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C16 Lottery

"You signed up? And you signed up for six events at once?"

Zhang Chao looked at Lyu Tianming who did not hesitate to put six slots on the registration form. He could not understand why Lyu Tianming would change his appearance after going to the toilet and telling him that he would not sign up.

After knowing the function of the system and how the mission was issued, Lyu Tianming understood what his problem was. If it was in the past, he would not waste his time talking to Zhang Chao. Now, he felt that he should communicate more with his classmates. Even if the other party didn't like learning, he shouldn't be immersed in his own world.

"After all, we're in the class. We should understand the principle of mutual glory, right?"

Zhang Chao smacked his lips. "Bullsh * t. One glory and one glory together. This kind of saying is suitable in this place. Is that the reason why you can register for six categories?"

Lyu Tianming just maintained a calm expression. Zhang Chao was a little incoherent. "Have you seen what you signed up for? "I don't care about the standing long jump and shot put. I can understand the 400m relay race, but this 10000 meter long run was also signed up by someone?"

No wonder he was so surprised. After all, no one wanted to sign up for the 10000 meter long run. Without deliberately training, it would be amazing if anyone could run 10,000 meters.

It wasn't just a ten-thousand-meter long run that made Zhang Chao's scalp tingle. The key was that these six events took place on almost the same day. Although they could be adjusted during the qualifiers competition in the school, it was still a formal competition. On that day, Lyu Tianming wouldn't have a full day's rest.

Was this what a person did?

Zhang Chao was not the only one who was surprised by Lyu Tianming's change. Even the sports committee felt that such a choice was a bit rash. He did not sign up for 10,000 meters.

Although he had signed up for seven events, he had deliberately chosen the categories and time of the competition. It was a reasonable allocation.

Lyu Tianming's academic performance was said to be very outstanding. Could it be that this good student was a good boy? You have amazing talent in sports, too?

Yang Yifan himself didn't believe it. Boys who liked sports loved to sweat on the court. He had never heard rumors of Lyu Tianming in this area.

"There must be a limit to being handsome. Are you sure you want to sign up for these six events?"

Lyu Tianming had already returned the pen to him. He smiled and said, "You can persuade the person next to me to sign up. As for me, I have already signed up. There are only two choices, failure and success. Not participating in any of them is not in line with Teacher Tu's expectations."

Zhang Chao rolled his eyes. "Then register for 50 meters. After you finish running, it will be over."

The moment the registration was over, Lyu Tianming received a notification from the system.

"The lottery system has been activated. You can draw once every 10,000 points. You have obtained 33 points of Yang Yifan's emotional energy, 66 points of Zhang Chao's emotional energy, and 2 points of Tu Hongzhi's emotional energy. "

His current emotional energy had only accumulated 275 points in the entire class. There was still a huge gap from 10,000 points.

"Emotional energy... could it fluctuate the emotions of the people around him based on his actions and thus obtain energy points?"

"Smart master, that's how it is! " Since you have just recovered the lottery function, master, you can obtain a free lottery experience. Do you want to proceed with the lottery? "

"Let's give it a try."

After understanding the function and function of the system and its intention, Lyu Tianming was less cautious of the system.

The sound of the wheel spinning suddenly rang in his mind. It was like an old gear spinning several times. When it stopped, a blue book appeared in front of his eyes.

"Congratulations, Master, for obtaining the ancient Huaxia book, 'Cloud Travel'. After learning it, you can be as light as a swallow, and your steps are light. After mastering it, you can achieve the effect of short-distance teleportation. " Do you want to learn it immediately? "

Cloud Stepping Technique?

Lyu Tianming stood there in a daze. When the bell rang, he was just following the crowd. He seemed to be lost in thought. When he came back to his senses, he started to think about the meaning of the three words.

"This is the Wudang Sect's supreme martial art of Light-body Technique, Cloud Trample?"

"Yes, Master."

After receiving the affirmative answer from the system, Lyu Tianming really wanted to see the effect of Cloud Trample, so he immediately chose to learn it.

"Controlling the Light-body Technique, Cloud Stepping Technique, the current stage has some success."

The corresponding experience bar notification indicated that it would take a long time to achieve a major success. After using it impatiently, Lyu Tianming's body was guided by him like a phantom through the crowd and arrived at his seat.

This sudden change made him wild with joy. Every boy had the dream of riding a horse and riding a sword in the martial arts world, but that kind of thing could only be seen in martial arts novels and imagined for a while.

How could he have the chance to live a life of heroism and drinking wine in the human world in reality?

However, now that he had mastered the small success of the Stairway Cloud, in the blink of an eye, he had surpassed the students who were still walking from the sports field to the classroom. There was no one in the class!

No one noticed or even realized that he had returned to the classroom in advance.

Only Zhang Chao was stunned when he saw Zhang Chao after he entered the class.

Isn't this kid behind me? Why did he enter the classroom in front of me?

Zhang Chao walked to his seat and sat down. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Lyu Tianming. "I say, brother-in-law, your speed is fast enough. Why did you suddenly run in front of me? I thought it was just a gust of wind. It turned out to be your speed."

"It was a gust of wind. I just got to the front without you noticing." Lyu Tianming took out a piece of paper from his drawer. "This way, I can have more time to make a copy of the paper."

Zhang Chao instantly stopped chatting when he saw the paper. Why was there such a person who liked to make paper in the world?

Couldn't he just lie down and sleep?

Zhang Chao also thought that Lyu Tianming was a guy who only knew how to read, but he had taught Wang Hu and his group a lesson. Initially, he wanted to gain a good impression of them, but in fact, such a small piece of news was meaningless to Lyu Tianming.

In a more popular way, Lyu Tianming had absolute strength, and any scheme was nothing to be afraid of in front of him.

Zhang Chao thought for a while and still felt bored in his heart. Lying on the table, he tilted his head and asked, "By the way, what do you think about being called a school bully?"

Lyu Tianming's men kept writing and replying at a moderate pace. "Since the nickname school bully has been pinned on me, there is no way I can do anything about it. Having it is indeed a troublesome matter, and it even caused the teachers to know about it. " However, with this nickname, it should save a lot of trouble. "

"Other people all want this nickname, but it's still not enough. It's still troublesome for you." Zhang Chao laughed. He thought it was really ironic. "Why don't you call me big brother in the future? If the school bully calls me big brother, then I, Zhang Chao, will become a real big brother. Then your title as the school bully is just an empty title? "

Lyu Tianming snorted. He thought about it carefully and felt that it made sense. He nodded and praised, "Your brain is really useful. It's a pity that you don't need to study."

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