My System Is Awesome/C6 System's Side Quest
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My System Is Awesome/C6 System's Side Quest
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C6 System's Side Quest

Lyu Tianming thought that the system had given him a long mission, at least not for the time being.

Unfortunately, things did not go according to his wishes. This viral thing started to play tricks.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Detecting that the real factors cannot be changed, the opponent that Master encountered was too powerful, so this system developed a side quest out of kindness. I wish Master a good time!"

[Side quest: Your deskmate is in too much trouble. Touch his thigh and little hand, give him some care! [Reward: A small wish. Time limit: 1 hour]


Lyu Tianming, who was doing the exercise, suddenly broke the pencil. He roared in his heart: "Are you f * cking sick?"

"Only a sick system needs its master to save it! " Oh, oh, oh, I love you! "


Zhang Chao, who had been pretending to do the questions, raised his eyebrows when he saw Lyu Tianming's action. The corner of his mouth curled into a disgusted smile. He looked terrified.

What kind of monster was he?

Although the pencil was made of plastic, it was still made of plastic. But he broke it with his thumb. What terrible grip?

Could it be that those who learned well and practiced many questions had such abnormal grip?

The pervert turned his head and narrowed his eyes to look at him. Although Zhang Chao felt a chill run down his spine, he was unwilling to admit defeat. He also narrowed his eyes to look at him.

Zhang Chao thought to himself, "This guy is looking at me like that. Is he trying to hit me?

Lv Tian Ming thought to himself, "A small wish... How can I reasonably do such a vulgar thing?

The two of them stared at each other. It was as if there was a battle between the heavens and the earth.

Suddenly, a strong force came from the back of Lyu Tianming's head. "You're called Lyu Tianming, and you still dare to glare at my little brother?"

Not only did the two of them stare at each other, if not for Lyu Tianming's quick reaction, their first kiss would have ended here!

He turned around and kicked out. How could he tolerate this?

The other party leaned back and whistled lightly. "Aiyo, you still want to fight?"

"Wow! Master completed the mission so well that he exceeded the limit! Hurry up and make your wish!"

"Go to hell!"

"Master, stop messing around."

Lyu Tianming did not want to talk to the System for the time being. He looked at the guy who pushed him. He had met the new student last year. He should be a hooligan from the second grade.

Wu Hanhai had some business at home last year. He hadn't come to school for a whole year, so he had heard about it from some of the senior students.

If he had been here last year, Wu Hanhai would have known Lyu Tianming a long time ago. And this kind of hooligan would definitely be treated obediently.

Lyu Tianming took a deep breath. He had been reckless just now. In his desperation, he had no control over his strength. If he really kicked him, it would not end well.

After knowing that his strength had increased, he tried to move the two hundred kilogram stone block. With one kick, he could break the tree stump with a diameter of fifteen centimeters.

He was a student, so he should focus on his studies. Even if he was reasonable when he crippled someone, it was still because he had overguarded himself. He had to take responsibility.

For the family, it was an additional expense. His parents had been thinking about changing houses recently.

The siblings were both old, and they were still crowded. It was obviously inappropriate for them to stay in a small room with a bunk bed.

The economic pressure was already great, so they could not make things worse.

Zhang Chao was shocked by this sudden scene. He had just told his brother about the school yesterday, but he did not expect it to be arranged now!

He didn't know where this person came from, but he was probably someone who could summon the wind and summon the rain in this school. Looking at how domineering this person was, his big brother was really a person with extraordinary skills. He had his subordinates both inside and outside the school.

"Big Brother, what's your name?"

"Second Year (8) Class, Wang Hu!"

Although Wang Hu had short hair, he had dyed his hair a little yellow. If the teacher were to investigate further, he would be able to say something like "natural yellow" or something.

Today, on Monday, the school would request to wear the school uniform. However, Wang Hu's school uniform rolled up his sleeves and shrugged his shoulders. The aura of a ruffian was especially strong.

Forget about the main storyline missions arranged by the system, even he himself wanted to get out of this place of trouble as soon as possible.

Birds of a feather flock together, people of a feather flock together, that really made sense.

In this place, even if he didn't want to cause trouble, trouble would come knocking on his door. It would be strange if he could learn from dealing with hooligans every day!

"Lu, I'll teach you a lesson today. Don't leave after school tonight!"

After the bell rang, the fellow slowly left through the back door of the class. When he left, he even whistled to a few girls who were looking at him.

The girls who had just entered high school were in love with each other. When they saw a boy like this, not only would they not feel bad, but some girls would also feel that the word "handsome" was very appropriate.

All of them were snickering. The way they looked at Lyu Tianming was filled with pity, as well as schadenfreude.

Some girls liked handsome people, while others liked fighting people. If both of them were together, they would be the lovers in their dreams.

Whether they could study well or not was not within their range of thinking. After all, that was how they studied. Those who were good at studying were all nerds, not the first choice to fall in love.

It was also because of this reason that Lyu Tianming had more suitors.

Girls who were good at studying would also fantasize about falling in love. However, most of them would restrain their ignorant feelings and distinguish the most important thing in their age group was studying.

Seeing that he had someone backing him up, Zhang Chao immediately started to show off. The language class was even more so. He took out a piece of paper and started to show off with crooked words.

"Did you see that? There's someone above me!"

Lyu Tianming couldn't be bothered with him. This guy's brain definitely had shit. He had been touched by 502 glue before. He couldn't take it out anymore.

As for the course for the first year, he had actually learned it all once. It was just a formality to look at it again. He knew what the class would be about after browsing through it once, so he took out another set of papers for the second year.

During the summer vacation, he had already self-studied all the courses for the second year of high school. Now, he would do the exam papers for any class he attended. He probably wouldn't anger the teacher.

His heart was a little chaotic, and he needed to do a test paper to calm down.

Of course, he had to take Wu Hanhai's class more leisurely.

Whether or not he could change classes in the graduation exam depended on his brother's intentions. He also needed his recommendation letter.

When Zhang Chao saw that he did not respond, he did not dare to provoke him. After all, he was not protected by anyone. It was easy to imagine that his wrist was still a little sore.

How could someone like to go to class when class was so boring?

The pervert next door actually thought that it was not boring enough. It was only now that school had started, and he was doing a test paper for a chicken?

That's right, chicken's exam paper!

Zhang Chao took a glance. His speed was actually quite fast. He had already written half a page!

It was just that he could not understand the content at all. No matter what he said, he could still read. There was no reason why he could not understand this.

He flipped open the language book and looked at the exercise book that the school had given him. It was indeed different after comparing it.

Lv Tian Ming calmly wrote down the test papers and softly said, "Don't look at it anymore. This is the second year's exercise paper."

Zhang Chao choked and then chuckled. "Pretending to be cool!"

"I'm just a student who reduces his grade. There's no point in doing a sophomore year's exercise paper."

That was indeed the truth. However, Zhang Chao did not accept it. He raised his hand and said, "Teacher, this guy does not study seriously. He even wrote a second-year student's exercise paper!"

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