My Sweet Seduction/C10 Cindy's Wedding
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My Sweet Seduction/C10 Cindy's Wedding
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C10 Cindy's Wedding

I REMAINED SILENT. I have no intention of discussing this matter further because I am not in the position to ask him for an explanation.

I just went straight to the room he had reserved for me last night and slumped on the side of the bed. I calmed myself a few times before noticing the red rose he had given me. I closed my eyes for a moment and smelled its scent. I can’t help but smile when I saw again the letter he wrote.

“Hmm. Lucky rose . . .”

My eyes opened. Lawrence leaned against the door frame staring at me with a curved lip. His dimple shows. I can’t help but be overwhelmed.

What would it be like to be trapped in his arms, especially if something more serious had happened to us last night? I quickly shook my head and scolded myself for thinking about that.

“Our lunch is ready. Let’s eat,” he said before leaving.

I quietly followed because I actually starving. He pulled out a chair for me and gently tapped my shoulder before sitting down in front of me. We ate quietly as if nothing happened.

“So, how is Peter?” He rolled the wine in his glass and looked carefully into my eyes.

“Hmm, he was okay,” I replied. I noticed that he just raised an eyebrow before continuing to eat.

He never spoke again. But I was surprised when he leaned against me and my back stiffened in the chair. I close my eyes as he wipes the edge of my lip. My heart melted. I also feel like my cheeks are already red because of embarrassment.

“Sorry,” he said before returning to his seat.

I swallowed. “All right.”

We looked at each other until his phone rang in his pocket. I had the opportunity to watch him. This guy is definitely attractive. He has tiny sparkling eyes and a voice that is warmer than sunlight.

I blinked when he spoke. “Finish your meal. I have important things to do at the reception.”

Lawrence left immediately when I finished eating. I didn’t even try to leave the suite and just chose to call Cindy.

I was expecting her sequential question, but I did not give any details because I was not sure of what Lawrence and I have.

After I learned that she had arrived at the resort, Cindy and I headed to the suite. Lawrence and I are still on her mind, and she has a lot to say about it. At first, she did not want to believe that nothing happened between us, so she kept on asking other questions. But I remained silent even when we got to her suite to put on the gown for the wedding. My belongings that Lawrence himself allegedly brought were already there.

“All right. I’ll believe nothing happened to you two, but just a little,” Cindy said tremblingly as she faced the dresser. She has her hair and makeup fixed.

I rolled my eyes. It also makes no sense even if I explain; after all, it looks like she has no intention of believing my answers.

I looked again at the gown I was going to wear. I frown because the gown was too revealing. I don’t really like to wear this. If it weren’t for Cindy’s wedding, I would definitely not be able to enjoy it.

“You look so gorgeous! I told you, my works really belong to you,” said Cindy when we were both ready, and I was already wearing the gown. “Look at yourself in the mirror!” She pulled me over and presented me in the full-length mirror while she was in the back. “You are so beautiful.”

I pursed my lips. I looked at her and shifted her into my seat. I took a step behind her and grabbed both of her shoulders.

“I am nothing compared to you, bestie. You are better. You are blessed and precious. Carrick is very lucky because you are the one he will marry,” I told her.

She shook her head slightly and smiled, but I saw a pearl of tears that wanted to spill from her eyes.

I couldn’t wait for her to cry, so I hugged her from behind.

“I’m sure that Carrick will love you more than anything in this world. I can assure him that you are with him in building a family and in growing old,” I told her.

She grabbed my arm that was hugging her and nodded. She definitely refuses to be emotional because of her makeup. I finally let go of her when the wedding planner and the photographer knocked. The photographer said that the photoshoot will begin with some flower girls, then bridesmaids, and last are her parents.

After the long photoshoot, we were called for the upcoming wedding. So I left Cindy to go to the venue first.


“MARGAUX!” I HEARD someone call me.


“Wow! You look gorgeous tonight!” The admiration in his eyes could not be denied.

“Thank you. You too.” He was very handsome in his black suit.

“Thanks,” he said with a smile before winking at me. He held out his hand to me, and I welcomed him.

I even looked at Carrick, who was always with his best man Lawrence. My heart pounded so fast as I watched his dark and dangerous eyes. He’s wearing a black tuxedo, while the groom is wearing a white tuxedo.

The weather was suitable for the wedding because the sky was very clear. The evening sky was incredible, along with the cold breeze.

My eyes twinkled with excitement. I feel like I’m in a fairytale, but sadly I’m not the bride. I can’t help but go back to the painful things that happened between Lester and me. Maybe it’s just time to heal the wound he left in my heart.

I stopped thinking when some guests started making noise. I saw Cindy start walking. She is very beautiful in a white gown. It sat just below the knee and was surrounded by dazzling stones that further accentuate its beauty. There was a smile on her face. This is probably her widest smile ever since I met her.

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