My Tender CEO Husband/C1 A valuable betrothal gift.
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My Tender CEO Husband/C1 A valuable betrothal gift.
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C1 A valuable betrothal gift.

"Are you Miss Sheng?" A rigid voice suddenly sounded.

Sheng Xia looked up and did not know when a man in a suit stood in front of her.

Just like his voice, his appearance was also very stiff. He wore gold-rimmed glasses and his hairstyle was meticulously combed. His slightly raised thin eyes flashed cunning light.

Sheng Xia could not help but be stunned. "You are. . . "

"My surname is Hee. I am a lawyer. You can call me Lawyer Hee." The man took out his lawyer's certificate and showed it to her.

Sheng Xia was even more confused. Why would a lawyer look for her?

She was a conscientious office worker and had never done anything like stealing. Could it be that she accidentally provoked something that even she herself did not know about?

"Is it convenient to find a place and let me talk to you?" Lawyer Hee said with an expressionless face.

"Oh, okay. . . "

Sheng Xia followed Lawyer Hee into a coffee shop next to them and they sat down.

"Do you need something to drink?" Lawyer Hee asked. His emotionless voice sounded heartless and cold.

"No need." Sheng Xia waved her hand and asked nervously, "May I ask why you are looking for me?"

Since she said so, Lawyer Hee did not need to be polite with her. He took out a document from his briefcase and placed it on the table in front of Sheng Xia.

Sheng Xia was shocked. Could it be that she really accidentally got into trouble and got sent a lawyer's letter?

"This is the agreement that Old Master Leng personally drafted. Please take a look."

"Which Old Master Leng?"

Fortunately, it was not a lawyer's letter. Sheng Xia's heart calmed down a little. She asked as she opened the folder.

However, when she saw the words "Marriage Agreement" at the top, and her name was written in the A column, she immediately threw it out. "What Marriage Agreement? You're not a lawyer, but a human trafficker, right? Let me tell you, I won't sell myself. You should give up on this idea!"

Furthermore, from what she heard, that person seemed to be an old man.

Lawyer Hee seemed to have seen through her thoughts. He picked up the folder expressionlessly. "Don't worry. The one who married you is not Old Master Leng. It was his third son, Leng Si."

"No matter if it is the old man himself or the old man's son, I will not agree. If there's nothing else. . . " Sheng Xia's movements suddenly paused. She widened her eyes in disbelief. "Was the person you just said Leng Si?"

Lawyer Hee nodded expressionlessly. "That's right."

"How is that possible?"

That was Leng Si!

That legendary most mysterious man in Jing City. Even if Sheng Xia did not pay attention to the news and gossip, this name was very familiar to her!

Legend has it that Third Young Master Leng was handsome, and he was even prettier than a woman.

Legend has it that Third Young Master Leng was not close to women, and he hated women to the extreme.

It was said that Third Young Master Leng was the king of business. He was decisive in his actions, and his ruthless methods caused his competitors to tremble in fear.

How could a legendary figure like him want to marry such an ordinary person like her?

Sheng Xia suspected that she had met a swindler.

Lawyer Hee's expression did not change. He took out a cheque and pushed it in front of Sheng Xia. "This five million yuan cheque is the deposit. Old Master Leng said, as long as you agree to marry Third Young Master, he will give you another 88,888,888 yuan as the betrothal gift. Old Master Leng had already signed this cheque. If you don't believe me, you can go to the bank to cash this cheque. You will know if it's true or not."

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