My Supernatural Squid Game/C8 Red Eye Disease(8)
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My Supernatural Squid Game/C8 Red Eye Disease(8)
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C8 Red Eye Disease(8)

Judging from the man's tone, he's probably one of the researchers in this facility. Even he said that they were helpless against the Red Eye and called it a complete curse in despair. From this, it could be seen that the Red Eye was a terrifying disease, and the hope of curing it was very slim.

No, in the end, was the Red Eye really a disease? This man saying that the Red Eye was a curse might not be a metaphor. It was the truth. No matter what disease it was, it was ultimately an anomaly in the human body. However, the research institute could not find the cause of the disease in the Red Eye. This was clearly different from the concept of disease in common sense. In the medical world, the only disease that could meet the condition of "not being able to find the disease" was probably mental illness.

It could not be said that the Red Eye was a mental illness, right?

After hearing the man's cry, Yukio was silent for a long time. Then she suddenly raised her gun and aimed at the man's head. She pressed the trigger with her fingers.

I could see killing intent from her cold expression.


Gunshots rang out and bullets shot out.

In the blink of an eye, I released an invisible Psychokinesis and lifted Yukio's wrist, causing the bullet that shot out from the muzzle to deviate from its original trajectory and shoot ten centimeters above the man's head.

A small hole appeared on the white wall and stone chips fell onto the man's hair.

He stared at Yukio with his mouth agape. He could not even scream as if he had gone mute. He was stunned.

Yukio immediately knew that I was interfering and glared at me.

"He is not a patient." I looked at Yukio.

"But he lied to us!" Yukio gritted her teeth and said.

"Don't push yourself into a dead end." I said, "Your condition is very wrong. I won't watch you kill people without doing anything."

"What do you know about me? It's not like the one who contracted the Red Eye is your family!" Yukio shouted angrily.

Ever since Mr Miwa became a patient, Yukio's mentality began to lose its balance. I don't know how much position Mr Miwa occupied in Yukio's heart, but considering that it was her only family, Even if I can't empathize with him, I can understand that the matter is very serious.

"My mother also contracted the Red Eye." I mentioned something that actually had nothing to do with me. "Yesterday morning, when I was about to go out, she suddenly stabbed me with a kitchen knife."

Yukio was stunned when she heard me say that.

I didn't lie. I was speaking the truth. Ning Hai's mother in this world has indeed become a patient and attacked me, but I do not care about this matter. The person who attacked me wasn't my real mother. She was just a stranger to me. I can't even say her name.

However, I think that as long as I say that, Yukio will at least calm down.

When I mentioned this matter, I didn't deliberately reveal a sad expression. I also did not pretend to be calm and just calmly narrated. After briefly narrating that experience, my calmness seemed to have been given a whole new meaning in Yukio's eyes. It was like a line of ordinary sentences would be full of emotion in a specific era. It was also like a painting painted by a child. When a writer was exposed to mental illness, it seemed to be crazy. Perhaps my expression was also understood by her as a sign of suppressing my sadness.

She gradually calmed down and put down her gun.

I heaved a sigh of relief and looked at the frightened man. I asked, "Where did the patients in this research institute go?"

... "" The man only reacted after a while. "Uh, what?"

"When we came in, we saw a lot of corpses. Those were all killed by the patients, right? Where are these patients now?"

"This, this..." The man said uncertainly, "They should have left? Although they would only wander around when they did not see people, But after wandering around for a long time, It seems like they'll leave on their own and head to another region. "

"Isn't the door here closed?" I asked.

"You came in from the front door, right? There is more than one entrance to the research institute. They probably left through another entrance." The man honestly answered my question.

"So that's how it is."

After answering my question, I didn't have any other questions I wanted to ask.

"Let's go." I said to Aoba and Yukio.

Then, we left the room.

"Wait... Wait a minute!" The man's voice came from behind.

He turned around and saw that the man was holding onto the wall as he climbed up. Then, he followed.

"Please let me go with you." The man had a flattering smile on his face. "I'm alone and there's nothing to eat here. So..."

