My Sweet Seduction/C18 First Kiss 2.0
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My Sweet Seduction/C18 First Kiss 2.0
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C18 First Kiss 2.0

“YEAH, I KNOW, but you have no right to enter my room and for crashing that damn door,” I uttered in a cold voice.

But instead of answering, he stepped closer to me. I quickly backed away until he cornered me in the bathroom.

I could feel the cold tiles on my back. I sighed as he locked me with his two hands that were now also holding the cold tiles. The water from the shower that drenched us both is still pouring.

“Show some respect, Mr. Saavedra,” I said in a shaky voice.

I want to return my heartbeat to normal and prevent my body heat from rising, but why it’s so fucking hard?

He tilted his head a bit. “You’re jealous, aren’t you?” he asked with a baritone voice.

Yes, I am jealous. I was jealous because of that kissed. For ignoring me when she was around and for making me feel unwanted! I wish I could have uttered those words, but no words came out of my lips. I just kept getting colder and colder.

“Damn, look at me, Margaux!” he said with gritted teeth.

“No. What right do I have if to be jealous? Maybe you forgot, we’re in a fake relationship only, right?” I replied and looked at him in the eyes.

He was stunned for a moment, but his stiff expression also returned afterward.

“And why are you acting like a jealous one?” he said in slight disbelief.

But, I concede, he doesn’t need to know that anymore. My face was expressionless, and I moved my gaze down to my feet.

“Just, tell me, Margaux!” he queried. He even bent down to chase my stares.

“Just tell me,” he now utters softly.

“Yes, I’m jealous! What do you want me to feel?!” Those words spontaneously came out of my lips as water flowed down my cheeks. Even if I try to deny it, it seems like it’s too late.

“Fuck!” he muttered a curse before suddenly moving away from me. How many times have I seen him shook his head after hearing what I said?

I pressed my back against the wall even more to gain strength and let the abundant water flow into my body.

I couldn’t breathe as he turned his head again. Right then, I saw that his eyes had darkened. He moved his head closer to me, and the next thing I knew, his lips were brushing mine, not innocently, but heated and sexily.

I want to pull away before I lose myself, but my knees seem to be betraying me and slowly losing their strength.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me. It was there that I gained strength. He ran his fingers down to my back that sent a shiver down my spine.

The heat we used to share was suddenly enveloped in the cold when he suddenly released me. He leans in, so his forehead rested on mine, his thumb caressing both of my cheeks.

“I want you,” he whispered and inhaled sharply. I could not move when his hot lips touched me again. This time his kisses were long, warm, gentle, sweet, and fiery.

He lifted me and led me to a place. And then, all of a sudden, he gently placed my back on the nice, warm bed, even though our bodies are soaked.

His fire kisses persisted. His lips gave out a warm glow that eventually spread throughout the rest of me. I can’t help but return his kiss.

I was overwhelmed by the foreign feeling caused by his hot kiss. I’ve never experienced this kind of pleasure before, even with Lester. We often shared hugs and kisses, but we were just up there.

But it was Lawrence who knocked me off my feet. I feel like a child who needs love and care.

After a little pause, he proceeded to dry up my throat. He took off his clothes one by one as if someone was chasing him. My body went stiff with arousal the minute I saw his wide chest and shoulder down to his biceps, as well as his beautiful six-pack abs.

I’m not sure where I can focus my concentration in order to ignore that thing. I also can’t believe this happened so fast.

“Feel me, Margaux,” he ordered me before pulling my hand to his chest. When he closed the gap between us again and kissed me, I didn’t have anything more to say.

His hand traced the outline of my body. It’s becoming warmer and deeper. It’s as though I’m becoming drunk. I can’t seem to stop myself from biting my bottom lip. He also pulled my swimsuit off for a bit, and I’m not sure where he tossed it. All I knew was that the feeling that enveloped both of us had devastated me.

Our lips merged again. It was too late to protest. It was too late to fight. I was under his spell, and everything he did seemed to please me.

He easily ripped off my underpants and gently touched my body. I was caressed with lust and desire. His aggressive caress of my exposed flesh appeared to start a fire, which I couldn’t put out since I wanted our bodies to burn.

He gently stroked my skin, and I couldn’t help but shut my eyes as I tasted the warmth of his caress on my naked body.

I did not realize that we were both naked. I’ll be late regardless of whether I change my mind. I never thought that I’d give up everything to him. To the man I don’t know very well, to the man I know will only hurt me in the end.

He slammed into me slowly. His caress was aggressive as well, as though it was in time with the small growl from me until his warm hand touched my bare chest.

When he performed the circular motion on my breast, I gasped loudly. He gripped it and gently played.

I was moaning in ecstasy when he squeezed my ni*ples, then sucking it like a hungry kid.

“Oh, Rence!” I was deliriously chanting his name. I wrapped my hands around his neck and brushed his hair.

My body was arching with ecstasy as his fingers lingered down. My legs are quivering with anticipation as Lawrence inserted his finger in my entrance.

I was so close to his shoulder. What an emphasis my nail was there.

“Ohh!” I moan. I can’t help but be bothered by the odd feeling he gives me.

I squeezed both my thighs as he moved his two fingers to my center, and I appeared to want to get up. “Ohh, fuck!” I shouted out, knowing that the longer my nail remained behind him, the more of a scar it was creating.

“Relax, sweetie,” he whispered before kissing me again. He also gently opened and closed my two thighs, where his finger went in and out. With each insertion of his two fingers into my entrance, my body writhed in ecstasy, like if I were crazy.

My body was shaking like a leaf, and every part of my body tensed. My breathing became heavy as his lips went down my tummy until I felt his finger being pulled away from me.

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