My System Is Awesome/C15 The True Face of the System
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My System Is Awesome/C15 The True Face of the System
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C15 The True Face of the System


Everything had to follow the law of conservation of matter, just like how a person would not willingly do a losing business. If there was, then he would definitely have other motives.

Originally, it was just a small mission, and with the corresponding reward, it could make people unable to stop relying on it.

However, when it came to Lyu Tianming, a high school student who didn't like to rely on external forces, the advantage of the system became useless.

Other people wanted to be close to the system and rise up as soon as possible, walking on the path of heaven defying.

Lyu Tianming's alertness made him realize the problem of the System too early. At this time, the silence of the System seemed to be even more problematic.

"Why aren't you talking?"

The system changed its usual playful tone. Instead, it spoke slowly and bitterly, "Host, you are really too careful. In the past, when a host encounters this System, he will become ecstatic. What is it that keeps you so calm all this time?"

"Don't change the topic. If you don't clear up this matter, don't think that I will take any more missions from you!"

Even the system couldn't do anything about Lyu Tianming's tough attitude.

Lyu Tianming told the physical education representative that he was feeling a little uncomfortable. He would talk about signing up later. He immediately ran into the bathroom.

"Master, please believe that I don't have any bad intentions. I came to this world to help a suitable host absorb energy through the host's changes and repair my body. When I have reached a certain level of completion, I will leave on my own."

The system's explanation did not convince Lyu Tianming. His brain was working rapidly. "Does this mean that your system is currently damaged and can help me with the only ability you have? And you need to use my medium to absorb the energy produced by this world to repair it?"

"Exactly! Master, you are really the smartest host I have ever seen! Let me tell you. I have met some suitable hosts when I was passing through other universes. But they are all incomparable to you, or they are too greedy. In the end, they often led to self-destruction. There's no way I can stay in a place for long. I can't even repair the lottery system... "

Lyu Tianming interrupted the system. "Don't try to fool me," he said. "You're the one who changed things. 'So it doesn't matter if it's good or bad?'

The System hesitated. "Well... theoretically, it's possible. However, this System is called the Perfect System. Its purpose is to help the Host become perfect. If the host is too honest, the system will make him a little evil. "If the host is too dull, the system will make him a little more humorous. If the host is too weak, the system will make him stronger..."

Lyu Tianming wiped his face when he heard that. It meant that he had been assigned so many strange and weird missions by the system, which seemed a little abnormal. Was it because he had been too serious in the past?

Alright, if he thought about it carefully, it was indeed the case.

Lyu Tianming used to be someone who would not ask about anything other than studying. Apart from his relationship with his family, it was still acceptable. He would not have any extra friends since he had zero social connections. Even if he went to his classmate's house to play, it was because the other party needed his guidance when it came to studying.

Regarding his sister Lyu Xinxin, he only did his job as an elder brother. He would not say that there was a pampering plot like in a novel.

It was normal for him to have feelings for his parents. No wonder the system released a quest that targeted his sister. When he arrived at school, he would turn to his classmates.

So it was because the system had identified his weak point in interpersonal relationships, so it was a drug for him?

Lyu Tianming shook his head. He could not just destroy himself like this. Even if the system said that he was the perfect system, he could not believe it easily.

This wasn't the reason why it could give him a perverted mission!

"I'll believe you for now. From now on, we'll have three laws!"

The System was really obedient and obedient at this moment: "Alright, Master!"

"Firstly, you are not allowed to give me those strange missions. I will take responsibility for my actions and habits. If you force me to do something, please leave my body immediately!"

"No problem. Everyone has witnessed Master's change. The system will definitely follow Master's wishes."

Lyu Tianming raised his eyebrows. If he was so obedient, he felt that he would be able to hold back his big move later on.

"Secondly, I need to understand the way you get the energy. Although I understand what you said, you have to show me something that can be materialized."

Lyu Tianming thought for a moment and said, "Just like the experience bar for the characters in the game, every time you complete a mission, you get a realization value. How many values do you need to restore yourself? I have to have a plan in my mind. "

The system directly showed a experience bar in front of him. Just by looking at the progress, it seemed like there was still a long way to go.

"Only 3%... I think I've done quite a number of missions. Is the efficiency that low?"

"Because the things that Master does may change greatly for himself, but for external factors, it's almost negligible..."

Lyu Tianming thought for a while and understood the key. In other words, within the range of his ability, the more people he could influence through the system, the higher the experience he would gain, and the faster the system would repair.

"Alright, let's not talk about the third condition for now, but I think there's something wrong with the mission you sent out. Although the reward is good, it's obviously not enough to achieve immediate results."

The System was also somewhat helpless: "The activation of the mission cannot be chosen by me. It is mainly triggered by the combination of the host's body and external factors. " Even I am unable to modify this set of programs. "

Lyu Tianming looked disgusted. "Then you still agree to my first condition?"

"That's because Master has already realized the problem. This system has a special assessment program. Therefore, Master has already started to change the problem between his sister and his classmate. Once the effect is achieved, he will naturally not send out any more strange missions."

After a long time, it turned out that he had thought too much and wasted a condition for nothing.

"Then can I amend the task of registering for the sports event later?"

"System scanning confirmed that the master's self-regulating perfection has reached 60%. The current task can be given a 60% discount. The mission reward remains unchanged!"

Originally, the registration required ten items. A 60% discount meant six items. Although it was still far beyond Lyu Tianming's endurance, it was still much better than ten items.

In the class, the sports representative would usually apply for seven items, so it wouldn't be too sudden for him to sign up for six items.

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