My Sweet Seduction/C20 Truth or Dare
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My Sweet Seduction/C20 Truth or Dare
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C20 Truth or Dare

I ATE LUNCH by myself and then went for a walk along the beach. The camera’s flash caught my attention, as did the crowd gathered to observe the ongoing photoshoot at the shore.

I stopped when I finally found a nice spot where I could see Elliesse posing. She looks stunning in a long, thin white gown that emphasizes her whiteness. She is sitting on a big tree with the lovely San Simon Sea in the background.

As I looked around, I saw Lawrence with a man in the distance. He is now wearing a gray long sleeve polo and denim pants.

My heart melted as he turned his gaze to met mine. I bit my lower lip. The intensity of his stare makes my heart pound so fast. I quickly looked down. Damn, I could still feel him inside me. The heat and the pleasure are still there.

I only looked back at him when I saw him talking on his cellphone. The furrow in his brows is very visible at my sight. I also saw that he shook his head a few times while talking.

I stared at him with a look of concern on my face until he turned around and walked away. I haven’t seen him yet because of the crowd. So I just fit in watching Elliesse’s photoshoot.

“Pack up!” the director shouted at his staff.

Elliesse, on the other hand, fled after being ummeled by people demanding her autograph.

I never saw Lawrence again all day.


IT WAS LATE afternoon when I went to the beach. I kicked the sand and looked at the orange sky.

I felt nothing but peace of mind. Here, I had the experience of forgetting about the problems I had last month, particularly the pain in my heart.

My mind goes back to what happened in the church, how I look like a fool to everyone left in the air by the person I love. I’ve almost lost everything, how the star fell at my feet. I thought I would never feel this way again. I thought my heart would remain a stone, but Lawrence made me feel complete again. He’s the reason I’m smiling right now.

I think this is the right time to forgive Lester and free myself from the painful things that have happened between us.

I want to start again, build a dream with people who have given me new strength to continue living.

I filled my lungs with windy air and blew it out freely. At the same time, I freed myself from the painful yesterday.

I continued walking and chose to sit on a boulder. Here I observed the quiet sunset.

“It is so beautiful,” I whispered as I could feel the gusty wind and warm sand on my feet.

I was there for a few more minutes before deciding to return to the hotel. But I was distracted by the groups entering the resort.

If I am not mistaken, Peter’s group is coming, along with our business partner Jocko.

“Margaux!” Jocko greeted me.

I hesitated to step closer to them.

“Hi!” I beam.

“Margaux, how long have you been here?” Peter asked me with his furrowed brows, still not believing to see me here.

“A few days ago,” I told him and looked away.

“Bro, introduce us,” I overheard the guy close to him whispering.

I was shocked when a woman pinched his ear.

“You’re a complete nonsense, William.”

“Shut up, William!”

“Oh my Ally!” he said while writhing in pain. The rest of them just laughed, and I couldn’t help but smile.

“That’s enough!” Jocko ordered them. He also introduced me to his friends.

“Margaux, my friends, William and Allysa,” he said, pointing to the two, with Ally still clutching William’s ear.

“Jeremy and Santino.” He pointed to the two guys who stayed with them.

“Of course, Julia and Samantha are the lovely women alongside me.” When she presented me to the final lady, I believe she was in her late twenties, his grin reached his ears.

“And guys, this is Margaux Collins,” he introduced me.

“Hi, nice to meet you.” I waved my hand and smile at them.

“So, are you guys on vacation?” I asked quietly.

“Yup,” he nodded. “I heard Elliesse is here for the photoshoot?” Jocko added before looking around at Samantha.

“Uh, yeah.” I simply nodded and shrugged a bit. I no longer wonder why they knew Elliesse.

“Who are you with?” Peter asked me with amusement on his face. My face was redder and hotter than the sunset.

“I’m with . . .”

“Lawrence, right?” he cut me off and clenched his jaw visibly. I nodded slightly. I immediately bowed my head out of embarrassment.


“SEE YOU AROUND, Margaux!” Jocko said goodbye to me and walked into the hotel first, and I just nodded.

They went straight to the front desk as I walked straight in. I turned around as Peter walked with me.

“Where is your room? I’ll take you there,” he asked confidently.

I smiled at him for a moment and pointed to the door where I was headed.

“Alright, join us for dinner,” he said while the smile was still on the lips.

“All right, no problem,” I beam as I accepted his invitation.

“Great. I’ll pick you up at seven, then,” he said and glanced down at his wristwatch slowly.

I nodded in response.

“See you later.” He waved at me before turning his back on me to leave. I looked at him for a moment before entering my room to take a bath and clean up.

I just chose to wear a white T-shirt and black walking shorts dyed only with flip flops. I also chose to wear a cardigan to hide my skin in the cold air. I ban my hair into a sweet braid and brush a light of makeup.

I heard a few knocks from outside, so I grabbed my sling bag to open the door.

Peter’s handsome face immediately appeared to me. He looks good in his polo shirt and khaki shorts, paired with flat white shoes that fit him even better. He also checked my whole body that makes my cheeks redder.

“Let’s go,” he mumbled to me and gripped my elbow carefully.

We headed out of the resort, where there was a row of diners directly facing the sea of San Simon.

He guided me inside to Jocko’s table.

“You got the girl!” said William when he saw us coming. He even had a fist bump with Peter before we both sat down.

Allysa kicked him before pinching his ear. He whispered to the woman and kissed her tenderly on the cheek which immediately turned her cheeks into red.

“Hi, Margaux!” Others welcomed me with a smile, and I greeted them with a smile too.

The food we ordered came quickly, and while we were eating, the talking continued. They are happy to be with me, and I am comfortable with them too, even though they intrigue me with Peter. I just ignore it.

“I’m sorry for their jokes.” He lowered his head and whispered straight to my ear.

I straightened up in the seat and smiled slightly at that move. “It’s alright. They look kind though,” I answered quietly.

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