My Sweet Seduction/C12 Sweet Kiss
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My Sweet Seduction/C12 Sweet Kiss
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C12 Sweet Kiss

“IF YOU CAN’T, it’s okay—”

“No, it’s okay,” he cut me off.

“Alright, then I will set a schedule for our meeting after we get back to Manila,” I declared.

“No problem,” he still answered sparingly to me. Since it looks like he really has no intention of talking to me, I decided to just look out the window again.

But to my surprise, the car suddenly turned to a restaurant.

“Let’s eat first before going home,” he said, something I agreed with.

“They have delicious food here,” he said as we walked inside.

“Elliesse Restaurant”, that was the name of the restaurant he brought me. I can’t help but appreciate it since the diner’s overall structure is appealing. There’s also a large tree in there, as well as a stairway to the rooftop, which I’m sure I will love.

The place is beautiful, and the theme color was green. The table and chairs are made of top-notch wood. A violinist is playing in the corner, and the restaurant is connected by a large bridge. There’s a fish pond beneath it with a variety of colors and sizes of coy fish. Overall, those who stopover will find this place refreshing and relaxing.

“How’d you know this place?” I asked inwardly.

“This place reminds me of someone,” he said before looking up at the top of the tree and shook his head.

I wanted to ask who he was referring to, but I knew I was not in the place to do that.

“Good afternoon—Mr. Saavedra?” There was a shock on the waiter’s face, especially when he saw me.

“Good afternoon,” he answered.

He led us inside, where there were also a large number of individuals. Suddenly I had the idea of having a restaurant like this. Maybe I’ll think about that after the anniversary of our hotel.

I glanced at it when his cellphone rang in his pocket.

“Excuse me, I need to answer this call,” he said goodbye to me, and I just nodded.

I followed him with my eyes, and I noticed that many people also looked at him. Even with only his back, his elegance and posture are undeniable. His broad shoulder is very firm and straight in an attractive way. He has a chiseled face, a powerful mouth, a fine bridge nose, and eyes that look ruthlessly hot.


I ADJUSTED ON my seat when I saw Lawrence back at our table. Fortunately, our order has arrived, so I decided to just turn my attention to the food that the waiter served.

Roasted chicken with spicy barbecue sauce, together with tempura and sweet and sour cream. And lastly, Italian spaghetti and veggie salad.

I could not deny the hunger, so in the end, I ate a lot. I was just drinking pineapple juice when he spoke to me.

“You ate too much,” he teased before the crazy smile rose at the corner of his lips. And it made me blushed.

Damn, you’re embarrassing, Margaux!

I was thankful that he also finished eating, so we decided to continue our trip. Again, the deafening silence filled our entire trip.

“Carrick called me,” he started. He looked at me quickly before turning his eyes back to the road. “He told me that Sarah was rushed to the hospital this morning, and she was bleeding.”

“Why are you saying that?” I asked without looking at him. My temper is boiling up as I’ve heard her name.

“I also consider Sarah as a sister. Please don’t be offended by what I said,” he explained in a softer tone.

“So, how’s the baby?” I asked. I am not that bad, so I was still worried for the child.

“The baby was okay. The doctor said she needs to take some rest. She was probably tired from yesterday’s trip because of the wedding,” he replied.

Silence spread between us. I honestly have nothing more to say. I feel like I’m being slapped by the fact that Lester and I will never be together again.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have mentioned that to you,” he apologized, then glance at me.

“It’s okay; that is unavoidable,” I muttered to him before focusing on the window. Even if I wanted to escape from their shadow, it seemed like we were forced to be tied together.

I was thankful he never mentioned it again.

A few minutes later, we reached Manila.

“Thank you for bringing me home,” I said softly. I started to pull out the seatbelt from my body, but it got stuck. I felt like I was sweating profusely when I looked at him.

“Let me do it.” He moves his head closer to me. I felt like I was a candle in my seat as he removed the seatbelt.

“There you go,” he said. He leans in, so our eyes met, and there was very little space between our faces.

My heart was pounding fast. “T-thanks,” I stuttered, then bit my lip hard and lowered my head. As soon as I lift my head up, I knew my eyes would betray me.

“Will you stop doing that damn thing?” he said, then muttered a curse intently.

“Doing what?” I ask nervously and inhale sharply.

“Are you trying to seduce me using that sexy trick?” he asked softer now. I know he is trying to find my eyes.

I gasped heavily. “You know what, I’ll better be going. Thanks for the ride, Mr. Saavedra,” I said and trying to elude.

But I was unable to hold the door handle because he still remained in front of me.

“You’re not just easy to forget, Margaux,” he whispered again. His voice sent a shiver down my spine. I can’t utter a word. The intensity of my heartbeat made me feel like I was deaf.

I felt my blood dripping down my veins. I turned sideways, but his thumb caressed my cheeks, then I shyly looked back at him.

“You’re beyond beautiful, Margaux,” he praised, then his hand reaches under my hair below my ear.

“Lawrence,” I whispered. All I wanted was to leave, but my body did not have enough strength to do that.

I could already feel his breath on my face as we still stared at each other. The desire and hunger glowed in his dark brown eyes.

Then, he closes the space between us as our lips pressed together in a long passionate kiss. My eyes widened in shock, but it did not last. I just found myself slowly turn a blind eye.

His lips felt so gentle and warm. My hand clawed at the nape of his neck as the kiss began to grow stronger. No one has ever kissed me like this, even Lester; we do not share this kind of kiss.

I seemed to be under his spell, so I forgot to breathe.

But it was as if I woke up to a beautiful dream when he let go of me.

“That was sweet,” he whispered.


“GOOD MORNING, MA’AM!” Karen greeted me with a smile on Monday morning.

“Good morning, Karen!” I responded.

I went straight to my office. It has also been a week since I got back to work from a vacation.

“Want some coffee, Marg?” She opened the door after knocking.

“Yes, please, Karen,” I said before facing the papers on the table and facing them vigorously.

She came back with a cup of coffee and gently laid in front of me.

“Your schedule for today is a meeting with Mr. Locsin at 10 am, with Mrs. Talameda at 1 o’clock, and with Mr. Saavedra at 4 pm,” she informed while leaning on the tablet she was holding.

My heart starts pounding as I heard his name.

“Ma’am?” she commented on my silence.

I quickly shook my head. “All right, thank you, Karen. I just call you when I need something.”

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