"I refuse." I say, "You may have the need to follow us, but we don't have your needs."

"I will definitely help you. I can help you with all the dirty work." The man tried his best to recommend himself.

"No need." I coldly and forcefully rejected him.

The man cast his hopeful gaze towards Yukio and Aoba.

Yukio expressionlessly glanced at him, causing him to involuntarily shrink his head. Even though Aoba was more soft-hearted, she did not have the intention of making decisions for the team on her own and looked at me.

"That's the matter. Goodbye." I said to the man.

Then, ignoring his pleas, we left the research institute, went through the main gate, and returned to the car.

The man followed us from afar, but after we got into the car, he couldn't keep up.

I sat in the passenger seat and looked up at the rearview mirror. I can't see him anymore.

"What will happen to him next..." Aoba muttered to herself.

By the way, just like when we went to the research institute, she and I sat in the co-pilot seat together. As the saying goes, once gives birth to two children at the same time. She was no longer as stiff as she was at the beginning.

"Next, it's time to leave Beaver City, right?" Aoba suddenly stopped at this point, "En... Oh right, I thought of a good thing! "

"What is it?" Yukio looked at Aoba and her expression became much more relaxed.

When she spoke to Aoba, her attitude was clearly very different from when she spoke to others. These two people - or to be more precise, she should have a pretty good relationship with this world's Aoba.

Aoba thought about it and then said, "There is no Red Eye outside the Beaver City, right?"

"That's right." I helped her confirm this information. "The Beaver City and other places have a constant flow of people. Among them, there must be people who bring the cause of illness to other places. But I have never heard of any Red Eye in other places. "

Because I don't know if the cause of the Red Eye is bacteria, viruses, or parasites, I replaced it with the term pathogen.

" This should be because there are no conditions for people with cause of illness in other places, right? " Aoba asked.

"Maybe." I said.

"Then, is it possible..." Aoba looked at Yukio, "As long as we bring Mr Miwa out of Beaver City, it is possible for him to return to his original state?"

Chi -

Yukio suddenly stepped on the brakes and Aoba was driven by inertia to the front. I could only hug Aoba once more.

"As long as... we bring her out of Beaver City?" Yukio muttered and her dull eyes gradually lit up.

Transporting Mr Miwa to a place that seemed to not have the conditions for the outbreak of the Red Eye to restore him to his original state - although this idea was not very reliable, it was indeed worth a try.

Yukio turned her head to look at Aoba. Her upper body moved from the driver's seat to the passenger's seat and grabbed the other person's shoulders.

"That's right, that's it, that's it!" She looked very excited. "Why didn't I think of it? I should have thought of this long ago! Aoba, thank you!"

" Uh... No need to thank me. " Aoba was shocked by Yukio's sudden burst of enthusiasm.

Looking at this scene, I could not bear to pour cold water on Yukio. This method seems to have a chance of success, but it is also possible to fail, right? However, Yukio should be able to think of such a thing. There is no need for me to pour cold water on her.

After rearranging the posture, the car started to move again.


After 30 minutes, the car arrived at a highway.

In the meantime, Yukio took out the map and confirmed the direction of the car. She then put the map aside. Now, I brought this map and flipped through it out of boredom.

Aoba, who was sitting in front of me, was also looking at it. This posture felt like a father and daughter pair reading a newspaper... No, I accidentally treat Aoba as a junior sister again. Her face and figure are really too easy to confuse one's age. Although it is very cute, it is not wrong. Personally, I also like girls like Aoba very much, but in reality, this kind of situation is really quite unusual.

"About... 40 minutes of journey, right?" Aoba asked uncertainly.

"Yes, about that time." I nodded.

After a while, the car we were in left a fork in the road. A red car suddenly ran out from the side. The two cars were parallel to each other.

We immediately noticed it.

"Someone's there?" Aoba was shocked, "Are they survivors? Or a patient?"

"Can patients drive?" I casually asked.

Then, I thought about it. Since the patient knows how to use tools, it's not new for him to know how to drive.

