopped Yukio. "I'll send you guys in first."

Just as I finished speaking, I used the Psychokinesis to easily lift Aoba up.

"Eh? Eh, hey, hey!" Aoba was shocked.

Thanks to her lithe body, I quickly placed her across from the iron fence door.

Then, I used the Psychokinesis to lift Yukio up.

Yukio, who had already seen it once, was naturally not too surprised. But because she was wearing a skirt. Therefore, there was a risk of being exposed. Of course I wouldn't look up. Frankly speaking, I'm not interested in girls' underwear, nor do I think it's pretty. Aren't collarbones and legs more valuable to look at?

The patients are only ten meters away from me.

When I placed Yukio on the opposite side of the iron fence door, the iron pipes, wooden sticks, bricks in their hands, and so on were about to land on my body. I attached the Psychokinesis to the surface of my skin, like an invisible shield.

"Ning Hai, be careful!" Aoba loudly reminded.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The attacks of the patients were all blocked.

"Don't worry." I said.

In just five seconds, my opponents were all knocked to the ground. Then, I used the Psychokinesis to make them faint.

"So powerful..." Aoba exclaimed.

If I can't defeat them even with the Superpower, then I have really wasted my time as a Superpowered.

I used the Psychokinesis to levitate and passed through the iron gate, arriving beside Aoba and Yukio.

"So the Superpower can actually fly." Yukio said.

"I just used the Psychokinesis to lift myself up." I said, "Moreover, lifting a person up is very tiring. It would be terrible if he suddenly couldn't hold on at such a high place."

"Even if it's like this, it's still very powerful." Aoba was especially envious.

Then, we came to the entrance of the white building.

Yukio faintly revealed a nervous expression. Whether Mr Miwa could be saved or not depended on whether there was any special medicine here.

"Speaking of which, is it okay to put Mr Miwa in the car?" Aoba looked back.

"It should not be a problem." I said, "The rope is tightly tied and the door is locked. He won't be able to escape."

"No, I am not talking about this..." Aoba was a little worried. "What if a patient attacks him?"

"Patients will not attack patients." Yukio said.

This was a fact that could be known by simply observing the movements of the patients. Aoba would not not not know. I think she did not have much confidence in her own reasoning, which was why she asked this question. As long as the surrounding people also said the same conclusion as her, then she could be at ease and accept it.

In this three-man team, Aoba was the weakest link. It was not that she could not understand her lack of confidence.

We passed through the main door and came to a hall.

The door was made of glass, but it was now completely broken. The hall was also in a mess, and there were a few corpses lying on the ground. The air was filled with a disgusting stench. The damaged lamps on the ceiling were shining at the same time, illuminating the dark red pools of blood and blood everywhere.

"Where should we start looking?" I asked.

"Let's look for survivors first." Yukio replied.

It sounded like the answer was not the question, but as long as they found the survivors of the research institute, they would naturally know the location of the special medicine, so they answered my question.

"Will there be any survivors here?" Aoba looked at the horrible scene with a pale face.

"There should be." I thought for a while. "Maybe someone locked himself in a room and isolated him from the patients."

"That's right." Yukio nodded.

After that, we investigated on the first floor. It only took 15 minutes for the investigation to be completed.

"We didn't find anything." Aoba sighed.

The first floor was filled with guest rooms and lounge rooms. Not to mention the special medicine, they did not even see the research equipment. Of course, they did not find any survivors either.

Not only that, but there were also no patients who were wandering around.

"Let's go upstairs and look for them." Yukio said.

Then, we went to the second floor through the stairs.

Although there was no elevator, in this kind of horror movie scene, We subconsciously avoided the elevator choice. In fact, the elevator doesn't seem to be damaged. At least when we passed by the elevator, we didn't see any signs of damage. The digital screen was also lit up.

After we reached the second floor, we passed by a white corridor that was lit up and dark. Along the way, we passed by a few dead bodies and arrived at a crossroad.

Yukio stopped.

"From here on out, let's investigate separately." She pointed to one of the paths, "I will investigate this place."

