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C20 Wanderer Kitty

When Lv Tian Ming returned home, everything was normal. His parents had some matters to attend to at night and had yet to return home. Lyu Xinxin kept the food warm and waited for him to eat the warm food when he arrived home.

"Let's eat first."


While they were having dinner, a young cat's cry caught Lyu Tianming's attention. Lyu Xinxin frowned and explained, "I saw it near the bus stop. I didn't want to see it, so I picked it up."

Lv Tian Ming did not blame her. Although he always knew that his sister liked Ragdoll cats, the house was too small. It was already crowded enough to have four coyotes living in a house that was less than 80 square meters. If he had another pet, it would be even worse.

Secondly, they were all having lunch at school and their parents might not necessarily go home. It was already tiring enough to take care of the two siblings. If they had to take care of their pets, they might really tire their parents out.

After eating, the Lv Tian Ming followed them to take a look at the kitten. It was estimated that it was less than a month old and was only a little bigger than a palm.

Its fur was very dirty. Although it was a white cat, it seemed to have been played with maliciously before. Its fur was stuck together and became like a hedgehog.

Its tail was also burnt. Obviously, it was a white cat. Someone burned it with a lighter or something.

Seeing this, the Lv Tian Ming could not bear it anymore. "Let's clean it up first. This kind of situation is already very bad."

Lyu Xinxin did not know if she would be scolded if she took in this stray kitten. At the same time, she was worried about the safety of the Lv Tian Ming, so when she came back, she heated up some milk and fed it.

Seeing the Lv Tian Ming start to boil hot water to help the hooligan cat clean its fur, her heart felt a little better.

"What kind of illness do you think these people have to treat a weak kitten like this?"

Lyu Xinxin's words rarely contained anger. Lv Tian Ming could not help but think of Qian Duoduo, Wang Hu, and Zhang Chao, these three people he had met before.

Among these three, Qian Duoduo should be the weak. His state of struggling to survive made him have no intention of resisting. Zhang Chao was a person who relied on the power of the tiger. In fact, he might not be as powerful as Wang Hu.

When they faced the man with the severed finger, they must have looked like obedient grandsons. But if they were facing Lv Tian Mings without the system, they were afraid that they would end up like this kitten.

"Perhaps they are the weak ones who do not achieve their goals. They need to find an existence that is weaker than them and make up for the loss. Only then would they appear less defeated."

The Lv Tian Ming used scissors to clean up the messy hair on the kitten's body. After drying it with a waste towel, it dried it with a dryer. Then, it placed it in a clean shoe box.

Inside was a set of thermal underwear that hadn't been worn for a long time. The kitten quickly closed its eyes and rested after a while. This might be the most stable sleep it had ever slept in, but it was also the most comfortable new home.

"Brother, you've changed a lot recently."

Lyu Xinxin asked worriedly. "Will the bullying at school affect you? Do you want to tell Mom and Dad?"

She knew that her sister said this out of good intentions, but Lv Tian Ming could only decline politely, "Currently, it is still under control. Mom and Dad have been preparing to change houses recently, and their careers have also reached an upgrade period. It's best that we don't distract them for the time being. "

Speaking up to this point, Lv Tian Ming suddenly recalled that there was still a small wish that had yet to be fulfilled in the system. Why not give it to Mom and Dad?

"System, can a small wish be fulfilled to make my parents' career progress more stable and smooth?"

"Of course, but if the wish is used on people other than the owner, the effect will be slightly worse."

After receiving an affirmative reply from the system, it did not matter even if the effect was a little smaller. The Lv Tian Ming immediately made a wish. "I hope that Father can receive the project that I like. I hope that Mother can have her own clothing store as soon as possible!

As for the younger sister, they were still students for the time being. Everything they needed to do was related to their studies. They just needed to take it step by step.

Lyu Xinxin felt a little relieved after hearing his words. Although Hongzhi class was a group of top students, it would not be out of the category of No.1 High School. The rumors in No.1 High School would still fall into their ears. It was just that they were not very interested.

"Then is the matter of the school bully real?" Lyu Xinxin complained, "Many students in the class asked me. Some even teased me and said that I'm afraid no one in the class will dare to make trouble for me in the future."

Lv Tian Ming laughed. "There's such a thing. I didn't admit that I'm the school bully. It was all passed down by them. I don't want such a bad name. "

The brother and sister chatted for a while before they started to do their homework. The desk by one side was quiet. The white light from the lamp illuminated their clean faces.

To Lv Tian Ming, homework was not considered homework at all. It could only be a warm-up exercise. Therefore, he had already finished most of the homework in class.

The system also gave him the reward for increasing the speed of his homework. Every time he wrote, it was as if he had the help of God. Other people could not help but envy him and wanted to copy homework. However, the Lv Tian Ming was not someone that could be discussed easily.

Because the news about the fund was frequently shaken, it somewhat affected his normal life. After looking through some information, he also said that buying a fund was something like this. After choosing a purchase project, he did not need to look at it every day. The most important thing was to maintain a stable investment.

Hence, Lv Tian Ming shut down the message notification. What kind of attitude was this? Take a break. The restraint of the Lv Tian Ming was almost innate. It was even a little paranoid.

It was impossible to change something that was determined easily, unless he was willing to change it.

For example, regarding the acceptance of the system, an ordinary person would walk the path of a counterattack due to the existence of the system. It was almost predetermined from the very beginning. Unfortunately, he did not approve of it for nearly a year. It was also only yesterday that he had officially accepted it.

This was because the system had passed his test and obtained his recognition. Otherwise, the system would have forced him to complete some missions.

The System never expected to meet such a host. Although it was a little tired, the benefits were obvious.

The Lv Tian Ming would not abuse its ability to obtain a steady increase in energy. It was unlike the previous few hosts who had died at the end of their journey at a high speed and forced it to travel through time and space before meeting the strange looking host, the Lv Tian Ming.

Ding! "Received Qian Duoduo's emotional value: 50 points... 300 points... 120 points..."

"Hmm?" The Lv Tian Ming asked, then asked, "What's going on?"

The System's reply surprised him greatly, "Because of Master's influence, Qian Duoduo has gone through a fierce mental struggle and has become emotionally unstable. He has decided to change his past and not cut off all contact with the underworld and work hard to learn."

"Ding! Obtained Qian Duoduo's change value of 1 point!"

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