The driver of the red car beside us also noticed us, and the window slowly rolled down.

I also lowered the window on this side.

Sitting in the driver's seat opposite us was a young office worker in a suit, and on the passenger seat was a young woman.

"Are you survivors?" The office worker asked a question that he knew the answer to.

"That's right." I said to him, "Do you also plan to leave Beaver City?"

"That's right." The office worker had an unbearable expression on his face. "It will be too dangerous to stay in the city any longer. I don't want to stay here any longer. I heard that there has never been a Red Eye in other places, so I thought... Even in this situation, it should be safe to stay in another place, right?"

It seems like there are people who have the same thoughts as us.

"Are you a couple?" Aoba asked curiously.

"Hahaha." The office worker laughed politely, "We are not a couple. We are husband and wife."

"Hey!" Aoba was surprised.

She did not know what was there to be surprised about, even though they were very young. But there are a lot of young people getting married, right? However, I was three seconds late before I realized that this was Aoba's talking technique. She deliberately showed surprise when others threw out answers that were contrary to her own thoughts to liven up the atmosphere. This did not mean that Aoba was a character who would use scheming when talking. Anyone who was good at socializing would use this kind of small chatting technique. Aoba is a person who is far more good at socializing than me. Perhaps she really does not understand the ways of the world. But this did not prevent her from having the ability to make friends.

The young woman in the passenger seat across from her showed a kind smile to Aoba.

"What about you guys? You and this little brother should be a couple, right?" The office worker asked casually.

"N-No way!" Aoba hurriedly denied.

"Isn't it?" The office worker was stunned for a moment. "But aren't you guys sitting together? They are so close, if they are not a couple... Oh, I get it. They're siblings, right?"

Aoba did not answer, as if she did not know how to respond for a moment.

If we admit that we only knew each other for a day here, we would not even be considered acquaintances. Then we would definitely be misunderstood as an undisciplined girl, right? This is the reason why I thought of Aoba's awkwardness at this moment. Actually, if Aoba and I are brothers and sisters, then based on our age... It should not be brother and sister, but brother and sister.

"Even if we are siblings, it would not be good to be too intimate." The office worker thought that Aoba had tacitly agreed.

Hearing what he said, Aoba became even more embarrassed.

"Have you seen any other survivors?" I raised a question.

"Hm? The other survivors..." The office worker recalled, "I met some of them, but they were strangers after all, so they weren't together. I still have a wife and daughter to protect, so I have to be careful."

Maybe because we are all students, he didn't have much vigilance towards us.

" Daughter? "

I looked at the back seat and saw a young girl who was about seven to eight years old sleeping inside through the translucent window.

"Oh right, we also met a strange person." The office worker suddenly said, "He was wearing a very heavy armor. When we were about to be killed by those patients, he rescued us. For some reason, he was always unwilling to take off his helmet and let us see his face. We invited him to join us, but he said he wanted to save more people. So he left."

"A strange man wearing armor saving people?" Aoba complained, "It sounds like a superhero in a manga."

"Right? I think so too. Not only does it sound like a superhero, it also sounds like it." The office worker said," I saw it with my own eyes. He first put his palms together and then slapped the ground. A stone platform suddenly stretched out from the ground and lifted us up. He didn't let the patients surrounding us get close. "

"Superpower?" Aoba let out a surprised voice and turned around to look at me.

I can't do such a thing. I might be able to do it when I become stronger in the future.

But... to be honest, even though I know that it wouldn't do us any good even if he lied to us, I still can't help but doubt the authenticity of his words. A superhero who wears armor to uphold justice and even has a Superpower? This was too suspicious. It wasn't normal for people to immediately believe him.

"Oh, there's more." The office worker remembered something, "Although he didn't show his face, he still said his name."

"Is that so? What's his name?" I asked.

I was already mentally prepared to hear the names of Tok Stark and Burns Wayne from the other party. By the way, I also mentioned that these two people don't have Superpower and can't stay in R Country.

The office worker answered my question.

"Alphonse Elric." He said.

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