My Sweet Seduction/C19 Peace of mind
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My Sweet Seduction/C19 Peace of mind
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C19 Peace of mind

I BIT DOWN my lip. I wanted to protest for what he did, but my throat seemed to be dry.

“Not so fast, baby,” he told me before spitting on the surface of the bed. He held it in his hands as if it were hard steel, softly stroking it down and up.

Because of the excitement that surrounded me, I wanted to withdraw. For a brief moment, he glanced down at me, and the swirls of emotion I saw there made me gasp. Slowly, his lips moved closer to mine. He is now softly kissing me; it was so slow and gentle. While one of his fingers combs my hair, the other caresses my face.

I moan in pleasure. I was breathless with delight as he showered me with more gentle and soft kisses. As our kiss deepened, I ran my tongue across his teeth and swallowed his moan.

I could feel his readiness between my thighs. For a little moment, we parted even more to open my thighs softly.

I took a deep breath. I felt like I was on the brink of death when I thought about it. I almost lost my sanity when I felt its explicit entry.

I close my eyes as I bite my lips. My legs are shaking, my fingers digging hard to his. I feel so much pain when he tries to push his hard thing on mine.

“Ohh! Fuck!” he stopped for a moment and muttered a curse while shaking his head with astonishment.

I slightly opened my eyes to met his dark gaze. With the severity of the agony that engulfed me, I attempted to lick my lips. He’s halfway inside while I’m at the extreme.

“Damn, why didn’t you tell me?” he said, full of emotion.

I shut my eyes and smiled sweetly. I’m a virgin, I know, but there is no turning back now! “Please go on, Rence . . .” I begged.

Instead of answering, he kissed me again. My arms wrap around his neck. I take a deep breath in and kiss him tenderly, his arm around my waist, pulling me in like his lips are eager for mine.

He went gently over me again, as if he didn’t want to harm me, but I couldn’t bear not to scream because of the pain. I could feel the trembling of my legs and muscles as he slowly entered.

“Ohh, Margaux!” he pants and exhales sharply. He tightened his hold on my hip, but he wasn’t satisfied, so he moved down both of my thighs, stretching my two legs wider.

I moan, biting my lower lip because it hurts so much! I feel like I’ve been shattered so many times. I want to close my thighs to stop it, but I do not have the strength to do that.

“Please, don’t make this hard for me,” he moaned. His grip tightened on both of my thighs.

Grains of perspiration have replaced our previously moist bodies. He eventually got inside after a few more stabs, and not a single tear dripped down the side of my face.

“Ohh! You’re so tight,” he said while looking up and closing his eyes. I wanted to smile because of his reaction, but I could not do it because of the pain brought by his aggressive entry.

I squeezed his hand so tight as its readiness sank into me.

I writhed as he pounded hard and fast on my body. He took both of my hands in his and placed them over my head.

“Oh . . .” I moaned again as Lawrence continued to dig in and pulled out his length. I shamelessly hugged my legs around him and asked him to hurry up.

“Faster!” I shouted.

He obeyed my order and moved faster, burying his deep and hard manhood inside me.

He kissed my neck before he moved in and out. “Ahh, Margaux!” he barely whispered as he moves in and out deeper with so much speed.

I met its successive thrust until the rhythms accelerated as if there were no end.

My body went rigid as I feel his hot liquid explode inside me. Gradually I also felt the hot liquid come out of me. He pushes hard while releasing his sweet juices.

He searched my lips for a kiss. We are now drive in silence. I can’t help but ponder the tenderness of his kiss, just as I felt a rush of euphoric bliss envelop me, making my heart sing with pure joy. At the same time, there are a few more thrusts that are up to the bone.


I WAS AWAKENED by a little kiss on my neck, and a smile flashed on my lips before looking around.

As if I were stoned by what I saw, his lovely face opened out to me. I swallowed hard as I stared at his strawberry-red lips.

He licked his lips sexily before he speaks. “How was your sleep?” He hugged his big arms around my body.

“Great,” I murmured before smiling sweetly at him. He stared at me first before looking down at my gaping lip.

He started moving his hand to cup my face and slowly kissed my nose, down to my waiting lips. I breathe sharply, shut my eyes, and wait for him to kiss me.

But the kiss had stopped when we heard a series of knocks from the door.

I quickly straightened up and tried to get away from him when he pressed my waist back to him. He then buried his face at the back of my neck.

“There’s someone outside, Rence,” I said in a confused voice.

“It doesn’t matter who’s at the damn door,” he whispered to me, then pulled me to him after being crushed by his fiery kiss.

His kiss lit up the fire in my heart. I couldn’t help but kiss him back torridly. But the knocks outside the door got louder and louder, causing me to let go.

“Fuck!” He walked to the door in his boxer shorts to open the door.

I decided to get dressed and go out of the living room. And right there, I saw Elliesse at the doorstep. She glanced at me, causing me to avert my gaze quickly.

“I’m sorry, it looks like I disturbed you,” she said in a tiny voice.

My cheeks immediately blushed at the rising embarrassment. I know she has an idea of what happened between Lawrence and me.

“Can I borrow Lawrence for a while? The photoshoot is about to start, and he needs to be there,” she said without a pause. She also looked straight into my eyes without giving any emotion.

I heard Lawrence sigh as he turned to me before speaking.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” he said in a hushed voice, then without saying a word, he kissed me on the lips.

The kiss he gave me made my feet lift. It was too late for me to think that Elliesse was still in front of us.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” Lawrence said before closing the door.

My mouth dropped. Is it true that I saw him close the door on Elliesse? It was heartbreaking that I just followed him with my gaze as I quickly got dressed.

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