My Sweet Seduction/C17 First Kiss
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My Sweet Seduction/C17 First Kiss
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C17 First Kiss

FEELING TIRED, I decided to go upstairs. I went straight to the umbrella tree where my ordered pasta and coconut juice arrived.

After drying up, I leaned back in the lounge and put on my sunglasses. But even before I sat down, I noticed a couple running towards the sea.

I took off my sunglasses and frowned at them. My lovely mouth opened with astonishment. The woman with smooth and silky hair quickly ran into the water.

I frowned even more when I saw the man next to her. He’s wearing a pair of blue boxer shorts and a white shirt.

It was as if I were watching a movie when they met in the water. It was painful to watch them laughing at each other. My heart feels like it’s been stabbed.

I shook my head. I should not feel this pain. I should be happy for them because it looks like they are together again.

I bit my lower lip. But why does my system seem unwilling to accept that? Suddenly, my vision became blurred. My tears fell on my cheeks unexpectedly.

I violently wiped away my tears and closed my eyes tightly. I tried to remove the pain in my heart before opening my eyes. But I didn’t think that anything could be more painful than what I’d seen previously.

They hugged each other as if no one else was around them. I want to avert my eyes, but my eyes didn’t follow.

I notice the dryness of my throat as I watched Lawrence’s lips open and speak. They talked for a while until the next scene brought me great sadness.

They kissed—a really sweet, enthusiastic kiss. And as their kiss deepened, the cut in my heart seemed to deepen as well.

I didn’t know how I stood despite the trembling of my knees; then, I approached them as if they were just talking.

Lawrence turned his gaze to me, causing me to stop in my path. He then quickly came out of the water and met me.

“Margaux, what are you doing here? How long have you been here?” he asked in a deep tone.

“No! Actually, I just arrived,” I answered quickly.

I also quickly avoided looking at him. Well, I was wearing sunglasses, so he didn’t notice the redness in my eyes.

His gaze followed the wetness of my hair and the wetness of my bikini swimsuit. As he hovered over my face, I couldn’t help but notice the tightness in his jaw.

“You seem to be enjoying it, right?” I said in my trembling voice and bit my lip.

“Did you see anything—” he paused with a grimace.

“W-what do you mean?” I laughed. As I did that, his eyes darkened.

I would not have stopped pretending if I hadn’t seen Elliesse approaching us.

“She told me to go out for a swimming before the photoshoot.” He stares down at me for a second.

I did not choose to speak anymore because Elliesse immediately approached us.

“Good morning! You’re also swimming,” she said before putting her hand around Lawrence’s arm.

I stared at what she did. I swallowed before my eyes flew to Lawrence, who now had a darker face on me.

I’m the girlfriend here, Even if it’s only for show. I should be the one with him and not her. Yet, I still managed to smile to hide the heartache.

“Ah. The truth is I just got up when I saw you.” I even glanced at Lawrence, who now gave me a serious look.

“Hm, please join us! The weather is good today.” Elliesse looked at me again before running into the water again. I just followed her with my eyes.

“What did you see?” There was depth in Lawrence’s voice as he spoke, which drew my attention to him.

I cleared my throat first and removed my sunglasses. “Do I have to see anything?”

“So where did those tears come from?” he asked softly. Then he gently stroked my cheek.

“I went for a short dive. I wasn’t wearing goggles so I . . .” Then I stopped, unable to explain why my eyes were red.

He let out a violent breath.

“Okay, you will wear your goggles next time,” he said.

“Rence!” I heard Elliesse called him from afar, but he did not look back.

“Go back to your room, change your clothes and I’ll follow.” He did not escape my gaze from what I was wearing before I turned my back, but he quickly turned his head to face me again.

“And one more thing, I don’t like people looking at you because of what you’re wearing,” he said and shot me a disgusted look before finally turning his back on me.

I found myself gazing at Lawrence as he walked away. He met Elliesse, who drew his hand into the deepest area of the water.

I don’t want to watch that scene again. I turned around and marched towards my suite with a pain my heart.

I quickly went into the bathroom and locked myself there. I could not stop the tears from forming in my eyes.

No, not again, Margaux. Not now.

I shook my head. Why do I have to feel this kind of pain again? Tears flowed continuously from my eyes, accompanied by droplets of water from the shower.

Why am I hurting like this?

No, this is just a game, Margaux. You’re just pretending, aren’t you? You have no real relationship, so do not assume, I shouted loudly in my brain.

I was startled when I heard a series of knocks on the door of my suite.


I heard Lawrence knocking. I quickly wiped away my tears and hugged myself tightly.

“Margaux, can we talk?” He speaks calmly between recognitions. My chest tightened but I stopped myself from opening it.

“Margaux! Please can we talk?” he added, his voice starting to rise.

I just stayed sitting on the flooring right inside the bathroom. I don’t want to talk to him. I came here because I know he has a place in my heart but I did not expect that I would be hurt too much.

I took a deep breath, I wanted to go. That’s right, maybe I should just go home.

Eventually, the noises from the outside disappeared. Who am I for him to explain? We are just pretending.

But I almost fell when the door suddenly opened. I quickly looked up at him which was still wet with salt water.

For a few seconds I did not gain much weight. I also do not know where I will pick myself up when he arrives at my order.

His eyes were dark and he was staring at me. He will also almost catch his breath while tightening his jaw.

“How did you get in?” My voice trembled as I spoke while the water from the shower was still running.

“How did you get in?!” I repeated. I also violently wiped my tears even though the water of the shower continued to flow down on my cheeks.

“This is my resort, and I have a key to every room,” he said before gently lifting the card key he was holding. I do not know where I got the strength to stand and face him.

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