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C8 Who Exactly Is the School Bully

"To tell you the truth, I'm really annoyed with you. Every day, you're as annoying as a fly, and I can't do anything to you guys. That's the most disgusting thing."

Lyu Tianming dragged Wang Hu into the men's restroom. Lyu Xinxin stood by the side and let out the wind. That yellow-haired guy's cry just now was really too loud. She did not know if it would attract her teacher over.

She had heard her father say that her brother's performance at the construction site was very outstanding. He was so strong that he did not look like her brother at all. She did not believe it at that time.

Thinking back to the time she had spent with her brother, He was not a boy who knew how to fight.

The most important thing in his mind was to study, and then the situation at home. He would never do anything that would cause trouble if he fought.

The sudden outburst of violence today made her a little dazed. Was this still her brother?

The change was not only sudden, but also very drastic. What Lyu Xinxin was worried about was not the yellow hair that was restrained, but whether Lyu Tianming would cause irreparable damage due to the change in his temperament.

That way, her actions would be in a dilemma. She hoped that her teacher would come over in time to prevent the situation from worsening. She was worried that her brother would be punished.

Lyu Xinxin anxiously paced back and forth. The surrounding students tried their best to avoid the school bully like Wang Hu. When they encountered this matter, they did not have the intention to get involved. They hid far away from this place of trouble as soon as possible.

In the toilet, Wang Hu tried to resist twice but was held back by Lyu Tianming's iron clamp like hands. Even if he used all his strength, it was useless. Looking at the other party's motionless hands and expressionless face, this was the first time he was afraid of this slightly delicate looking boy.

"What are you trying to do? Let go! "

Wang Hu did not realize that his voice was trembling with fear. Lyu Tianming frowned. "Whose orders did you receive to cause trouble for me? Don't tell me Zhang Chao. I know what kind of person he is. He can't make you do anything."

He didn't expect this student to be so smart. Even though there were still legends about Lyu Tianming in his second year of high school, his learning ability couldn't be compared. His ability to fight in groups couldn't be compared.

Wang Hu gradually regained his confidence. "I'm afraid I'll scare you to death if I tell you. Everyone calls me Big Brother Qian. If you dare to do anything to me..."

"What do you think?" Lyu Tianming frowned again. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Wang Hu. He pushed Wang Hu against the wall.

There was already a smell of urine in the toilet. No one had a good impression of this place, let alone the wall. Even if they rubbed it, they would feel uncomfortable.

Wang Hu's face was pressed against the wall. The strong sense of shame hit his last rationality.

"If you don't let go, I'll call someone over tomorrow. When the time comes, you can just wait to go to the hospital!"

"I can let you go, but don't ever come and cause trouble for me, okay?"

A smart person would definitely not suffer a loss in front of him. Although Wang Hu had a grudge in his heart, this was the first time he had come out to help his little brother get back at him. He actually ended up in such an embarrassing situation, but he knew the difference in strength between the two of them, so he agreed to it for the time being.


He clearly knew that Wang Hu would not let go of Wang Hu's gnashing teeth like this, but Lyu Xinxin suddenly shouted outside. "Hello, Teacher Chen!"

Lyu Tianming immediately let go of Wang Hu and pressed him down. The two of them squatted in the toilet and whispered to each other in an unusual manner.

"Don't talk. It's not good to be found out by the teacher." Lyu Tianming looked at Wang Hu's distorted face. He did not do anything too excessive. Why was he so resentful like a little wife?

Teacher Chen was a man over half a century old. He served as a lot of plants in the school. The vice-principal was the most important one.

I heard that. When he heard someone say that everyone in the men's restroom was fighting, he immediately rushed over. Although the men's restroom near Class 9 had always been a popular place for brawls, it was not something that could be ignored.

It was really a headache!

Chen Qing had a goatee and wore a well-ironed silver suit. He had always been very against Class 9's specialization.

Was it important to get sponsorships from the school, or was it more important to be ranked in the school in the city?

However, every time the principal heard his complaints, he would play dumb and say that there was no additional source of funds. How could the school's conditions be improved? How would the teachers' welfare be improved?

If the hardware measures were unable to be improved, it would affect the teaching environment. If the teachers' welfare was not optimized, it would affect the quality of the teaching.

After weighing the pros and cons, adults should know how to make choices!

Well, if he failed to apply for restructuring, he would be suspected if he was an adult who was over fifty years old.

Vice Principal Chen, who was in a bad mood, entered the men's restroom and saw two boys stand up from the ground. When he happened to see this scene, he began to suspect that the two of them had finished their business.

"What are the two of you doing here?"

Lyu Tianming looked at Wang Hu. Wang Hu pursed his lips. "We just discussed our studies. Lyu Tianming helped me solve my doubts for many years."

"You came to the toilet to discuss your studies?" Vice Principal Chen almost lost his breath. This method of tricking people was really bad. The students nowadays were getting worse and worse!

This Wang Hu had always been a wily old fox. He did not expect that he would still be like this after he advanced into the second year. He did not expect that no matter how hard he studied, it was impossible for him to come to the toilet and shamelessly ask, right?

He turned to look at another legendary Lyu Tianming. His heart was full of pity and surprise. How could a good student be stuck in the same level?

If he didn't learn well now, would he be able to take advantage of him if he followed the hooligan into the bathroom?

Who knew that Lyu Tianming would nod his head seriously and respond. "Yes, Headmaster Chen. Wang Hu knew that I had studied the contents of my sophomore year, so he specially came over to ask me. He felt that asking in the classroom would be embarrassing, so he chose to come to the bathroom after school to ask about it."

Although he was the vice headmaster, Lyu Tianming would not say it out loud.

Just like how his father had absolute authority in the family, the person who needed to be respected the most was definitely his mother. He would not say "second in command" in front of his mother. He would definitely be beaten.

Good students and bad students had completely different temperaments. They looked at Lyu Tianming and did not seem like they were talking. On the other hand, although Wang Hu's words were not trustworthy, his aggrieved look was real.

Vice Principal Chen sighed. He definitely did not believe it in his heart. After all, Wang Hu's bad reputation was outside. He had heard that he was the school bully in No. 1 High School. He was doubtful that such a person would turn around and study well.

"If you have anything to say, remember to tell me. If you study well, I welcome you back to Hongzhi class."

Chen Qing patted Lyu Tianming's shoulder and left. There were no signs of fighting at the scene, nor was there any bloodshed. After he felt relieved, he felt a little better.

Wang Hu took advantage of Chen Qing's departure and hurriedly ran away from the men's restroom. His anxious and frightened look made those who didn't know think that he had received some inhuman treatment.

This... Who exactly is the school bully?

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