My Sweet Seduction/C13 An offer
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My Sweet Seduction/C13 An offer
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C13 An offer

"PLEASE, come in!" I heard a voice say at the door.

"Hijo! Nice to see you again!" The older man greeted us warmly, yet his brightness was bright even though he was a little older than Lawrence.

"Good evening, Uncle!" he said to old man in frontof him.

"Elliesse will be a little late but she's on her way," he told Lawrence before tapping him on the shoulder.

I felt Lawrence's grip on my hand tighten as he mentioned the name the old Del 'fierro said.

I noticed he glanced at me so Lawrence quickly introduced me to it.

"Ah, uncle this is Margaux Collins," he introduced me to him.

"Good evening!" I respectfully greet him without forgetting to reach out for hand.

Sunday morning, I was quietly having coffee on the veranda. I let the sun kiss my skin. Sip some coffee and taste the air that touches my skin.

I have no plans to go out today because I plan to bake a cake today and enjoy my day off. But that's how I frowned when I heard a series of knocks from my unit door.

I frowned as I opened the door and who was knocking and that's how my jaw dropped when I recognized it.-

"Good morning!" he greeted with a big smile on his face.

"Lawrence? W-what are you doing here?!"

"Just visiting..." he said, before pressing a hand to the door.

I quickly bent down and closed my eyes firmly before smiling at him.

"Can I come in?" he asked still not removing the smile from his lips.

"S-sure, come in, I'll just get dressed for a while." I said softly before turning my back on it.

I went straight to the walking closet and quickly rummaged through the clothes, "Relax, Margaux..." I deeply whispered to myself.

I took a deep breath before choosing a dress. I also changed some clothes before I chose the floral pink dress above the knee. I tied my hair high and applied a little lipstick. Satisfied I decided to leave the room...

My brows knitted when I saw he was not in the living room. I went to the kitchen where I heard a crackle.

My feet stopped when I reached for him facing the stove. He glanced at me for a moment and smiled slightly.

"I hope you don't mind if I mess up your kitchen." He lean his both hands on the table and to my reply.

"No, I mean... yes, no problem!"

His eyes rested on me before facing the cooking again.

I could smell the fried chicken he was cooking, because I minarinade it last night. I didn't do anything so I just decided to pull a chair in front of it and waited for him to finish what he was doing.

I was dumb full speechless as I watched he serve me breakfast. I bent over the fried rice still hot and the fried chicken he cooked with fried eggs and ham.

"Another cup of coffee?" he asked, before looking down at my empty coffee cup.

"No, it's me. I'll do it for you." I quickly stood up to look at the coffee maker in the corner of the oak table.

"Here's your coffee!" I put the coffee in front of him and then decided to sit down.

"Thanks..." He met my gaze so I slowly bowed to the food.

I swallowed a few times before speaking again.

"Any plans for today?" he asked as he sipped a coffee.

"Hmm... I don't have a plans today."

"May I ask you out on a date?" he instantly said while looking directly at me.

I pursed my lips. I did not immediately respond to his offer.

"How about Malling? Movies?" He suggested and laid his back against the chair.

I didn't even think about it, after all he is here again. Then maybe I'll do the baking of the cake.

"After all, I'm not busy, so go ahead." I agree.

After we ate we sailed to the Mall. He left me for a while to buy a ticket while I bought popcorn and drinks ..

From here I can see how some women look at him. I have to admit that he's attractive and definitely a head turner one. I can't help but wonder if the women's necks are almost broken when they look at him.

He came back with a ticket, he snatched me a large popcorn and drinks and we walked into the cinema.

I'm still not comfortable with him especially now that I'm just next to him in the chair. I almost smell his good perfume and the heat that comes from him made me uncomfortable.

I couldn’t help but glance at him as my gaze focused on the big screen.

I was startled when he suddenly turned to me. "What is it?" he barely whisper to me.

The redness on my two cheeks seemed to rise and I could not answer. Fortunately, the darkness was scattered around me, which I thanked him for.

"Do you agree?" he asked again without distracting the viewer.

I sighed quickly at his question. Until now, I still can't answer his offer to me since last night.

I closed my eyes to go back to what happened last night.

"Rence?!" The woman's voice shows the suddenness of recognizing him.

"Elliesse." There is a frown in Lawrence's throat when he speak.

"I'm sorry, daughter. I didn't tell you right away that Lawrence is here." He apologetically said to her.

"It's okay Dad." She gently promised the father before embracing.

I could feel the tightness of Lawrence's grip on my hand as Elliesse turned her gaze at us.

"Ah... this is Margaux, my girlfriend." Lawrenec introduced me.

I quickly flew to look at Lawrence with a astonished face.

"What are you doing?" I whispered without opening my lips.

"Hi! What is your name again?" She asked me with a wide smile before opening her hand.

"Margaux – Margaux Collins,” I said and gave her a handshake.

"Nice to meet you Margaux, I'm Ellisse Del'fierro, Rence ex- girlfriend." She introduces without hesitation.

I gave a glance to Lawrence who now seems to have no color in his face...

After Lawrence's meeting with old Del'fierro, Lawrence and I did not notice him leaving the building.

"Wait, Margaux..." He stopped my arm.

I violently turned to him. "Why did you do that?!"

"I don't have a choice, I have to do that," he said in a low voice.

I was silent for a moment. To this day I still do not understand why he did that.

"And, I want you to do me a favor," he said in a serious tone. He stared into his eyes confidently.

My heart almost stopped as I watch how his jaw working hard and eyes were so dark.

"Can you pretend to be my girlfriend?" he asked in a soft voice.

My lips parted in what he said. What are he thinking? We did not have that deep identity to bite into his offer.

"Just only for a month, Just pretend to be my girl. He glanced at me as if wondering what my reaction would be.

He gripped my hand tight so I quickly took a deep breath and averted my eyes...

"Why me? There are many other girls out there." I refused.

I could hear his heavy breath, he let go of my hand, "The truth is, I don't know," he frustratedly said, then he shook his head.

I shut my eyes with pain, I do not know where I pulled the pain that rose in my heart.

"I don't want you to get involved in this, but Elliesse was so obsessed with me. She can't accept our break-up. That's why I need your help..."

"I'll think about it," I answered before finally getting into my car to leave.

"Collins?" He thought before he spoke again, "The owner of Collin's hotel?" When this question is confirmed, Lawrence is now in the spotlight.

Yes, uncle," he confidently said.

"Nice to meet you, hija." He held out his hand to me which I reluctantly reached out.

"It's nice to meet you too, sir!" I smiled widely at him.

At the same time we turned around when the door opened. Her hair was golden brown with pinkish white glow skin. The ant seemed to be ashamed of its red lips and squinty eyes.

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