"Then I'll investigate this place." I pointed to another path.

"Then I'll..." Aoba was about to walk to the last path.

How could she walk alone? I immediately turned around and grabbed her, but I accidentally caught the tape on the back of her underwear.

Aoba's body stiffened.

"Ah, sorry." I let go of her hand.


The bullet in my underwear went back and made a sound.

Aoba turned around and faced me. She looked like she had received a huge impact.

I decided to ignore this expression and only talk about proper business.

"Although I didn't see any patients on the first floor, it might not be the case on the second floor." I said, "It's too dangerous for you to go alone. Come with me."

"What Ning Hai said makes sense." Yukio said.

Aoba looked at me and then looked at Yukio. She looked like she really wanted to say something, but in the end, she could only nod her head without saying anything.

Next, Aoba and I separated from Yukio.

"Sorry, I did not do it on purpose just now." I said to Aoba,

Aoba walked to my right, her face slanted to the right, not letting me see her expression.

She was angry?

But I really didn't do it on purpose.

After two minutes of silence, I brought up another matter.

"I told you before that I learned Japanese, but that was actually a lie." I said.

"Eh?" Aoba looked over curiously.

I looked at her and she turned her face away again.

"The Black Hand seems to have the ability to instill language knowledge into us." I continued, "Maybe it's because we were teleported to R Country this time and needed the ability to speak Japanese. That's why the Black Hand provided me with such convenience. You were originally from the R Country, so you didn't get this. "

"It's like this..." Aoba said in a low voice.

"Yukio was there just now. It is not easy to explain." I said, "Now there are only the two of us, so I will tell you the truth."

Aoba did not say anything.

Another minute of silence.

"I'm sorry about what happened just now." I said once again.

... "I'm not particularly angry." Aoba seemed to have finally calmed down, "I should be the one to apologize. I have clearly been relying on you to protect me, but I am angry with you... I'm sorry."

As she spoke, her tone carried a bit of self-loathing negativity.

"It's alright, I..."

Before I can finish speaking, there is a sudden movement.


"Ah!! "

A loud gunshot and a male scream came from behind.

Aoba and I looked at each other.

It was the direction Yukio and we were separated from each other!

We immediately ran towards the source of the sound. After a while, we ran to another corridor and arrived in front of a closed door.


I pushed open the door and entered the room. Aoba followed closely behind.

This was a small laboratory with a few tables. There were rows of test tubes and various experimental equipment on the table. On the other side, a man in a white coat sat with his back against the white wall. He looked at Yukio, who was standing in front of him, with fear.

Yukio held a gun in her right hand. Her beautiful face looked especially fierce.

"What did you just say!? Speak clearly!" She roared furiously.

I noticed that there was a small hole that was smoking next to the man's head.

"I said it very clearly!" The man cried out in an venting manner, "There's no special medicine at all! There's no special medicine!"

"No special medicine? Then what's on the news?"

"News... That's just a lie from the city government!" The man held his head with both hands in fear." There's no special medicine! There's no breakthrough! There's no American medical team! All lies, lies!"

Looking at this scene, I more or less understood what happened.

After separating from Aoba and me, Yukio quickly found the survivors of the research institute. It was this man. She found out from the man the truth that there was no special medicine and the hope of saving her biological father was shattered like a bubble. It caused her to fall into a hysterical state of mind.

"Lies? Lies! Fuck your lies!" Yukio pointed the gun at the man's forehead with a ferocious expression.

The man trembled and shouted, "It's useless! Even if you kill me, it's useless. The Red Eye can't cure it!"

"Shut up!" Yukio was furious.

"We have tried many times, many times! We have tried all kinds of methods!" The man bawled, "Red Eye can't cure it! Even if the current technology is countless times more advanced, it definitely can't cure the Red Eye! The Red Eye... is not an illness at all! We can't find the virus, we can't find the bacteria. We can't find the parasites, we can't even find the infected parts! We can't find anything! The Red Eye is not an illness. It is a complete and utter curse!!"

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