My Sweet Seduction/C4 Confrontation
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My Sweet Seduction/C4 Confrontation
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C4 Confrontation

MY EYES WIDENED. Anger started to stir up.

“You!” At the same time, I pushed him hard as my eyes narrowed.

“Hey, I have no intention of offending you,” he said. Then he smiled, which caused me to see his white teeth and his deep dimple.

“Well, nice try!” I arched my brow at him.

“Look, I’m sorry. I was just chasing a meeting that day,” he replied in a calm voice.

I did not answer. Instead, I walked to the door and violently opened it.

“You can go out now!” I said emphatically before averting my eyes.

He smirked and slowly walked toward the open door. I stepped back to give him a way, but he stopped right in front of me.

“Thanks for the coffee,” he muttered under his breath.

I remained expressionless. When I think about how stupid I looked in the middle of the road when I hit him, my annoyance with him gradually returned.

“Leave,” I said with finality. I don’t care if I sounded arrogant or lacking manners, but my annoyance really rises.

He took another step, and then I bowed for a moment.

He took another step while his eyes were staring at me, which cause my heart to pound erratically.

“Your ex-boyfriend will surely regret breaking your heart,” he said in a calm voice.

I slowly looked up at him, mesmerized by his gaze. My lips parted because I want to say something but decided not to continue.

“And you know what?” he started, “We look better than your ex-boyfriend.”


MANY DAYS PASSED. I kept myself busy at work and spending my time alone at my condo.

It was Sunday morning when Cindy came to visit me.

“Best friend!” she shouted at me before hugging me tightly. I just laughed at what she did.

“Margaux, Carrick finally proposed to me!” She was in tears as she spoke.

“OMG! I am so happy for the both of you!” My tears welled up before I hugged her tightly.

“Margaux, we need to celebrate!” she said excitedly. Suddenly the smile faded from my lips as Lester entered my mind and the postponing of our wedding.

“Hey, bestie, are you okay?”

“Of course. I’m okay, and I am happy for you, bestie, so let’s celebrate!” I said delightedly.

“Really? Are you really okay?” She even held my hand, then raised an eyebrow at me.

“I want to celebrate your engagement with Carrick.” I smiled.

We decided to go to the mall and watch a movie. Cindy cried a lot for Popoy and Basha, the leading characters of the movie. Cindy has a soft heart and happy to be with. She never runs out of stories that made me laugh so hard.

“The movie was great!” I commented while entering the shopping mall to buy some dresses and bags.

Cindy treat me a dinner at the famous restaurant. So I ordered a lot of expensive food. I do not know why it seems like I want to pour all my frustrations in life into the foods. Maybe this is just my stress reliever.

Our happy dinner was interrupted when I noticed a couple entering the restaurant entrance. My lips quivered at them as they sat at a table in the corner.

My eyes warmed at what I witnessed. I also couldn’t help but stand up, which surprised Cindy.

“Oh, bestie, are you done? You only eat a little, huh?”

But I didn’t answer. My eyes were focused on the couple, who seems to have a sweet conversation.

“My God!” Cindy exclaimed as she turned her gaze to them.

“Margaux, what are you trying to do?” a warning voice of Cindy stopped me.

But I just saw myself stepping closer to the pair. Lester immediately lost his color when he saw me. He also moved a little away from the woman next to him, who frowned at me.

“Miss, is there a problem?” The woman raised an eyebrow at me.

“To you, nothing, but to him, yes!” I said bluntly and looked at them with angry eyes.

“Margaux, calm down.” I felt Cindy’s hand over my shoulder as she leaned close to me.

“Please, Margaux, don’t make a scene here,” Lester said in a low tone.

“Let’s talk,” I said. I walked out of the restaurant, but I fire them a sarcastic look before I could do that.

“Margaux!” Lester restrained my arm when he reached me in the parking space.

“Is she the one who took my place in your heart?!” I asked angrily.

He just bent down and said nothing.

“So, it’s true? You b*stard!” I shouted and slapped him hard on his face.

“I am really sorry,” he said softly. He was about to hold my hand when I immediately avoided it.

“Can your apology make any difference? I don’t think so,” I told him boldly and decided to return to the restaurant.

“She’s pregnant!” he revealed.

His words exploded like a bomb in my ears that made me stop on my track and could not move.

“She’s carrying my son,” he added.

I shut my eyes firmly. I feel like heaven and earth fall on me. Gradually a grain of tears fell on my cheek.

“I’m sorry, Margaux.” He took my hand again as he approached me. “I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you.” His voice cracked. “She is the daughter of Mr. Mondragon, my family’s business partner. When her father found out what happened, he wanted me to take responsibility for the child; otherwise, they would cut all of the connections we have with them.”


CINDY TOOK ME home to my condo. On our way to my condo, I silently stared out the window with so much pain in my heart.

She silently turns to me while driving. “Margaux . . .” she started.

“Why, Cindy? What have I done wrong in our relationship? Why do I have to be hurt like this?” Gradually, tears welled up in my eyes.

“No. You have done nothing wrong. If anyone responsible for this, that’s him!” The unspeakable anger was also evident in her voice. “He is the one who lost and not you. You do not deserve such kind of a jerk. It’s good that you know everything now.”

I sighed and nodded.

It has been two hours since Cindy left my unit, but I still do not feel sleepy. I will never forget the scene at the restaurant. Starting today, there will be no more tears to fall. I promised myself that that would be the last time I would cry over the same thing, and I would never be hurt again.

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