My Sweet Seduction/C5 Lawrence Saavedra
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My Sweet Seduction/C5 Lawrence Saavedra
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C5 Lawrence Saavedra

I MADE MYSELF busier in the office the next few days.

“Bestie, is everything okay with your wedding?” I asked while slicing the grilled pork chop on my plate. Cindy invited me to have dinner outside tonight.

“I’m working on your gowns. I want you to wear something a little daring,” she said while her eyes were glowing.

“Don’t make it too pretty. Your brides’ maid might beat you up. You should be the only one who is beautiful there.” I chuckled.

“No. Of course, my gown also looks fancy and gorgeous for me just because Carrick thinks so.” She even touched both her cheeks then shook her head.

I just rolled my eyes and continue to eat my food.

“We will do the fitting of your gown this coming Saturday. Carrick’s cousin is with you to fit his too. Oh, bestie, he’s so handsome! My gosh!” she said with a red face.

“Tsk. Here we go again, Cindy. I don’t want to be linked to boys yet. I want to focus on our family business,” I said with a smile.

“Hmp! I just want you to enjoy your life. Also, bestie, Lawrence seems to be single now. Although, from what I heard, he’s a certified Casanova and many women are chasing and crying for him.”

“So he’s a playboy.” I lightly shook my head.

“Well, despite that, he’s a good catch. I met him at their family reunion, and Carrick took me to their resort,” she said, still thrilled.

I just shook my head and continued eating; seems not interested at all.


SATURDAY CAME, THE day of my gown fitting. Lucky to have a generously proportioned body, so I’m not used to dieting.

I got out of the car wearing a white long sleeve polo and spaghetti top underneath. I just matched it with skinny black jeans and a white stiletto. I let my wavy hair blow over my shoulder. Wearing my sunglasses, I went straight into the boutique owned by Cindy.

“Good morning, Lenny!” I greeted the receptionist at the front desk.

“Good morning, Miss Margaux.”

“Is Cindy already there?”

“Not yet, Ma’am, but she seems to be on the way,” she answered.

“Thanks!” I turned my back on her and started roaming around the boutique. I see a lot of dresses and mannequins displayed near the glass window. I can say Cindy is successful. This has always been her dream—to become a famous fashion designer.

I was busy looking at the clothes when the man who had just entered the boutique caught my attention. A man in his late twenties, wearing a blue long sleeve polo and black jeans. He slowly walked toward the front desk with full of authority.

I immediately frowned when I saw the man Cindy was referring to.

“Hi, I’m looking for Miss Cindy Fajardo?” I heard the man asked.

“Are you Mr. Lawrence Saavedra?” Lenny asked uneasily in her seat.


“She’s on her way now. Maybe you want coffee or tea first?” she offered with a huge smile on her face.

My eyebrows rose at what Lenny had done. Why didn’t she even offer me water?

“No, thanks. I’ll just wait here,” the man said in a baritone voice and sat down on one of the couches there.

“Okay, Sir.” Lenny’s smile immediately faded from her lips, and she returned to her working table.

I secretly smiled because Lenny’s strategy did not work.


I KEEP LOOKING at Cindy’s work, but I can’t help but return my gaze to the man who was now staring at me. I quickly divert my eyes to the gowns in front of me. Until I felt him stand up and slowly walked closer in my direction.

“Hi!” he greeted.

I slowly nodded. I have to admit, he is breathtakingly hot with his angular face, dark brows, expressive pair of eyes, and heart-shaped lips. I also noticed he didn’t lose his smile as he looked at me.

“What’s that smile for?” I asked irritably.

“Nothing. It’s just . . . what a small world!”

I rolled my eyes and ignored him.

His jaw tightened before turning around and walking towards the front desk. I followed her gaze as I spoke to Lenny. I think the two are getting along well with Lenny’s boisterous laughter as if they were the only person inside the boutique.

I rolled my eyes again and removed my sunglasses impatiently.

I started to step out of the boutique.

“Ma’am Margaux, are you leaving?” Lenny asked me with a big smirk on her face.

I looked at her sharply, then the antipathetic man who seemed to lose his grin.

“Yes. I will reschedule my meeting with Cindy because I have a sudden meeting,” I said.

“Ah, is that so? All right, I’ll just tell Ma’am Cindy when she arrives. Just be careful,” she said.

I finally went out with irritation. I opened the door of my car and rushed into it, but I just sat there. I can’t understand myself. I suddenly felt annoyed at the scene earlier.

I calmed myself down before turning on the ignition but was surprised to hear a series of knocks on my car window.

There, outside my car, I saw a big smile on Cindy’s face. I quickly lowered the window.

“Margaux, where are you going? Aren’t you going to measure your gown now?” she asked with a wrinkled forehead.

“I have a sudden meeting, so can I just reschedule it? But don’t worry, Lawrence is there,” I said firmly, not looking at her directly.

“Oh my God, have you met him? What can you say? Isn’t he handsome?” she asked tremblingly.

Yes, he is handsome! I whispered at the back of my head.

“Ah, yes, I met him,” I replied before restarting the car engine.

“Wait, are you really not going to fit your gown today?” she asked with wrinkled brows.

I felt guilty because I really didn’t have a meeting to go to. I just wanted to avoid the scene earlier.

“Alright, I will cancel all my meetings for today,” I said, turning off the engine again then getting out of the car.

Cindy’s face lit up, and she hugged me tightly. “Thank you so much, bestie!”

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