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C6 Lunch

I COULD FEEL the heated stare of Lawrence behind my back. Maybe that’s the reason why I felt my face turn red as I measured the gown.

I glanced at him. The heat in his eyes made me uncomfortable. “Isn’t he handsome?” the coordinator whispered to me.

“That look is not my type,” I denied.

“Really? But why do your eyes say otherwise?” he added.

I just did not comment because I admitted what he said.

After fitting the gown and measuring some more clothes, Cindy finally chose what I would wear.

“Alright. You will be wearing a baby pink heart-shaped corset gown. It will definitely lift you up that night,” she said.

I shook my head. “It’s okay with me even if it’s not too pompous. Besides, it’s your wedding day, not mine.”

“Bestie, I want you to be the most beautiful after me because I know you deserve it. Even if you wear rags dresses, you will definitely shine,” she said as if she encouraging me.

“I want you to wear my best work because you deserve it.”

I smiled at what she said. I was so lucky that Cindy became my best friend. Even when we first met, I was weirded out by her because of her immaturity.

“It’s lunchtime. Come on, let’s have lunch together,” said Cindy.

“Lawrence, join us for lunch,” Cindy said.

I darted a warning glare to Cindy, but she seemed not affected and ignored my protest.

“Sure. No problem,” Lawrence responded.

“Then let’s go!” Cindy said promptly, and without hesitation, she grabbed my hand out of the boutique.

Cindy took us to a famous restaurant. We were already eating, but Cindy couldn’t stop her mouth from asking Lawrence.

“You really love business, huh? Margaux is also concentrating on their family business. I’m sure you two will get along. Try to invite her for some dinner, maybe?” Cindy looked at me when I glared at her, but she just ignored it.

“It’s good to hear that. I actually manage my own resort, and if Margaux wants to have dinner with me, then why not?” said Lawrence, whose attention was already on me.

My cheeks got hot because of his hot stare.

“I heard about the upcoming celebration for Collins Hotel,” he asked.

“Yeah,” I replied sparingly.

“Great. You and Margaux should work together for that event,” Cindy said again. “Saavedra Catering Services is well-known when it comes to big events. They serve high-class food and beverages. It’s a brilliant idea, right?”

“Dad is the one who takes care of everything, but I still suggest one,” I said even though the truth is that Daddy is really the one I assigned for the event.

Lawrence just nodded at me before returning to his food. Not long after, a woman approached our table.


Lawrence was shocked. He almost choked while drinking his juice.

“Terris, what are you doing here?!” he said in surprise.

“Why aren’t you answering my calls? I was worried about you! That’s why I flew back here!” the woman answered slangily, and without hesitation, she pulled up a chair to sit next to Lawrence.

Lawrence was unable to talk right away. He still looks shocked. I could not help but look at the woman in front of us—tall, slender body, corn-colored hair, silky complexion, and somewhat revealing clothing. She was wearing a mini skirt and a spaghetti strap top.

Cindy cleared her throat to grab the attention of the visitor. “Oh, you have company!” she exclaimed. And that caught Lawrence’s attention.

“Yes. By the way, this is Cindy, Carrick’s fiancée and her friend, Margaux,” Lawrence introduced us. “This is Terris Mondragon, a friend of mine.”

The woman just glanced at me before facing Cindy. “So you are the beloved fiancée of Carrick. I’m glad to finally meet you!” She grabbed Cindy’s hand.

Cindy quickly drew her hand back. She seemed uncomfortable with what the woman did.

“Would you mind if I join you, guys?” she excitedly said. We did not wait to answer because she already called the waiter.

Cindy and I just looked at each other and quickly finished eating to leave the two.

I went straight home to the condo. I was lying on the bed to rest when my cellphone rang on the nightstand.

‘I’m sorry for what happened earlier . . .’ The sender is an unknown number, but I immediately knew who texted it. It was Lawrence.

‘Where did you get my number?’ I replied.

‘Cindy . . .’ he answered.

I simply massage my temple before emphatically typing a reply.


I closed my eyes and was getting ready for bed when the cellphone rang again.

‘Are you upset?’

I bit my lower lip before typing a reply again.

‘Of course not!’

‘Sorry if I get your number without your permission and for texting this late.’

‘No problem. It’s just a phone number.’

‘I know we didn’t have a good start. But I think it’s better if we can give ourselves a try and can be friends.’

I bit my lower lip and shook my head slowly. There is nothing wrong with me making friends with him after what happened between us, right?

‘Sure!’ I quickly replied.

‘Alright, thanks. Good night!’ he answered.

I smiled and turned off my phone before going to sleep.


“IS IT REALLY okay for me to wear this?” I asked Cindy as I tried to lower my skirt.

“Of course. You are really sexy, bestie!” she exclaimed before fixing a few strands of my hair.

“Why do you still need sexy attire for your bridal shower?” I complained while trying to lift the tube.

“Gosh, bestie! That is not very revealing. There is still a classy look,” she told me with a smile that reached her ears. “Let’s go!”

He pulled me out of her room.

As we entered the function room, where the bridal shower was being held, my lips parted because of what the guests were wearing. Only Cindy’s colleagues, close friends, relatives, and workmates were there.

My eyes wandered. The light was dim, and smoke was clouding the area. I chose to sit quietly in a corner when some guests pulled Cindy. A little later, I heard Trix, the host, speak.

“Good evening, everyone! Let us greet our bride-to-be, Cindy Looper, este Cindy Marie Fajardo, our soon-to-be Mrs. Carrick Saavedra!”

People were shouting. I was also one of the people who applauded. Cindy quickly climbed the stage.

“Good evening, guys! Thank you for coming here tonight. I’m getting married and I’m f*ckin’ freaking out!” she blurted out with a palm on her face which made the guests laugh. “Anyway, let’s enjoy this beautiful night! Let’s start the party!” she shouted after raising the glass of wine she was holding in the air.

She came down from the stage accompanied by deafening applause and boisterous music. I immediately greeted her with my tight hug.

“I’m so happy for you, bestie,” I whispered.

“Thank you, best friend,” she said to me and wiped away her tears.

“Please, don’t cry. Let’s enjoy the night!” I said.

As the night goes on, many of us got drunk, so we danced on the dance floor. Cindy pulled me in the middle. As the melodious music soared, my body swayed. I’m not literally dancing, but I’m on the beat. The audience shouted at us as the music changed to a sexy one. I feel like dancing, maybe because of the spirit of alcohol in my body, plus we are all women here, so I do not feel ashamed.

Until I fixed my eyes on the door where the last man I expected to see tonight stood. His eyes roamed my body. There was something in his eyes that I don’t fully understand.

No, he shouldn’t be here.

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