My System Is Awesome/C19 Could It be That He Can't Afford to Play
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My System Is Awesome/C19 Could It be That He Can't Afford to Play
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C19 Could It be That He Can't Afford to Play

After the man with the severed finger finished speaking, another group of people came out from behind the Lv Tian Ming. There were more than twenty people in total, and the entrance of the small alley was completely blocked.

"In other words, You have a boss up there, don't you?

After Lv Tian Ming finished speaking, he instantly appeared in front of the man with the broken finger. Before the man could react, he immediately grabbed his wrist and locked it behind his back. His other hand grabbed the man's neck.

The people around him were cautious. Although Lv Tian Ming had never fought before, he knew the principle of capturing the leader first. Having more people was the opponent's advantage. Even if he had mastered fighting techniques, he would easily be injured.

Finding a way to deal with problems efficiently was the same as using the simplest method to do practice questions.

The Finger Breaking Man did not expect that this little brat would have such amazing skills. In just an instant, he was subdued. Moreover, the power coming from his wrist restricted his movements. It was impossible to break free from it.

"Kid, can't you play with me?"

Lv Tian Ming chuckled. "You brought so many people to deal with me, and you actually said that I can't play with you?"

The force in his hand increased slightly. The man with the severed finger groaned in pain, and cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

It wasn't that he didn't believe what Wang Hu had reported, but according to the information he had, this guy was only a high school student. At the age of 17, he was a little good at fighting. Previously, he had always been a good boy and a nerd.

If he suddenly became good at fighting, he might have intentionally hidden his skills. This was still reasonable, but it could still be said that he was strong.

However, judging from the speed of the explosion just now, something was not right.

The distance between the two just now was less than fifty meters. One second or two seconds?

This kid suddenly appeared in front of him. Even a national athlete couldn't beat him. How could he be so capable when he couldn't even grow a hair?

The severe discrepancy in information made him start to feel afraid. The other party wasn't an ordinary high school student. Now that he was under the control of others, he had to find an opportunity to escape.

The man with the broken finger had an idea. "You have a younger sister. She got on the bus not long ago, right?"

Lv Tian Ming's scalp went numb. Sure enough, the other party had paid attention to his family members. The strength of the injury suddenly increased again. The man with the severed finger felt as if his hand was about to break. He was in so much pain that he was gasping for breath. The surrounding underlings were extremely anxious when they saw this scene, but none of them dared to rush forward to help their boss.

"Hu! What, are you worried about your sister?" The man's smile was a little twisted. "Let go of her first. We can still talk."

The Lv Tian Ming with narrowed eyes rotated his wrist. The man with the severed finger wailed and knew that his arm was definitely dislocated. Then, he was kicked to the ground by the Lv Tian Ming.

The Lv Tian Ming did not have much fighting experience, but once a person became angry, their body would often uncontrollably release the true thoughts in the depths of their heart.

Therefore, humans were the most dangerous creatures, especially those who could not control their emotions or even indulge in negative emotions.

They could still think about how to control their strength when dealing with their classmates' Lv Tian Mings, so as not to hurt them. The group of people they were facing right now was their enemy, a terrifying enemy that threatened the safety of their families!

He lifted his foot and stepped on the man's back without any hesitation. The strength of this foot was slightly reduced, otherwise the man with the severed finger would definitely die.

"You're the ones who threatened me with my family. You can't afford to play with me, right?"

There was no need to worry about his sister's intelligence. Especially with his deliberate reminder, Lyu Xinxin would definitely not disobey him. Their family relationship had always been harmonious and there was no so-called rebellious period.

Speaking of rebellious period, he felt more like he had entered this role. His personality had been reshaped and coupled with the system, it was very easy to make the people around him feel that he had entered this role. He was a freak.

Fortunately, after his own investigation, the system had honestly told him the details, and there shouldn't be any other things that he would do in the future.

The anger in his heart had yet to subside, and blood flowed out from the corner of the severed finger man's mouth. The Lv Tian Ming wanted to continue torturing the other party, but he could not think of any other way to stop him from harassing his family.

As he frowned, the severed finger man panicked. If this fellow were to get angry, would he just kill him like this?

People in the underworld fought and killed, but they were all hot-blooded young men.

A real old bird would know how to avoid these things. Even if they fought, they would only use underhanded methods, not deadly methods.

Recently, the management of the country had been rather strict, so the real big shots were all thinking about how to make money in vain. Only those who were not doing well were still playing games and continuing to mingle in the underworld.

When Broken Finger saw that the threat was no longer effective, he immediately changed the topic: "Kill me if you have the guts. If I exchange my life for yours, I have lived a few more years than you. My life is already rotten to begin with, I've earned it!"

The Lv Tian Ming laughed contemptuously. "Who said that I want to exchange my life with you? However, your logic is simply ridiculous. Is a person living by himself using such a simple comparison to show his value? "

Looking at the fierceness of the man with the severed finger gnashing his teeth, Lv Tian Ming knew that some people would never be able to reason with them. Through the mastery of fighting techniques rewarded by the system, he was able to accurately control his strength and understand the structure of the human body.

After knocking him unconscious with a single palm, he knocked down all the 20 people surrounding the alley entrance. Then, he walked in front of the trembling Qian Duoduo.

As for this fellow schoolmate, Lv Tian Ming was currently having a headache about how to deal with him. However, he did not expect Qian Duoduo to directly kneel in front of him with a plop.

"I did not do it on purpose. I did not do it on purpose!"

"They forced me to do it, I had no choice..."

This didn't seem like the first time he had done this. The Lv Tian Ming knew some things about him, so it didn't make things difficult for him, nor did it have any intention of helping him up.

"It all depends on one's choice. Although sometimes, when fate is harsh, it is as if one is about to approach a dead end, but in reality, there is not a dead end in a dead end."

After saying that, these Lv Tian Mings carried the man with the severed finger and disappeared into the alley, leaving behind the extremely shocked Qian Duoduo.

At this time, shouldn't he kick his own body and then curse out loud?

However, the words of the Lv Tian Mings echoed in his mind. He could not help but ask himself from the bottom of his heart, "Is there really no way out?"

On the balcony, the man with the severed finger was woken up by the cold wind. He was still in a daze. The thing in front of him looked very small. He couldn't help but ask, "What is this place?"

He rubbed his head and turned around to see that he was actually lying on the balcony with half of his body exposed. With just a little bit of strength, he would be able to fall down from the twenty-story residential building.

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