My Tender CEO Husband/C10 Let Her Go
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My Tender CEO Husband/C10 Let Her Go
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C10 Let Her Go

Sheng Xia was shocked and fell off the sofa.

She did not care where it hurt. She immediately got up and said, "Mr. Leng. . . "

He was Leng Si!

Sheng Xia felt that he was looking at her feet from the corner of his eyes. She looked down and saw two of her snow white feet were naked.

She pulled back her feet in embarrassment.

"Who are you?" Leng Si suddenly spoke. His voice was low and sexy, but it had a suffocating coldness.

Sheng Xia was stunned. Why did this voice sound so familiar?

It was as if she had heard it somewhere before. . .

Steward Zhang saw that Sheng Xia seemed to be in a daze and quickly went forward to explain, "Sir, this is the Madam that the old man married for you. "

Leng Si's handsome face sank, and the atmosphere in the entire room turned cold. "Why didn't I know that I was married?"

Didn't he know they were married?

Could it be that Old Master Leng didn't inform Leng Si at all and decided to tie them up together?

Sheng Xia looked up in surprise, but when she saw the man's gloomy face, she immediately lowered her head again.

Although this man was handsome, he was really too cold.

The sharp aura on his body made her almost not dare to breathe.

In the next second, he pinched her chin and lifted her face with force.

Being forced to face that pair of deep black eyes, Sheng Xia's heart was in a state of panic.

Being examined by him with such a gaze, Sheng Xia only felt as if her soul was being interrogated.

Leng Si slightly narrowed his eyes and looked at her face for a long time. Suddenly, he forcefully shook her off and turned around to walk upstairs.

Sheng Xia steadied her staggering steps. Just as she lifted her head, she heard the man throw down the three words heartlessly, "Let her go. "

Sheng Xia was stunned, and Steward Zhang was also stunned. "Sir, this is the meaning of the old sir. . . "

"Don't let me repeat it a second time. "

After Leng Si finished speaking, he turned around and went up the stairs.

Hearing his footsteps, Sheng Xia only felt that they were hitting her heart.

Did he mean that he did not recognize her existence?

If she was married without her knowledge. . . That person was still a stranger, she wouldn't recognize him.

However, when she was chased out like this, Sheng Xia still felt her cheeks burning, as if she had been fiercely slapped twice.

This was a sense of shame that she had never felt before.

"Madam. . . " Steward Zhang looked troubled.

He actually liked this girl a lot. She usually got along well with him. She was gentle and polite, and her appearance was clean and sweet. It was very difficult to not like her.

Sheng Xia forced a smile, "I'm fine. You don't have to worry about me. "

After saying that, she went upstairs.

She didn't have many things, so she organized them. Soon, she dragged her suitcase out.

The door on the other side was also opened.

Sheng Xia was stunned. She saw that Leng Si had changed into a new set of clothes. He looked much younger and fresher, and he did not seem as cold as before.

She wanted to say goodbye to him, but he left her as if she did not exist.

She must have been stupid to think that he wasn't that cold anymore.

Sheng Xia dragged her luggage downstairs and Steward Zhang's expression was complicated, "Madam. . . "

"Steward Zhang, thank you for taking care of me these few days. I'm leaving. " Sheng Xia waved at him and turned around to walk out.

She had just passed through the garden when her phone rang unexpectedly.

Sheng Xia picked up her phone and was slightly stunned when she saw the familiar call. She hesitated for a moment before answering, "Lawyer Hee. "

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