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C3 Damn Summer

Lyu Tianming's physical strength had indeed increased. This physical strength covered a wide area. For example, his endurance during long-distance running and his arm strength when unloading the goods were four or five times stronger than before.

Lyu Tianming was also very famous at the construction site now. One person unloading a cart of goods was enough to brag.

Although he felt that his son was a little strange, Lyu Jianping could only accept such a long face matter.

In other words, his son was born strong. What could be wrong with him?

Thinking about this, he felt much more comfortable. His younger brothers all had children at home, but compared to his son, they were still a little lacking.

Fortunately, the system did not give Lyu Tianming missions all the time. Gradually, it would make him neglect the existence of the system.

He had helped Lyu Tianming during the summer break at the construction site. Although his experience had improved, he still felt that his physical strength had improved.

Apart from that, his father would also teach him some simple carpentry skills. As the vacation ended, he used the raw materials from the construction site to make two small wooden stools and bring them back.

They were exquisite and sturdy.

After grinding the edges, they became more round and cute. Lyu Tianming was very satisfied. Lyu Jianping also nodded and praised them.

As expected of his son, he had the ability to learn carpentry!

On this day, Lyu Xinxin accompanied her brother to a mental consultation center. An Ru should have brought him here, but he had something to do, so he could only let her accompany him.

The attending physician was a very young and beautiful woman. She had eyes and a faint smile on the corner of her mouth. Just looking at her made people feel that she was approachable.

"Tianming is here. How have you been feeling recently?"

"Not bad. Thank you for your concern, Doctor Xu."

Dr. Xu had seen many patients. However, it was his first time seeing a student who had both good taste and knowledge with phobia.

Usually, this would only happen to students who didn't do their homework. When they were doing their exams, they would feel as if they were facing a formidable enemy.

After a few tests, Lyu Tianming didn't feel anything unusual. He hoped that his parents were worried.

Otherwise, it would be a pity for such a handsome young man to miss out on his bright future just because he was mentally handicapped.

When Lyu Xinxin heard that her brother was fine, she felt relieved. When she thought that she could be a schoolmate again and possibly a schoolmate, she was extremely happy.

There was no other way. From primary school to secondary school. It had always been this kind of scenario. It was rare to be able to synchronize with it. How could she not be happy?

"Doctor, is my brother really okay? When he was simulating the exam papers at home, he didn't have any problems either. I wonder if it's a problem with the school?"

"I can't let my brother's situation reignite just because I went to school. Wouldn't it be a pity if I were to distance myself from him like this?

Doctor Xu said gently: "I did a subconscious hypnosis on Tianming a few times before. Don't worry, he should be fine."

After leaving the clinic, Lyu Xinxin dragged Lyu Tianming to a mobile phone store.

"What are you doing? I said I don't need a mobile phone."

"Aiya, you can choose if I want you to! Within 1500 will do!"

Lyu Xinxin worked hard for two months and earned 1500 before using it to squander. It was a lie if Lyu Tianming said he was not moved. But money was not spent like this. He did not need to use his phone.

The only pity was that he could not take out the money from his QQ wallet.

Lyu Tianming had a sharp memory when he thought of this. Although the system had indeed changed him, he still wanted to not use the money without using it. It might make the system take a mile!

"Hmm? Detecting a mission that can be triggered, sister will help you buy a phone. Out of gratitude, please kiss her cheek! The reward is one phone from the same department. "Give your sister a surprise!"

"Cancel the quest!!"

Lyu Tianming was trying to resist the system. Lyu Xinxin saw no reaction from him and muttered, "Humph, I was going to buy it for you. If you don't want to choose, I'll help you choose!"

Lyu Xinxin glanced at the counter. The prices were surprisingly high but there were not many choices for her. In the end, her eyes stopped on a black smartphone with a flip top. The price was 1899.

"Little sister, if you like this one, I can give you a student discount! 70% discount!"

"70% discount?"

Lyu Xinxin's eyes lit up. If she counted the 1,500 yuan, she could buy a 2100 yuan for her brother and save a few dozen yuan for herself!

He quickly shifted his target and locked onto the new phone with a price of about 2100 dollars.

The lines were beautiful. The key was the full-screen smartphone. Lyu Xinxin immediately took out the cash. "This, 70% off, right?"

The staff smiled and nodded. This was the first time she had seen such a cute little girl. She took out the packaged phone and did not have the time to demonstrate the operation and function of the phone to the girl.

The handsome young man beside her immediately kissed her shamelessly. The frightened little girl's almond eyes were wide open and her face was full of disbelief. She lowered her head with a red face.

It's been four years!

After twelve years, her brother had never kissed her before. She did not expect that today, in front of everyone, he would actually kiss her side profile just like that!

The shop assistant grinned. She thought that it was a romantic relationship between lovers, so she could only smile awkwardly. She could not express anything, so she quickly packed her bag and handed it to the little girl.

This dog food was a little unreasonable. If he was seven or eight years younger, he would probably have such a handsome young man to treat him, right?

Lyu Xinxin took the packaged phone and stuffed it into Lyu Tianming's hands. She quickly left this place of trouble.

She was angry and shy.

Complicated emotions intertwined in her heart. If a little deer randomly bumped into it, it could probably break a horn!

Lyu Tianming touched his face with one hand and followed closely behind his sister. He kept cursing the system in his heart.

"You can force me to do this. Why don't you just kill me? What kind of mission do you want? F * ck!?"

"Son of a b * tch! Come out if you have the guts! I won't beat you to death!"

F * ck you! That's my sister, understand!?"

"This is what people do?!"

"Master is excited! " It's this feeling of flying. Follow my beat, stretch out your hands, and swing them to your heart's content... "

Lyu Tianming was speechless.

Lyu Tianming, who was clutching his chest, thought of his sister's panicked expression. His heart attack was about to burst out. Was this rogue system a fucking virus?

However, when he turned back to look at his sister, who had spent all her savings just to buy him a phone, a box had appeared in it.


On the way home, Lyu Xinxin walked straight into the house and closed the door. Fortunately, her parents were not at home. Otherwise, she would not know how to explain it to them.

The anxious Lyu Tianming quietly opened the door and saw his sister lying on the writing desk. He walked over step by step and found that the little girl did not cry. Her face was still red. She glared at him and turned her head away.

"Here you go."

Lyu Xinxin saw the phone box and instantly frowned. She was unhappy. "I already said I would give it to you. Why are you so persistent?"

She turned around and saw Lyu Tianming unpacking the phone box. There was an identical one on the table. She was dumbfounded.

"This is... Brother, you gave it to me?"

Lyu Tianming did not even look up. If he did not give it to him, who else could he give it to? He could not tell his parents that they had secretly bought their phones, could he?

"Take it. I'll go to school tomorrow and get a card. Don't let Mom and Dad know about us buying our phones. Lyu Tianming said quietly, "Old Zhao gave me some money to deliver the goods because I helped unload the goods for two months. He felt it was inappropriate not to give me some money. Dad knew what to say, but he didn't ask me to hand it over. "

"Thank you, brother!"

Lyu Xinxin rushed over and hugged him tightly, making Lyu Tianming not dare to move.

This damn summer!

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